Girls Weekend – Day 1: Deadwood, SD

First day of this trip began with a very relaxing trip to my home town, where I met up with my friends. You’ve heard me talk about Birdie Girl, but Party Girl and The Librarian are two new characters to this blog. I have no doubt they will be featured here again.

We were blessed with good weather for this travel day. As you can see, there’s hardly any snow on the ground here in Northwestern ND. Hopefully that won’t mean another summer of drought.

I arrived in town about noon, and was pretty put out to find myself lost in a small town of 250 people. Things had changed so much in the 30+ years since I moved away that I had to call Party Girl to find out where she was. She moved into her Grandparents’ homestead on the edge of town, but all the usual landmarks were gone and the house blended in with all of the other houses on that road. I guess I should go home more often!

We loaded up The Librarian’s 12-passenger van with all of our stuff, and headed south with a stop planned for Dickenson. Getting there took hardly any time at all, as we spent the whole way catching up.

Once in Dickenson, we ate an early supper at the Paragon (great food!) and picked up Party Girl’s middle son, Skater Dude, and proceeded on. Three very short hours later found us in Spearfish, SD at Party Girl’s youngest brother’s house, where dropped off her son. We spent some time there visiting, and then drove on to Deadwood with plans to catch up with them the next day in Spearfish.

We stayed at a hotel/casino combo called Cadillac Jack’s. While it’s a ways from downtown Deadwood, it’s really a great place to stay. This is my second time there as we stopped there on the first leg of the journey on the way to Nevada last fall, and I will probably stay there again. Great place!

After getting settled into the hotel we decided to walk down to where all the bars are down town. Deadwood’s not that big, right?Lol…the wind had come up and we weren’t dressed for as cold as it became. Needless to say, we tapped out and grabbed a taxi.

Finally getting downtown, we stopped into The Silverado, which had a car in the window. Party Girl’s oldest brother won the car last year, but took option of $30k instead. Wow! So, we ordered some drinks and tried our luck at the designated slot machines to see if one of us could get that lucky. As things turned out, none of us won the car but I got lucky and cashed out roughly $140. Yes!!

Moving on from there, we ended up at the No. 10 Saloon, but it was crowded so we went to the bar upstairs and ordered some really awesome martini’s. OMG they were SO good! Of course, we passed them around and we all tasted everyone else’s.

Birdie Girl and The Librarian decided to call it a night and went back to Cadillac Jack’s. Party Girl and I roamed around downtown Deadwood for a few more hours, and she showed me around some of the places she’d been to when her family had lived in the area years ago. We had a few drinks, and I won another $50 (wow, I’m never that lucky!) and then took a taxi back to Cadillac Jack’s.

As luck would have it, we ran into some people Party Girl from the next town over from where we grew up. And sat down to chat with them for a bit. I put another $20 into one of the slot machine’s there and the damn thing at my $20 with out blinking. I think it may have even burped. Well, lucky streak ended… no more gambling for me this trip!

So ends Day 1 of my fabulous Girl’s Trip to South Dakota! Blessings all!

Don’t look behind the curtain…

Greeting Faithful Readers, and happy Saturday. Today was lovely… in a slacker sort of way.

Not only did I get to sleep in, but I got to spend some time with a friend going to one of our farmer’s markets, and chatting over lunch at a local restaurant called The Starving Rooster. I also ran into another friend and her husband. I shopped and ran errands. Then, I slacked off and did nothing of any consequence for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s been a long week, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of that.

Part of my afternoon slacking included reading articles and sifting through news about what’s going on with the impeachment. I ran into this in reference to that…

That’s right folks, nothing to see here. Please don’t look behind the curtain, or even at the curtain. Shoot, there might even be something lurking in the curtain rod. Good lord…

I feel exhausted already, and the impeachment process has only just begun. It’s been a long road ahead of it, and it’s not going to get any shorter. I’ll try not to talk about it too much, but today it’s on my mind that our allowances for lawlessness, really reckless endangerment, will be our undoing. I think it might be too late at this point. Hopefully not.

Having entertained myself and “rested”, now I will do some chores. Here’s hoping that you all leave room for yourselves in between all of the things that need doing. Lazy Saturday blessings all!

Road trips and time slipping away

Normally, I try to patronize my local coffee shops, but today I thought I would go to Starbucks for a change. As I sit here enjoying the newspaper, and not enjoying my coffee so much (back to my local coffee shops!), I realized that a quarter of the year has blown right by me and we have already steamed right through April. I’m feel as though I need to tighten up my seat belt and put on a helmet. Where are the freaking breaks?!

Actually, I’m of two minds about it. I’m so freaking grateful the snow and cold are gone, and the sun is out longer, it doesn’t bother me to have blown by that part of the 1st three months of the year. And yet, I need to find a way to slow my life down. It’s sliding by fast like a greased pig trying not to get grabbed.

As my Faithful Readers can attest to, I have a long history of talking about needing to get my house in shape, and really needing to thin out my stuff. Years have gone by and so much is still needing to be done.

Maybe it would be alright to stop beating myself up and give myself credit for things that I have managed to get done in the last 6 months, hmmm? Yes.

Speaking of giving credit, I’d like to give a shout out to my sister, Birdie Girl. She has an iron will, and the most amazing drive to power through things that need doing.

I spent Easter weekend helping her and boyfriend move from their farm to the condo in town, and watching her deal with the activity and stress of it all has been quite an inspiration to me. Moving is just the most horrendous task, and she really just powers through it even though she is hurting, exhausted, and having to move on top of working full time. I think I’ll take a page out of her book and power through some of my own icky tasks today, rather that let them overwhelm me.

Speaking of Easter weekend, I drove to where Birdie Girl and her boyfriend live in Canada. Along the way, I stopped at the bar in my home town and visited with some old classmates, which was a lot of fun. The drive to Canada was so calming. I love a good road trip. Even though the weather was a bit gloomy, I love the open road, and it was solitude that was much needed. It was good to visit with Birdie Girl and her sweetie, as well as her pets. They have two Siamese and two boxers, which makes for lots of sloppy kisses and purring. Good stuff for the soul ❤️.

Here’s to road trips, and all of the good friends and cuddly pets waiting for you at your destination. If you haven’t taken a road trip, do it. Life is way too short the way time slips away so quickly. Blessings all!

Days 24 & 25 – An exploding brain

Yesterday was not a good day for blogging, as my brain felt like it had been put through a noodle extruder. So many incoherent and under-caffeinated thoughts! I thought it best to just leave it for today. So here I am, blogging before coffee, but there’s a good reason.

I’m meeting an old friend, and her little ones, for coffee and playtime at the mall in an hour. We keep trying to get together, but busy lives with work and family obligations, on top of illness,  have conspired to kick that can too far down the road.

Later comes the housework. The Flirt has been diagnosed with the flu, so Typhoid Bob is home recuperating, and my house will get some much needed attention.

As much as I dislike housework, I do love to putter around my house. Puttering is a kind of housework that gets things done, just in a less harried fashion. Usually when I do housework, I’m shoving into every little nook and cranny of time. That is a small price to pay for having a good and active life.

I also have blankets to crochet, and not small ones. One is for Older Nephew who is graduating from high school in May, and the other is for a close friend who is getting married. I found a fun new crochet pattern, which makes quick progress without eating up so much yarn. I think I will visit the crochet store to see about getting some more yarn today. Any excuse to visit the yarn store!

So many things to do, and a lovely weekend to take my time and get some things done.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely and restful weekend, where you get to visit friends and putter to your heart’s content. Blessings all!

The Summer of Yes!

In my last posting, I mentioned that I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had time to blog for the last two months. I should feel bad about that, and yet I have a hard time feeling guilty.

This was the best summer…ever.  No joking.

So what did I do all summer? These are the highlights:


~Spent time outside, either gardening or hanging out with friends in front of a fire.

~Went riding motorcycle with The Flirt.

~Old Friends stayed with me during the State Fair, and adventures ensued. We went to two different concerts, Blake Shelton and Foreigner. My thanks to friends R & H…what a fabulous time!

~I worked less this summer than last, and spent more time with my kids…doing whatever.

~Several home improvement projects were done, included getting new doors and gutters. I’m a long way from being done, but that is quite a chunk off of the to do list for this year.

~I managed to thin out my bookshelf, down to almost nothing except reference books. I have been using my Itouch as an e-reader, which as worked out really well, and now I have a lot of extra room on the shelves in my room.

~I just got back from a quick trip to Sturgis, SD. The Flirt and I went down for the Bike Rally. It was certainly an experience, and was a nice quick get away. The roads were good, the food was amazing, and it was so cool to see all the different bikes. The people there were so nice, and it was a fabulous time.

What did I do in between all of that?  I’ve done a lot of whatever the heck I wanted to, and haven’t felt like there was much that got in the way of it.  I spent less time worrying about “what-ifs” and just went with most anything that came along, and it turned out to be a lot more fun and tons less stressful.  These last two months have been bliss.

So…what’s next?

Well, it’s back to reality time. Work will get a lot busier given that my Cube Farm is going from one owner to another, which has proven to be quite a challenge thus far.

I haven’t had to deal with my litigious ex husband all summer, but that’s come to an end. I met with my lawyer today and we’re gearing up for the court hearing coming up at the end of September. I’m hoping that this will be the last of it.

Younger Son has started back up with Football practice. I’m looking forward to watching him play. Older Son has taken an easy summer, staying with is part-time job. Now it’s time for him to get a full-time job, and it will be interesting to see how that comes out.

So…I guess play time is done and it’s time to get back to real life and all of the stuff that comes with it.

That’s ok…I’m looking forward to a Winter of Yes! We have plans for lots of pool and darts, as well as ice fishing. Whoo! I can’t wait…

Here’s hoping that you all had as good a Summer as I did, and that you have a Winter of Yes coming up around the corner too!



The Best Birthday Ever: Part 1 – The Good

Today is my birthday. Usually I don’t say anything about my birthday, but this year it was the best one ever. It’s also been a bit bad, but I’ll elaborate on that in my next post. First, the  good.

I worked at The Big Box Story this morning from 8-Noon, and then went to lunch with Mom & Dad and the boys. When I met up with them, Older Son let me know that one of my oldest best friends called to let me know that she was coming to town, just for my birthday. Mind you, she lives four hours away. She just decided to get up and make the trip with her three boys. We’ll call her Kay. I had a super big amount of stuff to do today, and so I kind of dropped everything to make sure I could spend some time with her since she made the trip. At 2:30, we met at a local bar owned by another friend. We’ll call her Dee. We were sitting here having a nice chat, when ANOTHER old friend came in. We’ll call him Jay.

Kay apparently texted Jay to let him know she was in town and why, and invited him along for the afternoon. We all sat together, reminiscing about old stuff, and talking about new stuff. Topics discussed were all over the map and ranged from alternative views on the Bible to what’s up with our kids. We sat there from 2:30 to about 6:45, and it was a fabulous afternoon.

What struck me was no matter how much time had gone by, and how much things had changed, things still stay the same. I was always the odd duck of the group, and I never could figure out why they would ever hang out with me, but they did, and I’m glad. Jay was always the bawdy one…quick with a naughty joke, but then always had something deep to say later on. Kay was always the one who knew everyone in a tri-state area. She can’t go anywhere without running into several people she knows. Dee, who owns the bar, was her usual sweet self and was a joy to hang around. People really don’t change at their core…not really. Habits can come and go, but people have a kernel of their true selves that never changes. This can be good, and bad. I’ll get to the bad in the next post. And the scary.

For now, since I blew off all the work around the house I needed to do today, I need to get going on that. I have company coming tomorrow for a few hours, and haven’t had the time to get the house “company ready”. Uff-da…too much to do before I go to bed tonight, but it was worth it. I’d definitely do it again. Spending time with these people for four hours was definitely worth it.  There were a few people missing who I’d have liked to visit with, but still – It was truly the Best Birthday Ever! I am reminded again, that work and home is not all there to life.

How old am I, you wonder? I’m 42, and not shy about admitting it. I’ll revel in it, and think I’ll do like my Granny does. She’s officially 87, but insists that she’s 79 and holding. 😉

What ever happened to Linda Ronstadt?

My favorite Idiot reminded me today (again!) of a singer I used to just adore: Linda Ronstadt. She seems to have dropped out of the limelight in recent years…what the heck?

Here’s one of my personal favorites filmed in 1976 during a concert in Germany:

Apparently Ms. Ronstadt has not disappeared. Not only has she continued to produce albums, but she also writes songs for other singers, has sung duets with countless other singers and has been nominated for and/or won many music awards.

At one time, Linda Ronstadt was engaged to George Lucas but apparently has never married, and has adopted two children on her own. She is also passionate about sustainable agriculture and is outspoken in the political issues of her home state of Arizona.

I’ve tried like heck to find a video of a more recently recorded song, but You Tube is just plum full of all the oldies. The most recently dated song I can find is this recording of Walk Away Rene that Ms. Ronstadt sang with Ann Savoy. It can be found on their album Adieu False Heart, which was recorded in 2006 and was nominated for a Grammy.

What a great weekend!

One of my oldest friends came to stay with me this weekend, as you’ve been hearing me blather on about for almost a month now. It was so great to spend time with her. We stayed up too late talking both nights, drank margaritas, went to the Sugarland Concert, stopped at a friend’s bar and chatted with her for a couple of hours. They boys even had a good time with her.

After all the activity, my throat is hoarse from all the talking, I’m a tad dehydrated, and I feel like I got rolled under a semi for having slept on the couch for two nights. Truly, though, I don’t mind. In fact, I would do it again in a heart beat. What a joy to be able to just sit and chat about everything with a friend…especially this friend. I sure have missed her.

Something I’d like to say about Sugarland here…they put on one heck of a good show. They have a new CD coming out called “The Incredible Machine”, which they played some songs from, and they were fantastic. They also played combinations of songs from different decades, which that just blew me away. The style of the stage props, interestingly enough, was very Steam Punk, which was so very odd to see at a concert for a country music band. In fact, I’m not sure how it is they can be called a country band because very little of what they sang was recognizable to me as country music… but I will admit that my understanding of country music is pretty limited. Never the less, it was an outstanding, and interactive, performance, and I would go see them again in a heartbeat. The only thing I didn’t like about the concert was that we ended up being seated with a bunch of people who barely even clapped. I can’t say that the people around me didn’t enjoy the concert, but cause they were all older people and were most likely just very stoic. What a bummer that they couldn’t cut loose a little and sing along a little bit.

If you are looking for a good time, and Sugarland is playing near you, make the effort to go see them…it’s well worth it!

So much going on…aaaahhhh!


Yes, it’s been one of those weeks where everything is happening, but nothing of any importance is getting done. Between family being in town, being in the middle of changing jobs, still cleaning up after the bathroom remodel and now trying to get the house ready for company, I’m just about cooked!

The boys are out at the State Fair for the 2nd night in a row, I’m finally getting down to brass tacks and getting some cleaning done. It’s so much easier when there’s nobody here but me. As I was rearranging some furniture in the living room, out popped the printer I bought two months ago and just never did get installed. I keep telling Older Son that I’d get to it, but just couldn’t make the time. So, tonight, I made a command decision to just stop procrastinating and just do it. So, now it’s finally hooked up and ready to go. He’ll be pleasantly surprised when he gets home tonight.

I mentioned that I’m having company this weekend. An old friend of mine is coming to stay with me Friday and Saturday nights, and we’re going to the Sugarland concert Saturday night. It will be the last night of the State Fair, and it will be a good weekend. I’m kicking it off with a pizza party, and perhaps some margaritas…hmm…margaritas!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good homemade margarita….hmmm!

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