Why can’t you just apply for a job? And a little Indian Summer Lore…

So, my job has become pretty awful and I’m in the process of searching for a new one. A job that is much less stressful, and will make me work many less weekends. Not that I want to be a slacker, mind you. I will still need to keep my part-time job at The Big Red Box Store, but I find I need more time for myself.

I remember the good old days when you could turn in a resume, and then they would read through them and just call you if they were interested in you as a potential employee. Not anymore. You have to jump through hours and hours of poorly constructed internet fill-in-the-blanks to input your information. Just for one job! I sat at my computer last night copying and pasting, and rewriting, all of the stuff from the resume I had already uploaded to this site. What a waste of time! I think it’s seriously an exercise in patience and perseverance more than anything else.

Mouse River Valley
Overlooking the Mouse River Valley

Uff da… Whatever new job I get is hopefully worth the work it takes to just get to the interview!

In other news, winter is on the horizon. It still smells like fall, but the cool bite of winter approaches. I love fall, and we have been blessed with a nice long one…what many of us in the High Plains call an Indian Summer. I did some reading up on Indian Summer, and apparently it really only occurs when there are warm days after a cold spell, some time between November 11th and 20th. Well, look at that. We haven’t quite reached those dates yet, but we certainly have had some lovely warm weather. We did have a cold spell a week back too. It counts as far as I’m concerned, and with any luck, we’ll have more warm weather to add to it. To learn some more cool facts about Indian Summer, click here.

Here’s hoping you have lovely weather where you are, and that your jobs are easy to apply for. Blessings all!

Football with a view

This Thursday night was the first game of the season for Younger Son’s football team. Now, I don’t understand much of football, but I keep trying. Younger keeps trying teach me the rules, and they are slowly but surely sticking, but by the time he graduates from high school, I don’t imagine there will be much call for me to watch a football game anymore. Football just isn’t something I am interested in, unless Younger is playing, or it’s a University of North Dakota game (GO SIOUX!).

Last year Duane Carlson Stadium at Magic City Campus was under renovation and the teams had to use other venues. This year, the construction is all done, and they have one heck of a field. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Duane Carlson Stadium is probably one of the best, if not THE best, in the whole state. Why is it the best? Because of the view. I don’t know jack about football, but I know a pretty view when I see one.

Not only have the stadium and field  just been redone, but it has got to have the most fantastic view of the Mouse River Valley. The Stadium is built into the side of a hill, and looks out over the valley in a breath-taking way. People think that North Dakota is as flat as a board, but that isn’t entirely true. Eastern North Dakota is just as flat as a board, but once you travel West of the Red River Valley the landscape becomes beautiful rolling prairie full of coolies, valleys, hills and fields.  Below is a series of pictures I took throughout the game.


Here’s one looking North West. The big “M” used to reside on top of the Metropolitan Federal Building. When Metropolitan Federal went belly up, the school bought it, and it looks great overlooking the Valley.

There’s something beautiful about a field lit up in the dark!

Unfortunately Younger Son didn’t get to play until the end, and the game was lost 0-21. Oh well, it was a beautiful night to watch the sunset and enjoy the view!

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