My to-do list is so daunting, I need a Vincent Price voice over

After getting home at 1am last night, and didn’t fall asleep until about 3:30, I was surprised that I was up and at ’em by 8am today.  It’s ok, though. It’s going to be a big day, and I needed to get up and cracking if I’m going to even get half of it accomplished. Today Older Son is going to Nana’s to help her finish taking stuff downstairs that’s left over from last night’s organization orgy, so it will just be me and Younger Son getting stuff done today at home.

As discussed in a previous post, the carpenter who is supposed to be doing the remodel on my bathroom delayed until tomorrow. I haven’t heard from him yet that he isn’t coming tomorrow, so I will assume that his sister’s surgery went well and that all is a go for Wednesday. Uh…hmm. Hope I didn’t just jinx it by saying that out loud.

Nobody does menacing like Vincent Price!

Anyway, as I am operating under the assumption that the bathroom project is getting under way tomorrow (please, oh please, oh please!), there are certain things that I need to get accomplished before that can happen. So, in the spirit of getting the ball rolling, here is today’s very special edition of (cue Vincent Price echo, crashing thunder and lightning)…  The To-Do List.

  • Scrub out fridge (there’s been a code-four pickle juice spill…Yummy)
  • Do final general pick up and cleaning of upstairs
  • Get Younger to mow and edge the lawn
  • Do more laundry until my washer and dryer beg for mercy
  • Shopping trip to Menards/Wally World to buy a new pedestal sink, bathroom fan, plastic big enough to cover the bedroom/living rooms doors and the kitchen (to keep demolition dust off), expanding spray foam for the crack in the basement wall, and new weed eater.
  • Call the plumber and make an appointment to get my external hose fixed.
  • Call sand and gravel company to put an order in for landscaping rock.
  • Bake Banana Bread…I’ve got some bananas that need to be used up.

If I get all of that done today, it will have been a hugely successful day. I can do it, but I guess I’m going to need to quit flappin’ my gums on the internet and get the show on the road!

What am I doing up at 6am?!

My eyes opened up and I was awake. No going back to sleep. No lazing around. I didn’t even get to participate in one of my favorite pass-times, snooze button smashing. Ugh.

It doesn’t happen very often that I am wide awake right away in the morning, and of course it’s going to happen at 6am on a Sunday. I guess I must have finally caught up on my sleep!

It’s just as well that I am up early as I have lots to do today. I won’t list all of the things I need to do as that seems to back fire on me, and none of it ever seems to get done.  So, in my next post I’ll list all the things I actually did. It always seems to me that I get stuff done, but it’s never the stuff I start out to do!

I’m sitting here listening to the birds and the traffic outside and don’t really want to get up from the computer. It’s a nice quiet morning, and as soon as I get up that all goes away. Maybe I can stall until 7am…that should be an early enough start on my day, right?!

To-do list successfully avoided!

So, it’s already Sunday evening and I put nary a dent in the ominous to-do list from Hell. Oh well. To-do lists are a bit like laundry and dishes in that they don’t run away, they just patiently wait for your return.

I did manage to make it to my Parent’s house today to help mom clean out one of her bedrooms. My mom’s been stowing things away in this bedroom for quite a while and now needs the space, so we did some organizing. Not everything got cleared away, but we put a good-sized dent in it.  Ah…there’s where my dents went!

I also took myself and Younger Son to get hair cuts. He hadn’t had a haircut in months and couldn’t take it any more. I have long hair and only ever get it cut once a year, and today was it. We had a nice lunch, and then I  bought the boys’ new prepaid phones (as their old ones had died).

Tomorrow, I’m hoping will be a more productive day, but at least it wasn’t a complete loss!

Saturday morning and already so much to do

Well, sleeping in was a big success today. Younger Son was up at 8:30 which was early for him, but he just got done spending time at an Air Force ROTC camp where they had to get up at the butt crack of dawn, so that’s not too surprising.

I have a multitude of things to accomplish today, especially since the whole week flew by and not much got done. No outside chores today as the weather is wet and cold. So, here is this weekend’s to-do list:


*Grocery shopping

*Standard weekend cleaning for main living areas of the house

*Organize desk and set up new printer.

*Pull everything out of the hall closed and paint it. Prioritize items and get rid of what we don’t need.

*Pull what’s left in the entry closet and paint it. Also needs a new coat hanger bar installed

*Need to make a trip to Menards to get a coat hanger bar. Also need to shop for a small pedestal sink for the new bathroom.

*Organize laundry/utility area

*Pack up old clothes to take to charity

*Open all boxes in basement. Throw what needs to go and organize the rest for garage sale or give away.

*Go to Mom’s and help her organize her stuff and clear out a couple of bedrooms. She asked for the help, which was a surprise, and help she will get.

*Fix shed door that now decides it doesn’t want to shut.

*Bring lawn mower and boys bikes back from Mom and Dad’s.

Uff-da. The sad thing is that there is way more! I guess I will have to amend this to being this week’s to-do list! But, it’s only 10:50am. No work begins until Noon today. It’s Saturday, darn it!

Quiet morning thwarted by my own mind

Given all the excitement that’s been going on around our little house, I’ve been jonesing  for a little peace and quiet. This morning there is nothing I have to do, nobody to see and the sun is out. Finally! All I can hear is the traffic out front and the fish tank bubbling.

The boys don’t have to get up today for anything, and that means that I can just sit here listening to nothing, reading and posting to my heart’s content. Then why is it that I am drawn to think about all the things that need doing? There is always housework, and yard work, and organizing…I could go on ad nauseum about all the little things that constantly need keeping up with.  There should be some metaphysical door one can shut on thoughts of those kinds of activities so one can fully enjoy a peaceful, sunny morning like I have now. But, noooo…it seems that the way is open for intruding thoughts of work. Bugger.

Well, if it’s thoughts of work that I have, I guess I should think about what exactly it is I feel like I need to accomplish today. So, here’s a to do list:

  • Laundry (When isn’t there any? At least that can be going while I’m doing other stuff!)
  • Dusting (It’s a never-ending battle in North Dakota)
  • Cooking (I have another 8 lbs of meat that needs cooking up or it will go bad soon. Hm…sounds like meat loaf for supper!)
  • Finish cleaning out the entryway closet.
  • Clean out the hall closet
  • Organize the basement (that’s really two weeks worth of work right there, but I should get a start)
  • Crack the whip on those boys to clean their rooms this afternoon (ugh…what is it with teenage boys and stinky rooms?!)
  • Mop the kitchen floor
  • Mop and oil all the wood floors…boy are they DRY…

Ugh…I could go on and on and on. I think this list is long enough, though. First thing I think I want to do after I put a load of laundry in, is go for a walk. At least that way I can feel like I am getting something done while I’m doing something for myself!

Well, It’s 9am, and I hear Older Son stirring. It’s been a nice quiet morning while it lasted!

Moving the backyard shed…the first domino

Well, tonight the prep begins, and tomorrow hopefully it will be done. That’s right…it’s finally time to move the shed!

It never failed that any time the boys were free, or my Dad was free, it would rain. If the weather was nice, then schedules conflicted. This week, I think the cosmic gears are finally aligned and the shed will be moved! Dad says he thinks the four of us can move it the 20 across the yard to its new resting spot. I hope he’s right.

Once the shed is moved, we can cut down that nasty dying tree located directly behind the shed. After that, the fence can go up…the fence I’ve wanted for 10 years is now going to finally go up. On the fence will go grape vines and arctic kiwis.  I will now have space to put the fruit trees I’ve wanted for so long, and will take advantage of the fall tree sales.

My space will be defined… it will be beautified…it will be MINE! (cue evil laughter)

Pictures to come!

Yet another list of things to get done today

Ah…I survived yesterday! The house got cleaned (Younger Son’s room was successfully fumigated), and I managed to make some time to get some stuff together for the rummage sale. Now, what kind of trouble can I get in today? Quite a lot, I’m sure, if I don’t get on the stick and get another list made up for today. (Note to Hel’wyse…I loved your additions to yesterday’s list!)

So, without further ado, here is today’s damage:

1. Finish pricing items for the garage sale.

2. Take out garbage (I found lots of crap that’s just not even worth selling, and it’s got to go).

3. Take a shower (All the better to entice more people to buy my junk)

4. Get food ready to go (I’m cooking for all of us today: Pork roast with potatoes and carrots in a slow cooker. Can you say comfort food?!)

5. Load up the van and haul all my junk (hopefully other people’s treasure!) to Connie’s house, where the sale is located.

6. Don’t forget the crock pot!

7. Go to Mom and Dad’s to pick up some stuff to add to the sale; try to talk Mom into coming with me.

8. Take the camera! (I say I’m going to do that every year, and then forget…doofus!)

Well, it looks like it’s time for me to skip ahead to #3 and go get cleaned up. I’ll post pictures later…

Today’s list of things to do

I am off work today and tomorrow (Yay!).  However, there’s a lot to be done, as I have contractors coming to give me bids on a bathroom remodel and window replacement this morning, and I have a gigantic garage sale to prepare for which starts tomorrow. Here’s my list of stuff that must be accomplished:

1. Fumigate Younger Son’s room so when the guy goes in to look at the windows he doesn’t die. ( What the heck is it with teenage boys and their smelly rooms? Some days I wonder if there’s a body hidden in there somewhere.)

2. Do laundry all day long (I have a lot of stuff that’s going in the sale tomorrow that’s been packed away)

3. Scrub bathroom

4. Scrub kitchen

5. Straighten up living room

6. Straighten up my room

7. Unpack what feels like several hundred boxes of stuff that’s left over from my married life (I’m sure it can’t be more than 10, but it feels like a lot more)

8. Pull out all old kitchen stuff I don’t use any more and evaluate for garage sale

9. Pull out all scrap booking stuff for garage sale ( I never did use much of that stuff)

10. Get out the stickers and marker to price all the crap I’m getting rid of. (Fun times ahead!)

11. I know there’s more…I’m sure it will creep across my brain after I post this!

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