When the fog lifts…

Yesterday’s post was a little raw for my comfort, but getting it out seemed to be quite the thing to get the last of the fog to lift. Thanks for your patience❤️

Today is better. I’m sitting in my favorite blogging spot by the window, and it’s not lost on me that I enjoy blogging with the light streaming in on me there. Shining a light in a dark corner helps, especially when it’s in the inside of your head.

I was lucky enough to have a good chat with my brother last night. We don’t get to chat often, but it’s nice when we do. They just sold their farm, and were cleaning out the last of the stuff stored in the garage. He found some family items that he was curious to know if I wanted.

Given that I am trying to clear out my own space, I said thanks but no. I did find it a little easier to say no than I would have in previous years, but it was weird saying no to items that were made by, or belonged to, dearly departed relatives.

I’ve been giving away antique things I’ve inherited, just because it’s nothing my kids want, and I’m never home enough to use them. It’s better to pass those things on so they get used rather than have them take up space and gather dust in my house.

Today I’m visiting my parents, and Mom doesn’t know it yet, but her bathroom is getting cleaned this afternoon. She has a hard time with the cleaning now, but she doesn’t like other people touching her stuff. Well, it’s going to get touched and scrubbed today.

My mother has a formidable personality, and a temper that quickly ignites. I am not a religious person, and neither is my brother, but knowing what I would be facing today I asked him to pray for me, or send good vibes, warm fuzzies… anything would help. He replied that while he isn’t religious he prays every day to whomever it is that listens, or even if they don’t. It’s awesome that he has my back all those miles away.

Here’s hoping today finds the sun shining in any dark corners that need a spotlight. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it, even if it’s just for good vibes from miles away. Every little bit helps. Blessings all!


Sometimes the message is all about the perception of the receiver.

Well, it’s been awhile since I blogged, and the least I can say about it is that life kind of got derailed for a bit.

As you may remember, I had experienced a kitchen accident leaving me with a good sized chunk missing from my dominant index finger. That’s all healed up now, but typing was a real bummer for a few months. Sometimes you just have to stop, rest, and take stock of what’s important.  As such, I just needed to take a blog break for a bit.

As part of a break from blogging, which I’ve missed, I’ve been thinking about the types of things I write, and the sorts of things I post on other social media. 

What prompted me to do a deep think about these things is that I’ve been forced to check myself, to make sure I wasn’t posting things that may be generally offensive to others. You see, a friend said something to me that was kind of mean, said in spiteful, sarcastic kind of tone, about some things I post. These things were general posts about stuff that I do, or places I go, and I couldn’t figure out what was it that I did that was so offensive.

I began to stew on this quite a lot, to the point where I felt compelled to ask my mother, and several trusted friends, what it could be. Being familiar with my postings they had no answer for me, and were equally as puzzled. 

In thinking this through, I remember something from a college communications course I took. The instructor looked us all in the eye one day and stated emphatically that how information is received is a product of the receiver, of their life experiences, and many times you can’t do anything about that. Our perception will color everything we see and hear, and sometimes the intent of the speaker/poster is lost getting through all of that.  I see how that is true in my life sometimes, especially with political and social issues. 

Sometimes there is no intent other than sharing your joy in doing something that makes you happy, but it can get caught up and discolored in the filter of others’ unhappiness.  It’s painful to hear. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t fix that because it won’t make these people happier to see me unhappy… at least I hope not. I’ve made an effort to try not to post when I’m sad or super angry about something. It gives the effect that my life looks super rosy on Facebook, and that is an unintended result. I have a regular life with ups and downs, just like everyone else.

Blogging is quite different for me than regular social media. This is the space I use to help myself work through some things I struggle with sometimes. I like to keep it as positive as I can but once in awhile you will see things here that aren’t as happy, like today. Thanks for your patience while I work through this.  It was hard to write about, and I spent more time than normal editing this post.

Having said that, I always do my best to end my blog posts on a positive beat. I want you to know that it really is ok to be happy. It’s ok to share what you find joy in doing. Rock on, happy campers, and many blessings to you all!

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