Earlier today I declared that I had won the contest of sanity-cracking musical will between me and my fellow blogger over at The Idiot Speaketh. I do believe that I proclaimed victory too soon.

The Annoying Music Battle has now gone global, and the new contestants have kicked my butt.  The Frolicking Lady, and her Frolicking Dude (Yes, it’s true…dudes DO frolic!), posted the song that finally broke me: David Hasselhoff singing, “Looking for Freedom”.  Where’s my bagpipes CD? If anything can get that song out of my head, the bagpipes can… I hope…The children hate it to see me sobbing hysterically.

Anyway, I concede the contest. Well done Frolicking Lady and Dude…

(Editor’s note: For more on the Annoying Music Battle that still ensues, please also drop by The Life of Jamie. She’s pulled out something truly evil: Wham! Oh the humanity!)


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