Hmm…did you get new glasses?

Isn’t is funny how you can change one little characteristic about a person and it makes them look totally different? I know I’ve had a haircut, and then come back to work and people I haven’t seen for a while will ask me if I got new glasses. Sometimes if you haven’t seen someone for a while, it’s hard to pinpoint what that difference is.

I was over at The Idiot Speaketh this morning, and there is a yummy picture of Robert Redford posted. It got me to thinking about how people change over time, and then I began to think of Burt Reynolds. Boy, wasn’t he a cutie back the day! Smokey and the Bandit continues to be one of my all time favorite movies.

So, I surfed around a little bit, and I found a bunch of pictures I’d never seen before of him with his mustache shaved off. I had to look twice to make sure it was Burt Reynolds I was looking at:

Here is one I found of Burt without his toupee. Isn’t it funny how he looks still more like the Burt Reynolds we all recognize without his hair, as opposed to when he had no mustache?

Ah, and here is my favorite:

I think Burt Reynolds was my first movie star crush as a kid. What is it about today’s actors that they don’t seem to have the same charisma as the actors of the 70 and early 80’s. Or is it just me? I think Russell Crowe comes close to having that sort of quality, as does Liam Neeson, but I’m hard pressed to come up with any other names. You tell me…who am I missing?


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