Days 24 & 25 – An exploding brain

Yesterday was not a good day for blogging, as my brain felt like it had been put through a noodle extruder. So many incoherent and under-caffeinated thoughts! I thought it best to just leave it for today. So here I am, blogging before coffee, but there’s a good reason.

I’m meeting an old friend, and her little ones, for coffee and playtime at the mall in an hour. We keep trying to get together, but busy lives with work and family obligations, on top of illness,  have conspired to kick that can too far down the road.

Later comes the housework. The Flirt has been diagnosed with the flu, so Typhoid Bob is home recuperating, and my house will get some much needed attention.

As much as I dislike housework, I do love to putter around my house. Puttering is a kind of housework that gets things done, just in a less harried fashion. Usually when I do housework, I’m shoving into every little nook and cranny of time. That is a small price to pay for having a good and active life.

I also have blankets to crochet, and not small ones. One is for Older Nephew who is graduating from high school in May, and the other is for a close friend who is getting married. I found a fun new crochet pattern, which makes quick progress without eating up so much yarn. I think I will visit the crochet store to see about getting some more yarn today. Any excuse to visit the yarn store!

So many things to do, and a lovely weekend to take my time and get some things done.

Here’s hoping you have a lovely and restful weekend, where you get to visit friends and putter to your heart’s content. Blessings all!


Sleeping in and The To Do List

Today I got to sleep in.

What a glorious and wonderful thing.

This whole last year has been full of working every weekend day, but that’s all changed now. I’ve changed my schedule so that I get one weekend day off. I had to take on extra hours during the week to do that, but life is full of little trade offs, and this one was worth it.

Not only did I get to sleep until my eyes felt like popping open all by themselves, but now I get to sit in a quiet house and catch up on my blogs. And,  I get to write a post with no interruptions or the boys reading over my shoulder. Now there’s a treat. It’s a little easier to write what I really feel if I don’t have to worry about them walking by and sneaking a peak and making comments.

Aw shoot…I guess I spoke too soon…Older Son just got up, but he’s offering to make coffee, so I guess that’s another one of those little trade offs. Hmm… Coffeeeeee!

This morning is going to be all about The To Do List. Since I’ve taken on extra hours at the Big Box Store, and have stumbled upon my new found amazing social life, my house has really hit the skids. Time to take action, and here’s the plan for today:

Kitchen – (medium bad shape) clean off all flat surfaces of all things accumulated, scrub floors. If time, scrub fridge doors, inside and house, reorganize cupboards and drawers.

Living room -(horrifyingly bad shape) Burn and start again. Nope, too expensive. Dust everything, scrub walls, scrub floors, vacuum rugs, sort bills and papers, reorganize entire room. Hm…maybe it would just be better to burn and start again?

Bathroom – (pretty good shape) Light weekly scrubbing needed only

Entry way – (Not too bad) Sweep and mop floor, reorganize shoes and jackets

My room – (Run away, run away!) Get rid of the last of the things I brought up from the basement during the flood. Sweep floor and vacuum rugs, change sheets, dust everything, organize shelves, organize closet.

Basement (Good grief, what happened to my clean basement?!) Totes need organizing, floors need sweeping, laundry needs catching up with (my poor washer will be smoking and begging for mercy by the end of the day), items need to be put away in my new workspace cupboards.

Outdoors (Uff-da…) Need to have Younger Son finish pulling in the garden, and weed-whack anything that’s over grown. Solar lights need to be put away for the year, and the shed needs to be organized.

I’ve just read over this list, and know that I have my work cut out for me, but so do Older Son and Younger Son -I’ll be keeping them busy today. I’m also aware of this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m dying to send a text message to my new man friend. He needs a blog nick name….I’ll have to think on that. I’m seriously aware that we are only friends, but I’ve gotten rather attached to him. Could be that I need to reign that in a little bit…if he wants to be more than friends, I’ll let him let me know. Darned flirty man… makes me want things I shouldn’t want right now. For today, I need to pay attention to my house and spend some extra time with my kids.

I hope you all have much smaller To Do Lists, and a spectacularly restful Sunday.

Editors note: So what happens after I get this posted and get ready to start my day? My phone goes off…it’s The Flirt…texting just saying Good Morning. Life is good…

The Best Birthday Ever: Part 1 – The Good

Today is my birthday. Usually I don’t say anything about my birthday, but this year it was the best one ever. It’s also been a bit bad, but I’ll elaborate on that in my next post. First, the  good.

I worked at The Big Box Story this morning from 8-Noon, and then went to lunch with Mom & Dad and the boys. When I met up with them, Older Son let me know that one of my oldest best friends called to let me know that she was coming to town, just for my birthday. Mind you, she lives four hours away. She just decided to get up and make the trip with her three boys. We’ll call her Kay. I had a super big amount of stuff to do today, and so I kind of dropped everything to make sure I could spend some time with her since she made the trip. At 2:30, we met at a local bar owned by another friend. We’ll call her Dee. We were sitting here having a nice chat, when ANOTHER old friend came in. We’ll call him Jay.

Kay apparently texted Jay to let him know she was in town and why, and invited him along for the afternoon. We all sat together, reminiscing about old stuff, and talking about new stuff. Topics discussed were all over the map and ranged from alternative views on the Bible to what’s up with our kids. We sat there from 2:30 to about 6:45, and it was a fabulous afternoon.

What struck me was no matter how much time had gone by, and how much things had changed, things still stay the same. I was always the odd duck of the group, and I never could figure out why they would ever hang out with me, but they did, and I’m glad. Jay was always the bawdy one…quick with a naughty joke, but then always had something deep to say later on. Kay was always the one who knew everyone in a tri-state area. She can’t go anywhere without running into several people she knows. Dee, who owns the bar, was her usual sweet self and was a joy to hang around. People really don’t change at their core…not really. Habits can come and go, but people have a kernel of their true selves that never changes. This can be good, and bad. I’ll get to the bad in the next post. And the scary.

For now, since I blew off all the work around the house I needed to do today, I need to get going on that. I have company coming tomorrow for a few hours, and haven’t had the time to get the house “company ready”. Uff-da…too much to do before I go to bed tonight, but it was worth it. I’d definitely do it again. Spending time with these people for four hours was definitely worth it.  There were a few people missing who I’d have liked to visit with, but still – It was truly the Best Birthday Ever! I am reminded again, that work and home is not all there to life.

How old am I, you wonder? I’m 42, and not shy about admitting it. I’ll revel in it, and think I’ll do like my Granny does. She’s officially 87, but insists that she’s 79 and holding. 😉

My dishes call, therefore I blog about silly things.

I hate doing the dishes. It’s my least favorite chore of all, and I can hear my sink full of dishes calling to me… “Wash meeeee”…but I have chosen to ignore them in favor of spending time with you guys. I haven’t posted for a while, so I figure I can make time. After all, the dishes aren’t going anywhere any times soon. They can wait a few more minutes.

So, now that I have established that I am blogging tonight instead of doing the responsible thing, what to blog about?  How about silliness? Can’t go wrong there. And, since I’m such a huge fan of You Tube, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite silly videos with you tonight.

First up, we have “Creepy Doll” by sung by Jonathan Coulton, a nice girl who plays a mean ukulele, and the comedy duo Paul and Storm:

Next we have a funny storm trooper video that will either make you laugh out loud or make you want to scrub your eye balls with bleach. I laughed out loud…my humble apologies to those of your who ran for your bleach bottles:

And, finally, here’s one of my favorite silly cat videos. Enjoy!