Day 23 – Dining fun

Today, I’m doing something a little different and blogging from a local restaurant. Sometimes I draw a blank trying blog in the morning right away, so we will change things up a bit.

Tonight after work I had to run some errands, and decided to go to supper all by my lonesome. I have developed a real taste, if you will pardon the phrase, for eating out alone. 

I am at Sakura, which is a Japanese-style hibachi restaurant. It’s one of my favorite places to eat. The sushi is good, and the people are nice. They play good 80’s music too, which is right up my alley. Tonight, someone was having a birthday supper around the big grill, and the owner came out with his guitar and sang. It’s really fun to watch the hibachi cooks do their thing.

I love to just hang out and watch people sometimes without actually having to interact with them too much. As a natural introvert, I get all peopled out by the end of most days. 

Looks like my sushi is here, so time to pay attention to that. Before I close

Spicy shrimp and cream cheese roll. Yum!

this post, I’d like to say that I highly recommend Sakura. It’s good food in a great atmosphere. 

Here’s hoping you are having as good a time as I am at supper tonight. Blessing all! 

Travel Blog – Las Vegas, The Arrival

I am not an experienced or confident traveler, so flying to Las Vegas nearly sent me right over the edge into Panic Land. Luckily, we were able to book a flight on Allegiant Air, which is quick and painless. No layovers, just one straight flight for less than three hours. 

Landing in Las Vegas

Going through TSA wasn’t bad, and the flight was turbulent, but felt no worse than driving a pick up through fields during hunting season. The Flirt slept the whole way down, and I read a Kindle book on my phone. 

Not being experienced travelers, neighther of us had ever taken a taxi, so we got hosed on the ride from the air port to our hotel, and had to pay $54. We didn’t know it until much later that this was too much for that distance.

Mystic Park at Sam’s Town, Las Vegas

The hotel/casino we stayed at was decent, ​if a little outdated and worn. The beds and pillows were comfortable, and there were many places to eat, gambling, a theater, a bowling alley, a park/atrium in the middle of the building with a waterfall and laser light show, free shuttle to two places on the Strip, and an outdoor pool. Given that this hotel was way off the Strip, we really wouldn’t have had to leave, there was so much there to do right in that one building. The only thing it didn’t have was a shuttle to and from the air port, which would have been nice. 

We arrived late and went right to bed. About 4 hours after we finally laid down for the night, I was awakened by what sounded like someone unlocking our door. Being that I was groggy it didn’t register that someone WAS trying to break into our room. 

In the morning, The Flirt noticed that the door was pushed in a little, but that the night latch had prevented the perp from actually coming in. He had heard something too, and thought he heard it at another door in the hall. 

We made a report to the security desk right away. They took our statements and agreed to send someone up to tighten the nightlatch which was now sitting with loose screws. They were going to have a look at the cameras in the hall and see if they could figure out who it was. Luckily, it didn’t occur again. 

Well, that was more excitement than we bargained for!

Thus ends the beginning of what turned out to be a really fun trip. Stay tuned!

Day 22 – Back in the saddle

I’ve been away for a few days, and now it’s time to get back in the saddle with the exercise and blogging. I missed the blogging, but not so much the exercise. As it happens I got a lot of walking in by default while I was away, which was a bonus. Exercising is so much easier when it just happens as a part of what you are doing.  I won’t count those days here since I didn’t stop to document them, but I will resume the count.

It had been my intention to blog while I was away, but the weekend was so jam-packed with all kinds of activities that there was barely time to breathe. So, I will try to do double duty and get a couple of Travel Blogs done this week as well. I have a boat load of pictures, and tales of adventures by a Bumpkin and her Flirt visiting a foreign land. But, more about that later.

On today’s list of things to do are several things. This afternoon involves lots of housework, and laundry. It’s my last day of vacation, and I need to catch up with everything that went neglected while I was away. Tonight I need to go grocery shopping. Older Son was kind enough to clear out the fridge while I was gone, and now there’s a lot of empty space that needs filling. He even cleaned and organized the inside. Big brownie point score for Older Son!

Before I dive into all of that, this morning I will go help my Mom shave her dog.  My parents recently adopted an older dog who has some health issues. Her last owner lavished her with things like pork chops, eggs and ice cream. Needless to say she’s much larger than she needs to be, but since living with my parents her weight has come down and she’s much more active. Her former diet also caused some rotten teeth, and those will be addressed at an upcoming vet visit. She’s a hairy little beastie, and needs a little help cleaning away some of the excess.  This poor poochie (let’s call her Furry Schnitzel) has got mats and all kinds of issues with hair around her eyes, legs and mouth. Hopefully today we’ll be able to help her get rid of some of that so she can be more comfortable.

There’s a little hitch in my morning plan. In my old age I have developed a few allergies, and cats and dogs are on the list of things that make my nose run now, when they didn’t before. I don’t know why that is the case, but I love dogs and won’t let a little runny nose stop me from lavishing attention on any available and willing canine. Life is too short not to.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely day, and it finds you doing something that will give you much joy and no regrets. Blessings all!

Day 21 – The world is so noisy

As I sit here cooling down after my morning walk, I’m sipping coffee and contemplating the sounds I hear around me.

This is a topic I’ve written about before, a long time ago, but I think it bears mentioning again. There’s so much noise in the world, and I’m kind of tired of it.

In the morning, it is kind of quiet here. The train hasn’t come by yet, and all I hear is the traffic, and my typing. I think the thing I like most about the morning is that there is nobody talking to me. Yesterday, there was a lot of talking going on at work. When there wasn’t talking at my desk, I was plugged into my phone listening to podcasts so that I could drown out other conversations. There’s a lot that goes on at my office which isn’t anyone else’s business so I try my best to stay out of it.

When I visited the little town where my brother’s family lives, I was struck by how quiet it is. It could be that a move to a small town may be in my distant future. lol…very distant future.

Sounds can be comforting sometimes, though. I don’t mind the sound of traffic, because that’s what I heard outside of my grandparent’s front door the whole time I was growing up. Pair that with the ticking of a clock, and it sounds like home to me. I love the sound of my boys talking together like men, even though sometimes they still fight and argue like boys. I love the sound of my parents fussing over their new dog. I like the sound of the coffee pot burbling away, and the smell that goes with it.  I can’t ever go wrong with the sound of good old-fashioned Rock and Roll.

Here’s hoping you all have sounds in your lives that give you good memories, and a lot of warm fuzzies. Blessings all!

Day 20 – Bumpkinitis

Newsflash for all of you, my Faithful Readers. I’m a Bumpkin. Yep, that’s right. I’m a Bumpkin and I like it that way.

I live in a very rural area, and my idea of being in a big city is going to Bismarck or Fargo. Those are even too peopley for me. I hate Minneapolis, and forget driving through Chicago. Every time I go to one of those places I am so grateful to leave it, even though I may have enjoyed my stay.

It’s pretty rare to see an actual homeless person where I live, even though they exist. I remember when I was very young, we took a trip and ended up in Chicago walking around downtown during a layover. My Dad had to explain to me about homelessness when I inquired about the old man laying on a bench covered in newspaper. I didn’t really have the capacity to understand at that age, and to some extent I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

I don’t like crowds, and I’m not much of a party girl. I like my life simple, and quiet. If there’s excitement going on, it’s probably because something bad is happening. Hum drum is where life is warm and comfy.

Given all of the above, you may wonder why I am taking a trip to Las Vegas this week. Well, it’s been on the bucket list for a long time, and when some friends decided to get married there, I jumped on the opportunity to go.

We’ll be flying, and I am terrified. I’ve flown before, but that was with someone who knows about these things, and it was many years ago.This time I will be flying with my Flirt, and he has never flown. Thank goodness he is excited about the trip. I don’t know that I would do this by myself. I’m hoping we like it, and that he wants to fly some more. It would be nice see more of our own country, and I’d love to see it with him. I’d really love to fly out to see Younger Son where he is stationed.  I’d really love to have a girls weekend somewhere…Patty Sue, let’s go see somewhere we’ve never been. Maybe Denver?

So, this little country mouse is making ready to go to the big city. My suitcase is mostly packed and laying on my living room couch so I can put things in it that I have forgotten. Yesterday we took a trip to the airport, just to scope it out. I feel like I’m ready, now I just have to wait a few more days. It’s scary, but I think it will be great.

Here’s hoping you get up and go do that thing that you really want to do, even though it scares you. Blessings all!

Day 19 – A lovely weekend in Minnesota

Well, it looks like I finally missed a day on my 100 day walk challenge. In fairness, I only missed it because I was on the road, coming back from Minnesota. I did get to walk one of the days I was there, but no blogging. That’s ok. Sometimes you have to put down the electronics and just hang out with your people.

The little town they live in is Hallock, MN, which appears to be a really awesome, close-knit town. As part of my blogging going forward, I’ll be doing a bit of a travelog. Stay tuned for more on Hallock and any other place I’ve been.

It was a lovely weekend. I don’t get to spend time with my Brother’s family very often, so we packed in a lot of visiting, and watched Older Nephew play hockey. Not only did he score a goal, but it apparently was the best game they played all year. It was the last home game for him ever. I am so happy that I was able to see him play.

It’s amazing to me how quickly time passes. It wasn’t so long ago that my nephews were just little boys that I could pick up and hug. Now they are both so tall they have to bend down to hug me. I wish so badly, that things had been different between when they were little, and now that they are big. I have missed out so much on their lives that it just makes my heart break.

Well, now things are better and I can afford the time and money to travel to see them. I will take a lot of pleasure in seeing them as much as I can. Next trip will be in May to see Older Nephew graduate from high school.

Here’s hoping you have ready access to your loved ones, don’t miss a thing. If you don’t have quick access, I hope that you go when you can. Life’s too short.

Blessings all!

Day 17 – Minnesota, here I come!

TGIF, Faithful Readers!  I am so excited today, because not only did I wade through a kind of stressful week at work and made it to the end, but I also get to go to Minnesota to visit with my brother’s family this weekend.

My Older Nephew has been asking me for years to come see him play in one of his sports, either football or hockey, and either the weather or working two jobs always conspired against me. Well, Oldest Nephew is graduating from high school this May, and tomorrow is the last home hockey game (Go Bearcats!) he will ever have on a Saturday. Given my work situation right now, it’s my last chance to go see him play. Ever.

So, my parents and I are leaving after I get off work tonight, and staying at their house for the weekend. It’s always a good time when we get together, and I am so excited to go.

I don’t know where 18 years went, but Older Nephew is all grown up, and I missed out on so much of his life. Now that I am back on my feet enough that I don’t have to keep my two jobs all year round, I’m looking forward to more travel in their direction.

Here’s hoping that you have the ability to get up and go when those important people ask for you, and that you always have safe travels. Blessings and have a good weekend… Go Bearcats!!