Day 28 – Strange dreams and portends

I don’t often remember my dreams, but last night was quite a show.

I’d had difficulty getting back to sleep after waking up, but once I did get back to sleep…wow! I was locked into a series of strange dreams featuring people I know, and people I don’t, all doing weird stuff. My street changed, and the sky above it had some unbelievable stuff floating in it, all of it behaving contrary to what we know about physics.

The worst part of this dream was having broken my glasses, and then carrying them through the strangeness of it all, trying to tell people that my glasses were broken, and they wouldn’t listen.

From time to time, in my youth, I had dreams that came true. Sometimes it was just the most mundane, normal stuff like a visit to the mall to get some shoes. Other times, my dreams would tell me about what my friends were up to. Not much of it would be right, but there would always be some kernel of truth to pull out of the bizarre narrative of my dreams that would indicate something to me which I would have had to be at the actual scene to know about.

I haven’t had one of those sorts of dreams for many years, but this dream had that feeling to it. While grasping to hold onto the words and images I wonder what it is that will stand out as something truthful.


Word on the etherial street says pay attention to everything. Or, perhaps it was the junk food I ate last night? Lol… maybe. Time will tell.

Here’s wishing you all many pleasant dreams, without so many strange things to ponder. Blessings all!

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