When everything all piles up together!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and that’s because life has caught me up and carried me away with all that has happened. Today marks the day that some of it slows down.

This August some of my 2nd cousins were home for a celebration of life. Both of their parents died last year, but there weren’t funerals due to COVID. So, a whole bunch of family came home for this double celebration of life, and over a weekend my known family quadrupled! I got to meet cousins I didn’t know existed, and they are so awesome! It was quite an unexpected blessing.

The big news is that Older Son got married this week! He and his lovely wife (who will be henceforth known here as Bonus Kid), got married in a lovely handfasting ceremony in the park, followed by a very nice celebration supper and party at a local venue.

I’m so sorry happy for the two of them, and so grateful Older Son has someone so amazing to share his life with.

Along with the joy of the wedding came with the joy of having Younger Son home for two weeks. I just dropped him off at the airport, and I’m so sad. I can’t believe two weeks went by so quickly.

I look at this seat he just left empty, and I just feel like bawling. It’s not like he won’t be back. He’s shipping out to Japan in the spring and will be home to visit before he goes. Once he goes to Japan he will be gone for three years. I’m not sure how we’d ever afford to go there to visit, but that’s bridge I’ll cross when I get there.

Oh but wait, there’s more!

To top off all of the wedding festivities, I got a new job, and have been trying to transition into that one, and out of the old one. It’s been a trip trying to do that on top of Younger Son being home, and all of the wedding stuff. More about the new job later, because that is a whole story. And, I have a small part time job in my near future as well.

So, to sum up, I’m exhausted, sad, excited, and happy, all at once. Did I mention I’m exhausted?

Life has a way of piling things up together, so you just have to play whack-a-mole until everything gets accomplished. One step at a time.

Here’s hoping this post finds you all well and happy! Blessings all!

A good beer, an emergency, and a new job…oh my!

Well, it certainly has been an eventful autumn, and I’ve had a nasty case of writer’s block. Tonight, I decided to venture out to see if I could find a way to articulate what’s been rolling around my brain pan. 

In September, Older Son moved out of this house and in with some friends. It was time. He will be 25 soon, and it’s long past time for him to get out into life and live it. He just recently he adopted a cat, and seems to be settled and content with life. It was a little strange becoming an empty nester, but it’s good. I am slowly going through things and getting rid of everything I don’t use. Once I get done thinning out, I will be going forward with a project to turn the basement Man Cave into a Girl Cave. It will be nice to have a space to put up my sewing machine, and have a space to do projects in.  More to come on that as things progress. 

In November, Younger Son came home for Thanksgiving. It was the first proper Thanksgiving we’d had in quite a few years, and a good time was had by all. 

As sometimes happens, work got really strange over the Summer and Fall, and it got pretty awful. Everything was on fire all the time and was so stressful, I decided to get a new job. So, I applied for a new job within my company and got it. I miss the people in my old department, but I don’t miss the constant fire stomping or the politics. My new department is bright and happy, I have good people to work with,  and good work to do. A person can’t ask for much more. 

Well, except for good health. Especially when it comes to your loved ones. 

My Mom has experienced some memory issues in recent years, and I wasn’t sure if the medication she’d been taking was causing it, or if she was having onset of dementia. In the middle of December I got a text from my Dad in the middle of the day letting me know that Mom was in the ER after having a stroke. 

Mom had a stroke…. !

I quickly finished up what I was doing  at work and rushed to the ER. She was awake and alert, and luckily it was a small stroke. The bad news is that it affected her dominant side. Long story short, she was admitted to the hospital for several days, then to rehab to get therapy for her affected limbs so she would be able to come home. She is home now, and after three weeks of being home, she is still having trouble with the one hand and foot, but her speech is cleared up, and she uses the walker less. I am really grateful that she is doing better, because that could have been a whole lot worse. 

All that transpired between the time she went in and the time she came home was quite a ride, and I’ll write more about that later. 

At this moment, I’m curled up in my awesome bed, in between its smooth warm sheets, and I’m sipping a beer. Yes, it’s a strange place to be imbibing in such a beverage, but I just didn’t feel like hanging out anywhere else in the house late at night.  If you like dark beer, especially beer that has been aged in bourbon barrels, you will love Founders Backwoods Bastard. It’s rich, and has a good deep flavor. It’s got my stamp of approval! 

Here’s wishing you all good work, healthy families, and amazing beverages! Blessing all!

Here’s to new beginnings

Well, it’s been a while since I posted last, and so much has happened in that time.

Between then and now I managed to get a brand new job, which is a marked improvement over the last one. I have good people to work with, and good and interesting work to do.  I’m working in a hospital now, and it’s interesting work.

Needless to say life is much less stressful, and I’m grateful for it.

I’ve fallen into a strange rut for the last several months, and I’m just now feeling like a human being again. Too much sleeping, too much eating, and too much playing games… Avoiding everything. All good anesthesia, but not good for living.

Today, I decided to take the plunge and get something going that is long overdue. Nothing so energizing as a good project!

My bedroom is painted two different, terribly awful, colors of brown. Ugh… So awful! Today that is getting fixed. If my bedroom feels so gross, and it’s supposed to be the most serene place in the house, that’s a problem easily rectified with new curtains and paint!

Progress will be documented and posted later. For now, I’m diving in head first and see how much I can get done this week.

Here’s wishing for you a creative outlet to help get you out of whatever rut you may be in. Blessings all!


A New Goal – Something to Hang on to

Happy New Year!

A little late in my New Year’s greeting, I know. However, it’s been one heck of a busy time for this little sparrow. Really, the whole of 2014 was a year on the run. I’m generally not given to making resolutions or predictions for the new year, but for 2015 I will make a giant exception and make a goal. A large one.bullshit

Why? Because I’m fed up. Cooked. Tired. Exhausted. Ready to move on. And five billion different other reasons I won’t bore you with.

In 2014, I mostly had good success at both of my jobs, though I ran like a fool trying to get to them both. In December, I took on working extra hours at the Big Red Box Store, so I was working 7 days a week somewhere. In October I was promoted at the Cube Farm, but I was gifted with the news that my Ex was also promoted to the same department. While he and I keep it professional at work, it’s still very wearing and stressful to have to trade emails and attend daily meetings with him. On top of that, the leadership for this job was pretty absent, and the training was horrific. Suffice it to say I’ve been pretty miserable at the Cube Farm these last few months.

So, I applied for a new job with a new company and was accepted. I took a bit of a pay cut, but they pay better for benefits so it will balance out. My last day at the Cube Farm was Friday, after working there for 15+ years, and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I start my new job on Tuesday (more about that in a future post), and I feel like I am running full speed ahead into my future, giggling like a kid playing in the sunshine.

This is an item I can check off of my bucket list – New Job. Mission accomplished!

Previously, I didn’t really make goals for the new year, because my overriding goal every day was just to make sure I was surviving and getting the kids what they needed until they were launched into their own lives. After Younger Son graduated from high school and left home for the military, I felt kind of adrift without any daily reason to get out of bed. I’ve pulled myself back together now, and have had one thought in my mind that won’t go away:

I want to move away.

Yep, that’s right. It’s time for me to pick my nest up and move it to a happier, nicer place. Minot has been a good home to me and my family, but it’s really gone down hill. Not only is it expensive to live here, but the crime has become awful. I’m looking to decelerate, and be closer to my brother and his family. This will mean moving away from the vast majority of my friends, but that’s what email, phone and Facebook are for. I can’t wait to see my little albatross of a fixer-upper house and find a nice apartment to dwell in. No maintenance, and no extra expenses. No shoveling snow or worry that my sidewalk is too icy for the mail man. I want to decelerate in my life so I can stop and smell the roses, and that means moving myself into a position where there is less to worry about.

The good news is that this job I took has offices in Grand Forks, and there will be potential to transfer! I can transfer with the Big Red Box Store too. I feel like I’ve taken the first baby step into my future by accepting this new job.

Here’s the better news: My Flirt wants to go with me! Moving to Grand Forks means he will be that much closer to family and friends as well. We will be kind of in the middle of everyone, which is a good thing.

Moving away has become the new thing I hang on to every day. It’s the thing that motivates me, and helps me get my priorities straight. I’ve got a long road between here and there, but I’ll make it.

Here’s to hoping that you have a lovely and prosperous 2015, and that you can decelerate (or accelerate) to a speed of life that makes you happy. Happy New Year!

Forming attachments is dangerous

I haven’t talked about The Flirt much in recent posts, mostly because I’ve been spending so much time with him that I haven’t had time to post much. The fact is, I’ve gotten pretty attached to him. Dangerously so.

Why would becoming attached to someone be dangerous? Because nothing good ever lasts, just like nothing bad ever lasts forever.

As it turns out, The Flirt got a new job. A fabulously high-paying job, typical of the kind of jobs that support the oil industry. This is a very good thing. Unfortunately, it means he will be moving away in the coming weeks, as the job is 75 miles away. He will commute daily until he can find a place closer, but he will leave. It’s not unexpected…I knew this was coming, but it’s still crappy to think about.

The good news is that neither one of us is willing to let the other go just because of a little distance. We’re both so busy that a little distance will probably be a good thing, and it’s not going to be a big deal.

But, I will miss him when he’s gone.

I’ve been telling myself I was stupid to let myself get attached, but the truth is that I was tired of living in a world that was all gray tones and no color. Now that I’ve had a taste of what life can be like when I am living for me, too, and not just for everyone else I’m not terribly willing to give that up. Oh well…as things are going in a new directions, I will just roll with it. What will be will be, and there’s no sense worrying about it.

One day at a time, living dangerously on the High Plains…

A close call at The Cube Farm

I am one of those American’s with two jobs. I have a regular day job, and then I work at The Big Box Store on evenings and weekends. Where do I work during the day? Let’s call it The Cube Farm. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Cube Farm is a really big building with a crap load of people working in an endless field of cubicles.

It just so happens that I work at a Multinational Cube Farm Operation, which is going through a phase of restructuring. We got an announcement this morning that a part of the restructuring would cause 400 people in the US to lose their jobs, and another 200 open positions would be eliminated…everyone who was affected would be notified by the end of the day.

It just so happens that my position, and that of my partner, were some of those that were done away with. We got lucky, though. There were open positions that needed filling, so they just moved us to those jobs. She and I won’t work together anymore after the 1st of the year, and that makes me sad. We only got to work together for five months, but it has been grand. I sure will miss my new boss too. Where I’m going, they are hiring for a new supervisor, so I don’t know who I’m working for just yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it is someone as great as my last two supervisors have been.

As much as I hate that I have been shuffled around and stuck in a job that I never wanted, there is a lot of good news here:

1. My kids will continue to get fed.

2. I didn’t have to take a pay cut, like some people I know at The Cube Farm who did.

3. I still have my benefits.

4. If I really hate my new job, I can start looking around The Cube Farm for something more interesting after a year.

5. I can take my time and look outside of The Cube Farm if I choose to, and I’m giving that some thought. I’m seriously giving it some thought.

The people I feel bad for tonight are those 400 people who got let go. Yes, they got a severance, but they still have to try to find a job.  In this economic climate that’s not easy, especially this time of year.

It’s time for me to hit the rack, and I’m going to go to sleep tonight thanking my lucky stars that I will wake up tomorrow employed. One more reason to feel blessed.


Work tip: Clean your desk before you leave it!

Some time ago, I posted that I had accepted a new position at work. Where I work, these kinds of transitions are slow. Generally the supervisor of the department you are leaving needs to you to stay as long as possible to help train your replacement, or tie up loose ends if you aren’t being replaced, and the new supervisor needs you to be there as soon as possible because there’s a gap that needs filling yesterday. So, the compromise is half days at both departments, which is what I am experiencing now.

Yesterday I discovered that the last person to use my new desk had finally cleared away her crap, so I thought I would clean it up and get some of my stuff moved down. This is where the rant starts. I’ve been at my place of work for almost 11 years, and in that time I have had numerous different desks. What is true in all cases is that of all of the desk moves I’ve done (close to 20, not necessarily for getting a different job), with the exception of a very few, the new desk is always filthy.  In some cases, people leave a complete pig sty for your to clean up after. Ugh…

In this case, it wasn’t too bad, but there was food crumbs in drawers and makeup all over the desk surface. It wouldn’t have taken much time for this person to just have cleaned up her mess before moving on, but apparently she was in a hurry. Truly, you don’t make friends at work by leaving a dirty desk behind you.

It’s all cleaned up now, and I’m partially moved in. (Yay!) I can’t wait to finally get moved into my new desk completely. I’m so done with where I’m at.

Details, Details!

So today I’m still working from home and the guy has been here to put another coat of mud on the walls already. He says he’ll put another coat on after lunch, and then they’ll put the new sub-floor in so the flooring guy can do his thing tomorrow. Today the electrician comes, and that means I need to go grab a new bathroom light on my lunch break. I was a dork and forgot to pick it up when I went to get my new sink faucet.  Have you got any idea how expensive a silly little sink faucet is? I paid $54 and that was for the cheapest one there. Uff-da.

As I am working away at my laptop, I realize all the little things I do at this job are going to have to be transitioned to someone else. It’s going to be a real bummer for a few weeks trying to get everything wrapped up, even after I’ve gone to my new job, I think I might get some calls to help people find stuff or train people how to run my reports. This thought  is really a cheap shot, but perhaps they will appreciate me more when I’m gone. It really doesn’t matter… I’m done being this one department’s doormat, and am ready for the next new adventure. After the first month or so, there will be no more phone calls asking for help, and I’ll be free to just keep moving forward.

So, it’s a day of details. With any luck, most of the home details, at least, will be taken care of by the end of the week!

I got the job!

As I am sitting here working from home, I got a meeting request from the one of the ladies I just interviewed with. She called me at the appointed time, and we had a nice conversation during which she offered me the position….YAY!

I am so relieved and happy. I will miss my boss (A LOT), but I’m looking forward to having new and different office politics to deal with. I am guessing that there will be precious little of that given the small office I am joining. It’s going to be a long two weeks waiting for the transfer to happen from one department to another, but I will be so busy tying up loose ends that it will fly right by.


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