Home Improvement Anxieties and Gratefulness

It’s 5:34, and I’ve clocked out of work. Most of the renovation activity is done for the day except that my electrician has arrived and is rummaging around in my hot, stifling attic. Her name is Annie, and I swear that she has more patience for home improvement idiots (ahem…that would be me), than I could imagine.

Here’s a home improvement tip, and I can’t stress this enough…always start with the electrician. Have the lights, light switches, ceiling fans and any other electric thing you want in your finished room put in BEFORE everything else gets done, as best as you can. That will be one less person you have to make sure to schedule between other professionals while the main work is going on. When everything electric is pre-placed, the other guys will know exactly where it put it back when it’s all done. Also, if there are any wiring anomalies, you can have that taken care of before hand, and avoid any problems that way.

Here’s something you don’t want to hear any home improvement professional (plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc) say: “Now why the heck did they do it THAT way?!” I’ve heard that now about three different times, and it always makes my heart start racing while I wonder what extra thing will have to be done before progress can be made. But, I’ve been lucky. The next thing that I have heard is, “well, I suppose we can do X, Y or Z, and that ought to fix it.”  Whew… It helps to have competent people working for you, and I feel so lucky to have had that all the way around.

Another person I am really grateful to have helping me out around the house is my Dad. Today he came over, again, to look at the eaves troughs on the back of my house. They are malfunctioning something fierce. He’s done some reconnoitering and now has a plan for what needs to be done.   My Mom doesn’t get over here much with all the construction going on, but she is someone I’m also grateful for. She invited us to stay at their house while our bathroom is being done and has been so supportive. I don’t know what I’d do without either of them.

Now…if I could just get the painting going. I hate waiting!


Details, Details!

So today I’m still working from home and the guy has been here to put another coat of mud on the walls already. He says he’ll put another coat on after lunch, and then they’ll put the new sub-floor in so the flooring guy can do his thing tomorrow. Today the electrician comes, and that means I need to go grab a new bathroom light on my lunch break. I was a dork and forgot to pick it up when I went to get my new sink faucet.  Have you got any idea how expensive a silly little sink faucet is? I paid $54 and that was for the cheapest one there. Uff-da.

As I am working away at my laptop, I realize all the little things I do at this job are going to have to be transitioned to someone else. It’s going to be a real bummer for a few weeks trying to get everything wrapped up, even after I’ve gone to my new job, I think I might get some calls to help people find stuff or train people how to run my reports. This thought  is really a cheap shot, but perhaps they will appreciate me more when I’m gone. It really doesn’t matter… I’m done being this one department’s doormat, and am ready for the next new adventure. After the first month or so, there will be no more phone calls asking for help, and I’ll be free to just keep moving forward.

So, it’s a day of details. With any luck, most of the home details, at least, will be taken care of by the end of the week!

Day #2 of the remodel

Well, it was quite a day yesterday. I feel like my seat belt broke and my crash helmet has some dings in it, but I’m still hanging on!

Not only did the bathroom get gutted, but it was re-insulated and prepped for the tub to go in today. With any luck, the tub will go in and the sheet rock will follow this afternoon. Whew!

There was a bit of a hiccup in the plan late yesterday as the light , the ceiling vent and one of the light switches weren’t mounted onto anything but the old sheet rock. Of course there was no electrician at hand, so my Dad came to the rescue again last night, and got things fixed up enough that the sheet rock can go up today. I told him if he keeps coming to my rescue like this, I’m going to have to buy him a white horse. Gods bless him…I just don’t know what I do without his help with stuff around the house.

No more window!

So, this picture at the left what we’re starting with this morning. It sure is dark in there without a window, but that’s ok.  Having a decent tub surround, and not having to have a curtain in my shower, will be worth it.

Right now my carpenter is replacing a bad piece of sub-flooring, and then…drum roll, please… the tub will go in! My plumber is a nice young man who seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He explained how the tub will go in, in good detail, and answered all of my questions. I’ve been very lucky in that I have good people doing this work for me. This morning I have to call the electrician to come and fix up the ceiling vent/fan and install a new light fixture. I haven’t met her yet, but I’ve had some good word of mouth references from people whose homes she’s done work in, and Casper says he’s met her and likes her work. Good enough for me!

So, in talking with the plumber, I have come to realize that I need to make sure to get the bathroom painted before the sink and tub go in. Ah, the joys of picking colors and making everything match. So, off I go to the flooring store today to get a sample of the flooring I bought, and then off to the paint store to get paint to match.  Good times!

The Carpenter is just finishing getting the new sub-floor screwed into place, and then the plumber will take over with the tub placement. Hmmm…I love the smell of fresh-cut wood in the morning!