Day Trip: White Earth Bay

Faithful Readers, there’s nothing quite like a day trip to get away from town. Being cooped up takes its toll, and a person needs to find a way to go out and do something without joining a crowd of people.

Taking a drive in the country is the perfect thing, and it’s something The Flirt and I love to do.

White Earth Bay is an obscure little place on the north end of Lake Sakakawea, but if you search it in google maps, it will take you right there. We drove an hour to Stanley, on US Hwy 2, then just past Ross, then through White Earth Valley.

Given we are in the full swing of Autumn, it was a beautiful drive. Western North Dakota is a rare treat in that it is the very tippy top of the badlands, and you can see here and there similar formations as you would find in Roosevelt National Park, only smaller.

After following winding gravel roads, we found White Earth Bay Recreation Area situated along what was once just the path of the Little Missouri River, but is now the top end of Lake Sakakawea. All around the Lake you will find small recreational areas like this one where there people own property and have built cabins, but there are also camping spots available. For those who enjoy boating there are boat ramps, and in some cases there are docks to fish from. In the case of White Earth Bay Recreational Area, there is boast access, but no docks that I could see.

The water is low everywhere this year, and Lake Sakakawea is no exception. You can see how shallow the water is by how beige it appears close to shore.

So, we drove around a bit, took a few pictures, and got back in the car. We drove back through White Earth Valley, but I didn’t get a lot of pictures because I was driving.

We then hopped onto Hwy 1804, and made our way to 4 Bears Casino, outside of New Town, where they were having a sportsman’s show. Since we are in the market for a permanent ice house, we took a chance in going down there. As we figured, there wasn’t much of a crowd, which was welcome. Even masked up, I don’t like places that are too crowded these days. #causeCOVID

We took a looked at an ice house built by Core Ice. This thing was something else. It’s built on an aluminum frame, and the walls are a foam composition that keeps the cold out and the heat in. It’s light, and very efficient. Before this turns into an add for Core Ice altogether, I will say that one of the owners of the business, Mark, was on hand and was super great about walking us through how all the stuff in the ice house worked, and how they are constructed. If that’s something you are interested in knowing more about, check out Mark’s videos on You Tube here: Core Ice. Give Mark a shout, he’d love to hear from you. If you are in ND, give Scott at Vallely in Minot a holler, and he’d be happy to help you out.

So, we left and drove a little south past Sanish, and back around to New Town before heading home. It was a good day away from home. I was able to capture a few pictures. The light isn’t great because of some squalls that came through, but it was still a beautiful drive.

Saddle Butte

It’s hard being cooped up, but you can social distance in your car and still feel like you’ve taken a mini vacation. It’s good for the soul to go somewhere you haven’t been before. I’ve lived in ND my whole life, but have only begun to really see it. Get up and go see those places in your area you haven’t seen, I promise it’s worth a trip. Blessings all!

Travel Blog: Devils Lake’s East Bay

It’s 9:18pm, and we just got in from a most awesome weekend. We are so pooped out, we are getting ready to go right to bed. But first, I have to tell you all about it while it’s fresh in my head.

Saturday morning, we got up early and drove two hours to The Flirt’s Nephew’s camp at East Bay Campground in Devils Lake. We hit the water right away when we got there and fished from his pontoon. The weather was beautiful, and we managed to catch several walleyes.

Later that day, The Nephew taught me how to clean fish. This probably doesn’t doubt exciting to most, but I’m super jazzed about it because The Flirt loves to fish, but he doesn’t like to clean them. So, he either gives them away or throws them back. Now, he has no excuse not to bring supper home!

We putzed around in the afternoon, had awesome grilled brats for supper with more friends and then we went out on the pontoon to go fishing at night. Oh, my goodness…being on the lake while the sun goes down is just the best!

You can’t get more relaxed than fishing with your feet up!
This picture was taken at 9:30 at night. I love our long Sumer nights on the High Plains!

We didn’t catch anything that evening, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

We stayed in town at a local hotel, and that was nice just to lay down and shut out the noise of the campground. The Campground is full of little kids and lots of noise. The Flirt and I are older and past the age of enjoying that kind of sound and energy, so the hotel was perfect and only 15 minutes away.

The next morning found us back on the water and trying to catch some more walleyes. The Nephew and his girlfriend each caught one, but The Flirt and I caught a lot of dead trees and weeds. Before you know it, it was already 10:30am and time to come off the water for breakfast.

The Flirt and his Nephew come from a family of outdoorsmen and awesome cooks. Both mornings, the Nephew cooked an amazing breakfast of bacon, hash browns, and eggs on his big grill. I know it sounds like simple, run-of-the-mill food, but food cooked outdoors always tastes so good!

The afternoon was filled with putting things away and getting ready to leave. Nephew’s girlfriend and I had a good time going to the cleaning station to clean the fish they caught, and we started chatting about ice fishing. She’s never been, and we are all excited to have her join us. The flirt and I have been talking about ordering a permanent fish house we can also use as a camper, so it’s good for all seasons. More to come on that!

On the way home, we stopped to pick up a truck that needed hauling for a friend. Nephew and The Flirt pulled it up on a flatbed trailer, and we hauled it home behind The Flirt’s truck. It was a bit of a slow ride home, but the weather is beautiful, and everything is so pretty this time of year in North Dakota. I got a few pictures of some fields that are ready to harvest:

Sunflowers are always so pretty!
A mature wheat field, and ND’s most common tree, the electric line pole!

Just a few words about Devil’s Lake, the town and the actual lake. (Click the link for some interesting history) It is a friendly town, with lots of places to stay and eat. It is very much tourist centered due the lake being so large, and the fishing so good. This was my first time summer fishing here, but I have ice fished here a few times. If you are traveling through North Dakota on Highway 2, you will find Devils Lake just an hour and a half west of Grand Forks. It’s worth a stop, especially if you are into fishing, camping, or water sports.

So Faithful Readers, that was our marvelous weekend getaway. It’s my fondest wish for you that you take a day or two to get out of Dodge, to a safe place just to get away from your regular world. It sure does make a difference. Blessings all!

Girl’s Trip Day 4 – home!

We got up early, threw clothes on, packed up and headed downstairs to check out. I managed to grab some shots if the skyline from our room, and someone said, “hey, there’s a dinosaur!”

Well, I’ll be darned, there sure was! Faithful Readers, can you see it?

Downtown Rapid city from above is kind of clunky looking, unless you take special notice of the art in the alley ways. There’s some interesting art if you look close enough. The street corners are populated with statues, and some of them have scarves or hats on them, just in case somebody might need one to stay warm.

While waiting for the valet to bring the van around, we got coffee. Thank goodness the Alex Johnson Hotel has a Starbucks in it!

Having packed the van up with all of our luggage once more, we headed out to Spearfish to pick up Party Girl’s son, Skater Dude from her younger brother’s house. The weather was crappy, and I have to give big props to The Librarian for keeping her cool and getting us to Spearfish safely. It took a little longer because of the snow and slush, but we made it just fine.

Having arrived, we stopped in to visit, and ate some amazing bacon Party Girl’s younger brother fried up. We all gasped and hollered at him for pouring hot grease down the drain. Holy cow… hopefully he doesn’t do that too often, or they will have a big plumbing disaster sometime down the road.

Hugs all around, we collected Skater Dude and hit the road. The bad weather simmered down, and it was smooth sailing on the way to Dickenson.

Three hours later, we dropped Skater Dude off at his apartment, and we went to eat lunch. We managed to find a restaurant called Players, and the food was so good! If you find yourself in Dickenson, make sure stop there for a meal.

The rest of the trip home was pretty mundane. We chatted, and I crocheted. By the time we reached our old home town, it was almost dark. I drove home and made it home by 8pm.

It’s good to be home but I had a really great time, and I’m so glad to have had the time to spend with this very special group of ladies. It was the trip away from work and home I’ve been needing for years.

Word has it that we might be planning a girl’s trip next year for Vegas. One can only hope!

If you can, take the trip, see the countryside, go somewhere new. Most of all, spend time catching up with people who mean the world to you. Life’s too short not to. Blessings all!

Girl’s Trip Day 3 – Wine Tasting in the Hill City area

Day 3 of our Girl’s weekend trip dawned on Party Girl feeling particularly awful for having gone to bed with her hair all smokey from having been in the Cigar Bar the night before. Her head was all clogged up and hurting.

I gave her some of my Mucinex-D, which helps me when my head is all clogged. I told her within and hour or less she’d be feeling better. This is the good stuff you have to ask the pharmacist for, and is what helped me get over a nasty case of pneumonia.

I got in the shower again, to tame down a serious case of bed head from going to bed with wet hair the night before. When I got out, I could hear her talking to her brother on the phone, telling him how sick she felt and that I had given her some Metamucil-D and her head was already feeling better.

Metamucil-D!! ROTFLOL

Needless to say, that became the joke of the day, and will be something we will joke about well into our old age.

Part of the reason for this trip is that three of us have Birthday’s in February and Birdie Girl is celebrating her engagement, and the one birthday that was actually happening during the trip belonged to The Librarian. When she and Birdie Girl came to the room, we got a story from her nobody expected.

The Librarian split off from us and went back to the Cigar Bar with Party Girl’s sister-in-law and some others. They came back to the hotel and went up to The Vertex bar on the roof, just missing me Birdie Girl. So, when she got back to the room she was sharing with Birdie girl, it was very late.

I woke up to go to the bathroom about 2:30-ish, and noticed that The Librarian was rummaging around getting ready for bed. I turned the light on in the bathroom we shared behind her, but still scared the life out of her when I spoke. Poor thing, she got quite a startle. I spoke with her briefly, used the restroom, and went back to bed.

Apparently, she got into the pull out she was sleeping in and froze all night long. We hadn’t realized that there weren’t any blankets on it when we pulled it out. It looked like a made bed as it was and we assumed it was ok. Well, you know what they say about assuming. Lol.

She’d ended up getting up a couple different times in the night to add jackets and other clothing trying to keep warm. It was a super sucky start to her Birthday for sure.

The way she told the story of getting the pants scared off of her, and then freezing to death all night was hilarious. Not only is The Librarian a good sport, but she has a wicked sense of humor and a great story telling ability. Needless to say we made sure she had enough blankets for the next night!

We ate an early lunch at Que Pasa, and then off to the Hill City area for Wine tasting!

At Prairie Berry Winery, I had to stop a minute outside before we went in. The Black Hills of South Dakota are so beautiful, and the air is so fresh. The pictures I posted above just don’t do it justice. If you can, make sure to vacation here. I promise you won’t be disappointed, or bored.

Inside the winery, we got to taste several fabulous wines and do some shopping. The Librarian spied someone getting a giant piece of cake on a board, and ordered one in celebration of our birthdays and Birdie Girl’s engagement. It was called Better Than Everything Cake, and the picture doesn’t do it justice. Locally, we call it Better Than Sex cake, and if you google the recipe, you will find that it is full of sweetened condensed milk and lots of caramel and chocolate. So good!

Having finished off the cake, we got back in the van and headed to the Naked Winery, which is part and parcel of Sick-n-Twisted Brewery.

The decor in this place is something else, and the bathroom has a Marilyn Monroe theme, including the pumps used to hold up the paper towels. I didn’t do any wine tasting here because I’d had enough booze for the trip. It was enough just to sit and chat with the girls in this super cool place, next to a fireplace. Super cozy and comfy!

Once done there, we got back in the van and headed back to Rapid City to find some supper.

It was difficult to find anywhere to eat downtown because most places were closed on Sundays, and we’d been to Que Pasa twice already. We ended up finding Botticelli, and it was fabulous. The food and service here were amazing, and I would go back again for sure. There was so much food, I ended up taking half of my meal to go!

To be honest, I don’t remember much else afterward except getting packed up so we could head home the next day. I can tell you we did remember to turn the heaters on, and make sure that The Librarian was snug and warm this 2nd night at the Alex Johnson Hotel. So ends Day 3 of our fabulous Girl’s Trip to SD…Blessings all!

Girl’s Trip Day 2-Deadwood & Rapid City

Day two of my fabulous Girl’s Trip found us getting coffee and checking out of Cadillac Jack’s, then on to shopping in fabulous Deadwood.

I didn’t realize that Deadwood is as big as it is. It’s an interestingly historic town (read more about that here), but also a very touristy town. There are so many neat little shops to check out and, inevitably, you run into buildings with some historical plaque telling you about things that went on in that building.

Our first stop was, of all places, a basement cigar shop on Main St. I’m not a fan of cigars, but the shop had a cool vibe. Everyone else shopped or had a drink, but I decided to go find the Harley-Davidson shop. The Flirt collects HD t-shirts from different places, so it made a nice souvenir to bring back for him. It also made for a good excuse to get away from the smokey environment.

A little later, we met up and continued shopping. We had lunch at the Sick-n-Twisted Brewing Company. The food was ok but the dark beer I drank, called “Panty Dropper”, was super good. No, I did not drop my panties. I like those well secured, thank you!

Shopping accomplished, we got back in the van, which our favorite Librarian expertly maneuvered into, and back out of, the parking garage. On to Rapid City!

Once in Rapid City, we checked into the historic Alex Johnson Hotel, which is in the heart of the downtown area. Party Girl, who made all of the travel arrangements was able to get a great deal on his usually expensive hotel because we stayed during an off season time. If you get a chance to stay there, do it. You may even see a ghost!

There was a delay getting checked in, because our rooms weren’t ready. So, we met up with Party Girl’s younger brother, and his wife, then went off to eat supper at the most amazing Mexican restaurant called Que’ Pasa. The food there is so good, and I had a margarita that had Serrano peppers in it. The rim of the glass was lined with salt and chili powder. I’m not a big drinker, but this was a mind blowing beverage. How refreshing that it was savory and not sickeningly sweet like a lot of margaritas can be.

What a surprise to have someone else join us! A guy from my home town and his wife ate with us, and it was lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with him. He did some amazing impressions of some of our teachers, and told all kinds of stories that had the whole table busting up. What an amazing time!

After we got done eating we went to a cigar bar called the Tinder Box. I’m not sure what the attraction is to cigar bars for Party Girl, she doesn’t smoke them. The vibe in these places is always really cool, but for those of us who have allergies, it’s not the most fun place to hang out. We were there for about an hour waiting for our reservation time for the big surprise even if the evening… a Speak Easy!

Several blocks of walking back alleys brought us to this door, and we went down to the basement where a code was given. Once the code was accepted, we were seated all around this claw foot bathtub made into a coffee table.

The drinks were so cool, and we passed them around so everyone could taste them. Some of these drinks were made by burning some kind of alcohol in the glass, which was cool. The Librarian ordered one of these, and I managed to get some pictures of the process. It was so dark that it was hard to see, but he used something (maybe salt?) to shake into the glass to make sparks, and then he poured the still flaming alcohol on the floor. Once he tamped out the fire and poured the shaken drink into the glass, The Librarian noted that the floor was still on fire where he poured the flaming alcohol out.

Shortly before the flaming drink show, Party Girl fell asleep. She really hadn’t had that much to drink, but we aren’t spring chickens anymore, and the day before had been a long one. It wasn’t long before her brother and her son, who arrived at that point, posed to have their picture taken with her blissfully napping in her high backed chair. Then a picture was taken with our waiter, and also with a group of ladies who’d been taking a group picture in the corner next to us.

An hour or so later, Party Girl wakes up. We’ve all been drinking and chatting, while she catches up on some much needed sleep. Needless to say we filled her in on all of the things that had gone on while she was checked out, and true to form, she was a good sport about it. Time to go back to the hotel and get checked in.

We had Jack and Jill rooms, which are two rooms joined by a bathroom. The Alex Johnson Hotel is so nice, Faithful Readers. The rooms in this really old hotel have been redone, but all of the historical features have been preserved. The beds are so comfortable, and the staff are amazing. Do stay there if you get the chance.

Once checked in and unpacked, Birdy Girl and I went up to Vertex, on the top floor. This bar is so cool! You can order a drink and sit inside next to windows overlooking the city, or you can sit outside next to the gas fire pits. Party Girl’s younger brother met us there and the three of us sat outside next to one of the fires, and caught up. What a lovely evening.

So ends Day two of our fabulous Girl’s Trip to South Dakota. Blessings all!

Girls Weekend – Day 1: Deadwood, SD

First day of this trip began with a very relaxing trip to my home town, where I met up with my friends. You’ve heard me talk about Birdie Girl, but Party Girl and The Librarian are two new characters to this blog. I have no doubt they will be featured here again.

We were blessed with good weather for this travel day. As you can see, there’s hardly any snow on the ground here in Northwestern ND. Hopefully that won’t mean another summer of drought.

I arrived in town about noon, and was pretty put out to find myself lost in a small town of 250 people. Things had changed so much in the 30+ years since I moved away that I had to call Party Girl to find out where she was. She moved into her Grandparents’ homestead on the edge of town, but all the usual landmarks were gone and the house blended in with all of the other houses on that road. I guess I should go home more often!

We loaded up The Librarian’s 12-passenger van with all of our stuff, and headed south with a stop planned for Dickenson. Getting there took hardly any time at all, as we spent the whole way catching up.

Once in Dickenson, we ate an early supper at the Paragon (great food!) and picked up Party Girl’s middle son, Skater Dude, and proceeded on. Three very short hours later found us in Spearfish, SD at Party Girl’s youngest brother’s house, where dropped off her son. We spent some time there visiting, and then drove on to Deadwood with plans to catch up with them the next day in Spearfish.

We stayed at a hotel/casino combo called Cadillac Jack’s. While it’s a ways from downtown Deadwood, it’s really a great place to stay. This is my second time there as we stopped there on the first leg of the journey on the way to Nevada last fall, and I will probably stay there again. Great place!

After getting settled into the hotel we decided to walk down to where all the bars are down town. Deadwood’s not that big, right?Lol…the wind had come up and we weren’t dressed for as cold as it became. Needless to say, we tapped out and grabbed a taxi.

Finally getting downtown, we stopped into The Silverado, which had a car in the window. Party Girl’s oldest brother won the car last year, but took option of $30k instead. Wow! So, we ordered some drinks and tried our luck at the designated slot machines to see if one of us could get that lucky. As things turned out, none of us won the car but I got lucky and cashed out roughly $140. Yes!!

Moving on from there, we ended up at the No. 10 Saloon, but it was crowded so we went to the bar upstairs and ordered some really awesome martini’s. OMG they were SO good! Of course, we passed them around and we all tasted everyone else’s.

Birdie Girl and The Librarian decided to call it a night and went back to Cadillac Jack’s. Party Girl and I roamed around downtown Deadwood for a few more hours, and she showed me around some of the places she’d been to when her family had lived in the area years ago. We had a few drinks, and I won another $50 (wow, I’m never that lucky!) and then took a taxi back to Cadillac Jack’s.

As luck would have it, we ran into some people Party Girl from the next town over from where we grew up. And sat down to chat with them for a bit. I put another $20 into one of the slot machine’s there and the damn thing at my $20 with out blinking. I think it may have even burped. Well, lucky streak ended… no more gambling for me this trip!

So ends Day 1 of my fabulous Girl’s Trip to South Dakota! Blessings all!

Deadwood – Travel Prep

Faithful Readers, today is the first day of a girl’s trip that has been in the works for months. I, and three friends from my home town, will be traveling to Deadwood, SD for a 4-day weekend. I’m so excited I could bust.

We’ve been trying to get a girls weekend going for years, and it just never turns out. Most times, the guys end up coming along, or it just falls apart due to scheduling or finances. This will be a good time, and I’m so looking forward to getting on the road.

This morning, I’ll drive to meet them, and then we’ll troop on together. First, though, is housework.

I’m kind of a nerd… I love the vacuum lines on a rug!

I just got done vacuuming the living room, now it’s time to get on with some kitchen work before I take my shower. The Flirt will be home, but I just can’t leave with out pre-travel cleaning.

Then I need to run errands and get gassed up and on the road. More tonight about the trip down. Fingers crossed that all goes well on this first leg of the trip.

Here’s hoping you all have a good day, and if you are traveling, be safe! Blessings all!

Road Trip: Western North Dakota

Yesterday The Flirt and I went on a road trip, which is one of my favorite things to do. He has had a jones to trade in his truck for something new, and so we went to Williston, ND to check out what they had to offer.

Williston is two hours from Minot, and is smaller in population, but it was a good excuse to get out of Dodge, if you will. I really enjoy getting out of Dodge.

I also enjoy it when he drives, so I can bring a crochet project along and keep my hands busy. This afghan is one I’ve been working on for my nephew. I used a modified block pattern which leaves a lot of tails to weave in at the end, but it’s worth the work when it’s all done. I actually made good progress, and am finally nearing the end of this one.

First stop on the way was in Stanley. We heard that all of the Shopko’s in the nation were going out of business, so we thought we’d check out the going out of business sale. Holy buckets… I had no intention of shopping, but the deals were so good I couldn’t help but pick some things up. Having filled up The Flirt’s back seat, we got back on the road to Williston.

We arrived at the dealership, looked over what they had to offer, and he began the process to see if a trade could be made. While the dealership crunched numbers, we went to lunch at a restaurant called Famous Dave’s. Minot doesn’t have a Famous Dave’s, so this was a particular treat. I ate what they called “burnt butts”, which is like burnt ends, but is pork instead of beef. The coleslaw was really good… not bland at all, and not too soupy or too dry. The Mac and Cheese, which had a good spice to it, also included sweet corn. The corn was unexpected, but turned out to be a great addition. There was also a corn muffin, which was a little more like a cupcake than corn bread in consistency, but it tasted good. All in all, it was a fabulous meal, and there was so much we both had to get to-go boxes. Looking forward to going back!

As it turned out, no deal was made for a new truck, so we made our way home by way of New Town, which is south of Williston if you take highway 1804. The terrain here is so lovely. I am a huge fan of the High Plains with its rolling prairies, but western North Dakota is particularly beautiful with more prominent features starting with the Missouri River, Lake Sakakawea, and then the Badlands in the south west.

I love taking pictures, and so I snapped a few from the truck as we drove between Williston and New Town on highway 1804.

Across Lake Sakakawea, you can see Saddle Butte.

Taking pictures from inside a moving vehicle, and the gloominess of the day, make for less than stellar pictures. On top of that, I was using my iPhone, which doesn’t take the best pictures. However, you get an idea of the terrain in this area.

One of the bad things about this area is that it is in the top end of the Bakken oil play and all of this beautiful countryside is dotted with oil wells. In this picture, you can see natural gas flaring:

Oil wells, and wasting of natural gas notwithstanding, it was still a beautiful drive. We made it to New Town, and hit that Shopko as well. We ran into some people we knew, and I found a few more things to buy, and then we drove home.

It was a good day.

I love a good road trip, and have a few more planned for the summer. This fall, I am driving out to NV to visit Younger Son, and a few others. It’s going to be a great adventure, and it’s killing me that I can’t get in the car and go now!

Here’s hoping you all have opportunities to get out of Dodge, whatever that looks or feels like or looks like for you. Getting away for a little bit is a good thing. Blessings all!

Travel Blog-Las Vegas, the Strip & the Wedding

The Las Vegas Strip is an interesting place, with lots of things to see and do. It’s one of the loudest and brightest places I have ever been in my entire life.  Even rock concerts have a lull in the sound. In Las Vegas, there is no rest for weary Bumpkin ears unless you retreat to your room. There are speakers and blinking lights inside and out.

Not that I am complaining, mind you. I went there to see it and hear it, but I was not prepared for it. I’ll know better next time.

Part of the trick of enjoying your trip to Las Vegas is knowing how to get around. Our hotel had a shuttle that took us back and forth to Harrah’s and Freemont Street. Once we figured out how to get through Harrah’s to the Strip, it was like being given the answer to the most confusing puzzle ever. We had to stop and ask directions so many times.  The good news is that everyone was so nice, and willing to help you find your way. That made all the difference. If it had been otherwise, it might be that I wouldn’t have wanted to go back.

Las Vegas is pretty well organized. They manage the high volume flow of traffic well with out door escalators that take you to bridges over the roads. It saves time and keeps you going where you need to be.

This first trip was like a reconnaissance mission. We scoped everything out, learned how to get around, and made a list of the things we didn’t get to do, which were many. There’s so much to do, you can’t hope to even put a dent in it.

Freemont Street was particularly fun, given the overhead music and light show, never mind the people watching. Holy cow, the people watching!

I would love to go back and catch some shows, and take my time. We were hamstrung a bit by the fact that we were there primarily for our friends’ wedding. We packed in the sight seeing between the travel and the big event, and it was just enough for us first timers.

Speaking of the wedding, it was lovely. The wedding was set up on the 2nd floor balcony over looking Mystic Park, at Sam’s Town, where we stayed. It was as a beautiful ceremony in a memorable setting, and I’m so glad we got to go. 

Stay tuned, there’s more!




Travel Blog – Las Vegas, The Arrival

I am not an experienced or confident traveler, so flying to Las Vegas nearly sent me right over the edge into Panic Land. Luckily, we were able to book a flight on Allegiant Air, which is quick and painless. No layovers, just one straight flight for less than three hours. 

Landing in Las Vegas
Going through TSA wasn’t bad, and the flight was turbulent, but felt no worse than driving a pick up through fields during hunting season. The Flirt slept the whole way down, and I read a Kindle book on my phone. 

Not being experienced travelers, neighther of us had ever taken a taxi, so we got hosed on the ride from the air port to our hotel, and had to pay $54. We didn’t know it until much later that this was too much for that distance.

Mystic Park at Sam’s Town, Las Vegas

The hotel/casino we stayed at was decent, ​if a little outdated and worn. The beds and pillows were comfortable, and there were many places to eat, gambling, a theater, a bowling alley, a park/atrium in the middle of the building with a waterfall and laser light show, free shuttle to two places on the Strip, and an outdoor pool. Given that this hotel was way off the Strip, we really wouldn’t have had to leave, there was so much there to do right in that one building. The only thing it didn’t have was a shuttle to and from the air port, which would have been nice. 

We arrived late and went right to bed. About 4 hours after we finally laid down for the night, I was awakened by what sounded like someone unlocking our door. Being that I was groggy it didn’t register that someone WAS trying to break into our room. 

In the morning, The Flirt noticed that the door was pushed in a little, but that the night latch had prevented the perp from actually coming in. He had heard something too, and thought he heard it at another door in the hall. 

We made a report to the security desk right away. They took our statements and agreed to send someone up to tighten the nightlatch which was now sitting with loose screws. They were going to have a look at the cameras in the hall and see if they could figure out who it was. Luckily, it didn’t occur again. 

Well, that was more excitement than we bargained for!

Thus ends the beginning of what turned out to be a really fun trip. Stay tuned!

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