Simple food is the best!

Faithful Readers, I wish the internet supported smell-o-vision. I’m cooking supper, and my kitchen smells amazing.

Simple food is my favorite thing. What I’m cooking here is one yellow onion, one kielbasa, both chopped up however you like, with a little bit of olive oil, and Montreal Steak seasoning to taste.

This is going to be served with buttered egg noodles, and it will taste fantastic.

<sniiiiiffffff> Ahhhhh! So good!

The nice thing about cooking in my cast iron pan is that I can cook anything in it. This weekend, I was able to harvest plums from the tree I have been babying along all summer, and I made a plum cake.

Please forgive my crooked cutting. I wasn’t

I’ve never cooked with plums before, and I lucked into finding this really easy recipe. The cake turned out great, and I was able to share it with my parents. The recipe is so basic, you could use any fruit, and it would be awesome. Sometimes you find recipes that are awful, and sometime you find that amazing keeper that turns into a family recipe.

I have Older Son to thank for the kielbasa and onion supper recipe, and You Tube to thank for the cake recipe. Sometimes I find good recipes on packaging, and sometimes in magazines. I’m always on the lookout for a new thing to try, especially since I’m cooking for just me now.

Well, supper’s ready. As we say in my family, “Soup’s on!” Here’s hoping this post finds you smelling something good, whether you are cooking or not. Bon appetite!!

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