The simplest things are the best

Hmmm…coffee. I stopped at Starbucks and grabbed myself a coffee and a sausage english muffin after dropping the kids off at school today. The muffin was great, the coffee went down smooth, and my get up and go has increased significantly. Nice way to start off another day.

While typing, I’m also doing laundry and washing dishes. If I suspend reality in my head, I can say I almost feel like I could be a little like Molly Weasley, only my wand doesn’t work quite so well as hers does. I would love to be able to set my house to cleaning itself while I get on to other more interesting matters. Thank goodness for machines that wash the clothes and the dishes for us!

So, being as I have another day off, I have several projects that I could do, but I’ll probably just end up deep cleaning my bedroom, as well as the living room. The kitchen floor could use a good mopping too. If I’m really good with my time, I’ll be able to squeak in making some relish from the peppers I harvested from the garden before I pick up Older Son from school at 3pm. Younger has a football game two hours away, so I’ll probably just take Older out for supper tonight.

Sitting here in the quiet, hearing nothing but the dishwasher and the traffic out front, I feel calm and comfortable. Not only that, but I’m feeling particularly blessed, for the following reasons:

~I’m feeling most especially blessed that I don’t hear the water heater banging any more, and that we had more hot water than we knew what to do with this morning. I’m so grateful I no longer have the worry about that thing malfunctioning and flooding my basement.

~Pretty soon the new windows will be put in, and my house will be nice and warm this winter.

~I got good reports from all of Younger Son’s teachers yesterday, with the exception of one, in whose class he’s getting a C. I don’t take this teacher’s report too seriously as she has been reported to be a menace by Older Son, and other children and parents who’ve dealt with her. If a C in this class is the worst that it gets, life is good.

~The weather has been cold and drippy, but it’s supposed to be back in the 70’s this weekend, so I can get some final landscaping done and get my garden put to bed for the winter.

~I have this day of peace and quiet to enjoy, no matter what I choose to do. Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things are the best?


My dishes call, therefore I blog about silly things.

I hate doing the dishes. It’s my least favorite chore of all, and I can hear my sink full of dishes calling to me… “Wash meeeee”…but I have chosen to ignore them in favor of spending time with you guys. I haven’t posted for a while, so I figure I can make time. After all, the dishes aren’t going anywhere any times soon. They can wait a few more minutes.

So, now that I have established that I am blogging tonight instead of doing the responsible thing, what to blog about?  How about silliness? Can’t go wrong there. And, since I’m such a huge fan of You Tube, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite silly videos with you tonight.

First up, we have “Creepy Doll” by sung by Jonathan Coulton, a nice girl who plays a mean ukulele, and the comedy duo Paul and Storm:

Next we have a funny storm trooper video that will either make you laugh out loud or make you want to scrub your eye balls with bleach. I laughed out loud…my humble apologies to those of your who ran for your bleach bottles:

And, finally, here’s one of my favorite silly cat videos. Enjoy!