Trying something new is always a risk.

I tried something new today. 

After I injured my hand any movement made it throb for a week, so I was thrown off my morning walk routine. After I felt a little better, I got back on the treadmill and it promptly went belly up. Generally, your treadmill shouldn’t smell all hot and burning. So, it’s been awhile since I’ve walked regularly. 

Part of the reason I don’t like walking in my neighborhood is because it’s super sketchy around here. Many of the sidewalks are crumbly. It’s also crowded and noisy. 

This morning I made the decision to go to my local park to walk. It was lovely, and quiet. Half an hour went by in no time at all. I think that’s going to be my morning routine now while the weather is good. I’ll deal with the busted treadmill later.

I also tried a new recipe called “Cowboy Crack” it’s kind of a dip, or can be used like a relish.  I have really started hating to try new recipes. Most of the ones I’ve tried recently haven’t been that great. I hate investing money and time into preparing food that just isn’t a hit. 

Well, I think I hit paydirt this time. Cowboy Crack is really good, and way healthier than a lot of the fast food I’ve been eating. 

My take away from this day is to just dive in and do that new thing I’ve been thinking of trying, and to stop hesitating.

Here’s hoping you find some wonderful things to give a try. Don’t be afraid, just dive in. If it doesn’t work out, keep trying until you find something that does. Blessings all!