Getting my way on Mother’s Day

Greetings all,

First, let me wish all of you Mothers in the blogosphere a very happy Mother’s Day!

I’m being selfish with my time today, because I can get away with it. Mother’s Day, much like a birthday, is a good excuse to gather with family and friends, eat good food and enjoy each others company. It’s not necessarily my favorite holiday, as that slot has been occupied for a very long time by Thanksgiving, but it does have it’s good points. Top on the list of Mother’s Day’s good points is that I get to say what goes.

Here’s my list of things I want today… and by golly, I’m going to get all of it.

1. I want to spend time on my blog (check…mission accomplished!). I get precious little time to come out here anymore, to write or to read my favorite blogs. Today, I get to spend time here. Yes!

2. I want to cook lasagna from scratch today. I love to cook, and don’t get a chance to very often. I have invited my parents over for supper tonight, and when I told Mom what was on the menu, she tried to tell me I should buy a frozen lasagna instead of making it from scratch. I was surprised at how I almost came completely unhinged. I know her heart was in the right place – she didn’t want me to put too much effort into cooking dinner on Mother’s Day. She just doesn’t understand how much like to cook, and how deprived I am in that department. That’s ok… I’ll get my way in the end.

3. I want asparagus. (Demanding wench, aren’t I?) I haven’t had asparagus in years because my picky children won’t eat it, and it really doesn’t pay me to buy it if I am the only one that likes it. Today, it’s just too bad for everyone else that doesn’t like it. I. Will. Have. My. Asparagus! In fact, I have a lovely new recipe that I found on Pinterest for roasted asparagus with olive oil and thyme. I can’t wait!

4. I want to clean my house. The boys are generally pretty good about helping out around the house, but their idea of clean and my idea of clean are galaxies apart. I’ve spent such precious little time at home lately that what little I am able to do gets undone pretty quickly. Today, that gets corrected, even to the point of scrubbing out the fridge. I think something died in there, and is crying out for a decent burial. Argh!

5. I want to spend time in my yard. Spring finally did make it to North Dakota, and there hasn’t been a snowflake in sight for a good three weeks. I think Winter is finally gone for good this year, but I’ll leave my collection of snow shovels out until June 1, because I am just that superstitious about that sort of thing. My yard needs a good raking, and my strawberry/kitchen garden needs to be weeded. There are lots of plants returning from last year, but the grass is trying to overtake them. Time to get out the gloves and open a can of whoop-ass on that nasty invader.

There it is…my top five demands for today, in all of their glorious depravity. Like I said, today I get what I want, and no one best get in my way…or else! 😉

Lilacs half bloomed on May 23rd 2010

Here’s hoping all of you Moms in the blogosphere get exactly what you want, how you want it, and when. More importantly, I hope you have a lovely day with your families and friends.

And now for something completely silly

I’ve been reading through my last several blog posts, and have come to realize that I am living inside my head more than is perhaps good for me.  So now, it’s time for something completely silly….

I have a feeling that all of you who read this and get the joke will sing along in your heads. Yes, I am just that evil…(snort, giggle) *wink*


Jump in the lake? Yes, thank you…I think I will!

I got a text from The Flirt this afternoon before I got off work, asking if I’d like to go to the lake for a swim tonight. Oh boy, did I ever. It’s been really hot here in North Dakota lately, and a swim in a nice cold lake would hit the spot.

Earlier this Summer, The Flirt and I met his family at Lake Sakakawea (yes, that is the correct spelling…). I don’t own a swimming suit, so I didn’t plan on getting into the water. When I got there, The Flirt’s sister, my best buddy, “C”, asked why I was just sitting on the shore with my toes in the water. She didn’t care for my “nothing to swim in” explanation and very bossily told me to get my keester in the water. As it turns out, the rest of them were swimming in their shorts and t-shirts as well. After a bit of arguing with “C”, who wasn’t taking no for an answer, I made a decision.

Life is just too short to sit around and watch other people have all the fun. I jumped in the lake with all of my clothes on…and I loved every minute of it. Riding home with wet clothes on was no picnic, but it was worth it.

The big question I had to finally ask myself is, “what will it hurt?” I’ve been asking that of myself a lot lately, and I think my life has been a lot more simple as a result. That has been kind of the crux of my Summer of Yes…Life is too short. If it looks like fun, and it won’t hurt anything or anyone, let’s do it!

Today, I was able to talk Younger Son into going a long, so he and I, and The Flirt, and his Giant Dog, went swimming. What a lovely evening, just paddling around in the cool water while the sun set. I’d had a hard week already, so this was a most welcome event. I think Younger Son enjoyed himself way more than he thought he would, and he agreed that it would be nice to spend more time at the lake next summer.

I had enough to do that I should have stayed home and worked on all of the things that need catching up on. If I die tomorrow, I don’t believe I’ll have any regrets for having let the chores wait another day. I’m glad we jumped at the opportunity and did this very simple, very relaxing thing. It made all the difference.

Here’s hoping that you have some lovely opportunity pop up that you can easily grab hold of and run with. Life on this Earth is too short not to take advantage of them.

THE PLAN…it rules our lives!

I was just having this interesting conversation with one of the few people in the world I’d call my sister, Brea, on Facebook. She posted a note about how spontaneous youthful road trips have grown into “planned responsible scheduling”.


I remember days when I had time to just get in the car and go. Sure, I’ve been working since before I was 18, but I always had some extra time on my hands, even when I was in college. Once in a while one of my friends and I would decide to just get in the car and go somewhere. It didn’t have to be far away, it just had to be a place we hadn’t been to before, or hadn’t been to in a long time. You know, just something different to see and do.

These days, I constantly find myself pestering my kids about their job/activities, and wanting to know exactly what they have going on, when, where and what time. Rides have to be given and everyone’s schedule needs to be considered so everyone can get to where they need to be, especially since I have two jobs, Older Son works, and Younger has sports activities. The amalgam of what it is that keeps us so busy every day of every week is what I affectionately call THE PLAN.  Oh, man…it sure gets to be a drag to be so hemmed in by THE PLAN.  I hate that we can’t just get up and do what we feel like, whenever we feel like it. Already the boys are learning that they need to have their own mini versions of THE PLAN, so they can keep themselves straight on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. I think they’ve learned that only because they know their mother will go stark raving mad if there’s no PLAN. If I ask “what’s THE PLAN?,” and the answer is “I dunno,” it sends me right into atmospheric heights of angst. And then I get the shakes, complete with eye twitching. Not pretty.

I gotta have A PLAN at all times or I am a wreck…just gotta. I’m a slave to THE PLAN. One might even say I’m an addict, but I’m sure I could quit at any time if I chose to.(insert snort of derision and disbelief) What a load o’ horse pucky! If I tried to quit THE PLAN, I would no doubt expire due to an anxiety induced panic attack.

However… in all honesty, I have to say that THE PLAN has it’s up side.

I live and die by my work calendar at The Cube Farm. It’s a miraculous thing that tells me when to get up from my desk to go to a meeting, when I have specific tasks I need to do, and when I get to go to lunch. It really is what keeps THE PLAN in motion for me Monday through Friday.   Every day I walk with my friend Clarice , and she’s a hoot. We have a good time. Every Tuesday, I have lunch with my good friend Connie. We only get a half hour together, even though we work in the same building, but I really look forward to them every week. I also have lunch with Brea every Friday. I really look forward to those lunches. Brea helps keep me sane, and provides an opportunity to let my brain go and have fun like nobody else can. All the other days of the work week, I either run errands or have lunch with my parents. They are pretty funny people, and we laugh a lot together over lunch at their house too.

Do I hate THE PLAN? Yeah, mostly I do… but sometimes it works to my advantage to schedule my fun in with the work, so I don’t miss out on it.

Now I must go throw in a load of laundry, and get to bed for the night, because THE PLAN says I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Again. ‘Night all!

Too much holiday joy may be bad for you!

Today I had lunch with my good friend Brea at Barnes and Noble today. We do our best to have lunch every Friday, and since the weather has gotten colder, we’ve been forced inside. Our Barnes and Noble actually serves a pretty good lunch along with the coffees offered and, as we discovered today, they serve up a little humor with everything else.

We’d just finished lunch, and were having a pretty heavy discussion when an announcement came over the loudspeaker which went something like this:

“Greetings Barnes and Noble shoppers, do you have an excess of holiday joy? If so…”( the rest was blocked by ambient noise).

The lady making the announcement over the loudspeaker sounded to me like one of those people hawking drugs on tv, and the next thing I know it, we’re giggling over possible endings for this announcement.  Pretty soon,we are laughing so hard, it’s a wonder we didn’t fall out of our chairs. I’m pretty sure I bruised a rib. And I snorted, which hardly ever happens. I’m pretty sure Brea’s eyes glassed over with unshed tears due to having too much holiday joy in the moment. Luckily we were done eating or we might have choked to death.

I can’t remember all of what we laughed about, but I’ve thought of a few more as the rest of the day went by.  So, what happens if you find yourself with an excess of holiday joy?

~If you experience holiday joy for more than four hours, seek immediate emergency medical assistance. (I wonder how excessively inflated joy is coded for insurance purposes?)

~Could give you a righteous case of the holiday munchies and weight gain (nom, nom, nom!)

~May cause the desire to chug rum-laden egg nog (Can potentially lead to ‘rum’ goggles)

~May cause explosive diarrhea (Aunt Meg didn’t cook the Turkey long enough)

~Could cause drowsiness and dry mouth (again with the rum-laden egg nog)

~May cause blindness (Cousin Bob threw a buttered lefse at your head)

~May cause restless legs syndrome (too much holiday joy could make you feel like dancing)

~Stop experiencing holiday joy if you have constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain and bloating (See Aunt Meg’s undercooked Turkey)

~Stop eating immediately if you experience painful swallowing, chest pain, or severe and continuing heartburn (Don’t eat the Lutefisk!)

~May cause high blood pressure (Uncle Charlie just can’t let you forget about the time you lost your bathing suit while diving in the city pool, even though it happened when you were 12, and you’re now 30)

~If having too much fun, and eating at the same time, choking to death may occur (See! I told you having too much holiday fun was dangerous!)

I could go on ad nauseam but I think I will let you join in the fun. What other side effects warnings can you come up with for too much holiday joy?

Rising through the hayfever, and other sordid tales of life on the Prairie

Ah, harvest time. I love it! I love the way the ripe crops look as they wave in the prairie winds of North Dakota. I love the smell of burning fields, and fresh mown hay. Unfortunately, none of those things love me back. Sigh…Bring on the hay fever.

This year, for some reason, it’s much more pronounced that in previous years. Or maybe I’m just getting more sensitive to is as I get older? That’s probably more likely. Today I have a headache  and my sinuses feel a little like they are full of Elmer’s Glue.  I know some people who have allergies so bad that they just allow them to take over during this time of the year. I figure that I haven’t got things so bad if all I have is a headache and a stuffy nose, so I’m going to get up and continue on with my day as though there is no hay fever. In fact, perhaps I will just say it to myself repeatedly: “There is no hay fever, there is no hay fever, there is no place like home, (oops…sorry. That’s someone else’s mantra) there is no hay fever, there is no hay fever…”

So, Older Son is working today. He worked yesterday and will work tomorrow again all day. I’m very proud of him. I was a little worried that his BS-o-meter was set to go off at a little lower level, but he’s stuck with it so far. He works in concessions for a local business that handles several different venues around town. If things go as well for all of us this winter as I hope it will, we’ll be able to get a 2nd vehicle and then he can branch out a little bit. It’s hard to believe that he’s going to be 18 this Spring.

Good Gods… My baby is going to be 18!

Alright, enough of that. If I keep going down that line of script I’ll be a gelatinous puddle of sobbing goo before too long. Last I heard that’s not good for the keyboard so…moving on…

Younger Son and I are going out for lunch and then out to my parent’s house to pick up some extra green beans they have from their garden. Then I’m off to visit a friend at her house. She and her husband are putting on a wine tasting, and I was very thrilled to be invited. Her husband comes from an Italian family, and he knows how to cook the authentic stuff that most people wish they could cook. So, it will be an evening of good food, good wine, and good conversation…with adults, no less.  I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, I have some things to finish in the house and then I’m contemplating digging up my front yard, or at least a small piece of it. I have been wanting to do that for quite some time, and with Younger’s help, I bet we can get it done in an afternoon. All the extra dirt and sod will go around the foundations of the house as the dirt there has settled downwards.

If we do get around to it, I’ll show before and after pictures. I can’t wait to see what my new front garden will look like this spring. I’m hoping to plant tulips, irises, lilies and hyacinth so there is something pretty coming up right away in the Spring.

But now it’s time to get ready to go. I’ll have a glass of wine for you too! 🙂

My dishes call, therefore I blog about silly things.

I hate doing the dishes. It’s my least favorite chore of all, and I can hear my sink full of dishes calling to me… “Wash meeeee”…but I have chosen to ignore them in favor of spending time with you guys. I haven’t posted for a while, so I figure I can make time. After all, the dishes aren’t going anywhere any times soon. They can wait a few more minutes.

So, now that I have established that I am blogging tonight instead of doing the responsible thing, what to blog about?  How about silliness? Can’t go wrong there. And, since I’m such a huge fan of You Tube, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite silly videos with you tonight.

First up, we have “Creepy Doll” by sung by Jonathan Coulton, a nice girl who plays a mean ukulele, and the comedy duo Paul and Storm:

Next we have a funny storm trooper video that will either make you laugh out loud or make you want to scrub your eye balls with bleach. I laughed out loud…my humble apologies to those of your who ran for your bleach bottles:

And, finally, here’s one of my favorite silly cat videos. Enjoy!


Earlier today I declared that I had won the contest of sanity-cracking musical will between me and my fellow blogger over at The Idiot Speaketh. I do believe that I proclaimed victory too soon.

The Annoying Music Battle has now gone global, and the new contestants have kicked my butt.  The Frolicking Lady, and her Frolicking Dude (Yes, it’s true…dudes DO frolic!), posted the song that finally broke me: David Hasselhoff singing, “Looking for Freedom”.  Where’s my bagpipes CD? If anything can get that song out of my head, the bagpipes can… I hope…The children hate it to see me sobbing hysterically.

Anyway, I concede the contest. Well done Frolicking Lady and Dude…

(Editor’s note: For more on the Annoying Music Battle that still ensues, please also drop by The Life of Jamie. She’s pulled out something truly evil: Wham! Oh the humanity!)

I Win!

When I was a kid, my mom made me take piano lessons. At first I really hated them, and I did everything in my power to get out of the lessons, and ended up only having to take them for a year. Then, I was blissfully free.

Strange thing I discovered is that I actually really liked playing the piano, and so I continued on by myself, picking it up as I went along. One of the first whole songs I ever learned by

Titanium - No good for containment of vocal weaponry

my self was “You Light Up My Life” by Debbie Boone. Most people would hear that and cringe…maybe even cry out in anguish for having to listen to it. Not me. I like it. I can sing along word for word, and revel in every note. The only problem with that is that I couldn’t carry a tune in a titanium bucket. In fact, my singing could be downright deadly.  I have been contacted by R&D labs in their search for creation of new and improved non-lethal weaponry. Unfortunately the liaison assigned to my case developed an unfortunate drooling catatonia in response to having to hear my singing once too often. Until someone in R&D can come up with an appropriate protection against my rather unique skills, I’ll need to keep my day job.

That particular little factoid about me has remained unknown until this very minute. I had just stopped over to visit The Idiot Speaketh, and listened to his most recent salvo in this bitter struggle of musical good and evil…and I found heaven in the guise of Debbie Boone singing “You Light Up My Life”. What joy!

I see he’s also posted a video I was very fond of as a child of the 80’s…Toni Basil singing “Hey Mickey!” What a blast from the past! I love that tune. I used to know all the words, and I bet when I press the play button, it will be like I never forgot. I will say that I never cared much for the whole cheerleader theme, but I loved the song. Thank you to my blog buddy over at The Idiot Speaketh for bringing back such fond memories!

Here’s a selection that I am very fond of, and I hope you are too. There is something about bagpipes that grips me by my sternum and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m thinking maybe I was born in the Highlands of Scotland in another life. The song, Scotland the Brave, posted below was shared on You Tube by Waldemaroz, and it is a fine example of what I love about bagpipes.

  What I love even more about bagpipes is that they are usually played by cute, burly guys in kilts. Hmm…there’s a post for another day!

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