The Great Road Trip 2019 – Fallon to Salt Lake

After returning to Fallon from Sacramento, we found a better hotel, and stayed two more nights. The first night we just crashed, but the next morning we got up and went to the Running Iron Cafe for breakfast. Really great place to eat, but some random guy stopped by our table and started talking to me about my boys, and telling us about issues with his kids.

Faithful Readers, I was raised to go just along to get along, and I have zero skills in conversation extrication. It took freaking 15 minutes for this guy to quit jabbering and be on his way. Not that I mind talking to folks, because I really do like to have interesting conversations with people while traveling, but this guy was just a little too personal for polite conversation. He finally left when our food arrived. The food was really good, and I’d recommend anyone to stop in for a bite.

Younger Son took us to Fallon Naval Air Station and showed us around. It was a lovely tour of where he worked, and they also had a really cool static airplane display, so we walked around that for awhile.

That night, we had a really great supper at Sand Winds in Fallon. It’s off the beaten path, but the food is well worth it.

After supper, it was goodbye to Younger Son since we were leaving in the morning. Goodbyes for us are more than a little awkward, so it was blissfully quick. That’s a good thing since any prolonged goodbyes may end up with me blubbering, and that’s never optimal.

One more night at Fallon, and the next morning we were off to Salt Lake City. We purposefully chose not to go home the way we came because The Loneliest Road, aka Highway 50, is just too freaking lonely and mountainous for my taste. It was quicker and kinder on my nerves to take I-80 to Salt Lake City.

Talk about a smooth drive! It was so much better than taking two lane black top roads through the mountains!! It was just a little over 6 hours, so that was nice too. We got to our hotel in just enough time to stop at the local Harley-Davidson shop so The Flirt could pick up a t-shirt. We spent a nice night at the hotel just off of the interstate. Tomorrow it’s off to Spearfish for the night.

Here’s hoping you all have a smooth trip in return from wherever you have been. Being in the road can be tough, but an easy road to drive makes a difference. Blessings all!


The Great Road Trip 2019 -Sacramento

Faithful Readers, today I saw my first real palm tree. We drove from Reno to Sacramento to visit an old friend of mine. Unfortunately, her mom ended up needing emergency surgery, so we didn’t get to visit.

That’s the way it goes, and I wish her mom a speedy recovery.

We stayed the night at a Ramada Inn, which is super outdated, but it’s clean, and the staff are nice. We have a few things planned today, but we will see if we get to get those done. It’s 9:49 right now, and we are still at the hotel, waiting for The Flirt to get his oil changed.

The Flirt was up early to go get his oil changed, literally just 510 feet from the hotel. His appointment was at 7:15. I keep checking in, and they add on something else that needs doing. Finally, I hear from him at 9:55, and he is done. Good grief. 🤦‍♀️

Maybe it’s because I am from a small town, but an oil change and tire rotation just shouldn’t take this long. Argh!

Finally getting on the road, we went to the Sacramento Zoo. It is a cute little zoo, and very nicely put together. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t much bigger than the Roosevelt Zoo in Minot, but it was still a fun place to see. My favorites were the flamingos.

After the zoo, we went to the California Aerospace Museum. This was a very interesting place to visit, and I highly recommend it to anyone with interest in aviation history. Not only is there a fascinating group of engines and cockpits, but some interesting historical displays indoors, but also a nice groups of aircraft on static display outside.

We had lunch at a place called In ‘n Out Burger, which was pretty good. We don’t have these in North Dakota, so it was a nice treat. Gotta love the fries served “animal style”!

Now, we are back in Fallon for a few days, but we got a better hotel this time. Lol… time to go do some laundry and take a swim.

Here’s hoping you all have happy and safe travels, and find good hotels with hot tubs and laundry facilities. Blessings all!

The Great Road Trip 2019 – Reno, Tahoe, and Virginia City

Picking this little travel log up after I left off, we ate breakfast at a lovely diner in Fallon, then we went to Younger Son’s house to drop off his tool box from home. He showed us around, packed a bag and we took off for Reno.

Let me pause here for a few minutes and talk about family dynamics.

Good grief, my kids are 26 and 24 years old…you’d think they’d have learned how to get along by now. Or, at least, suck it up for the short time we’d be together. It was unbelievable to me that they were arguing within an hour of being together in the same space. By the time we got to Reno, I had to have a chat with Older Son in particular, and then the two of them together.

Just a quick note for any of you Faithful Readers getting ready to travel with family. Family dynamics don’t change just because time goes by. I fell into the trap of thinking things would be just “fine”, and I should have known better. For reason’s I can’t begin to fathom, my kids have nothing in common, and just could care less for each other’s company. Next time, I will know better.

On with visiting Reno…

We stayed two nights at the Nugget, which was a huge step up from the Budget Inn, but no more expensive. The first day we visited the National Auto Museum, which was neat, and then we just hung out at the hotel for the evening.

Oddly enough, Younger and Older decided to go down to Bourbon Street and bar hop for a bit. The Flirt and I had supper at the buffet in the casino and then went swimming. We needed a nice slow evening to rest and recharge, and it was nice.

The next day we at breakfast at the hotel and the began the trip to Lake Tahoe. Holy cow, was that a little bit of torture. Getting up to Lake Tahoe require driving up the mountain, with lots of switchbacks and hairpin curves.

Luckily, I was able to hold it together and not lose my breakfast. The drive was worth it. Lake Tahoe was so beautiful. In North Dakota, it’s hard to find water so clear that you can see to the bottom like this. There was just enough of a breeze to keep the heat down, and a clear blue sky. I could have sat there all day looking at the scenery.

After walking around the shore a little, we got back in the truck and drove around the other side of the lake to the city of Tahoe, in the California side. We shopped at an outlet mall, and were going to take a gondola up the mountain, but it was undergoing maintenance.

After Tahoe, we continued on to Virginia City, which is an old mining town with all kinds of great cultural tours and lots of good shopping, which we did a lot of. I wish we’d have had time to do the tours, because Virginia City is really old, and has a very interesting history. Make sure you eat in a restaurant with an overlook of the canyon. There are several to choose from, and the view will be worth it.

If you go to Virginia City, make sure to plan to spend all day, and also be prepared for the twists and turns up the mountain and back down again. The terrifying ride was worth being there, but I will definitely check this permanently off of my bucket list until teleportation is invented.

Last night I was lucky enough to hook up with an old friend who lives in the area, and that was awesome.

So ends these adventures in Nevada. Next stop, California!

Safe and happy travels to all you who are on the road… blessings all!

The Great Road Trip 2019 – Grand Junction, CO to Fallon, NV

Day three found us waking up at The Flirt’s Sister’s house in Grand Junction.

It was so lovely to see Flirt’s Sister and her hubby. Their retirement home is just what I want when I get ready to retire. Everything is all on one level, with no basement at all. The back porch was a joy to sit in and visit, and that was the best thing.

We finally made it to Fallon, and what a drive it was to get here. We drove through Casper, WY, south into Utah, they all the way across Nevada to Fallon. They are all so beautiful in the starkness of their landscapes, but boy was it a long way to go to get there. We drove on Highway 50, also known as the Loneliest Road. Oh boy, was it ever lonely!

We finally rolled into Fallon’s Budget Inn around 8pm. We paid very little for these rooms, and you certainly get what you pay for. The rooms were clean, and the proprietors were nice people. It was a place to crash, and it served it’s purpose.

The next day we finally got to pick up Younger Son and we all had breakfast at a lovely diner in Fallon. The food was so good, I hope we get to go back.

Three days hard driving was worth it to get here!

Here’s hoping you all find that thing or person that took you so long to get to. Blessings all!

The Great Road Trip 2019- Deadwood, SD

Good morning Faithful Readers. This is just a quick up date as we start out on day two of The Great Road Trip.

Yesterday was a good trip with a stop in Medora for breakfast, and first look at the Badlands for Older Son. It was a super crappy weather day, so the pictures weren’t much to write home about, but the view was still cool.

Once in SD, we got to drive through the Black Hills National Forest on the way to Mt. Rushmore. It was so beautiful, but this Flatlander has a hard time with all of the sharp curves and drop offs. Thank goodness The Flirt is driving!

I wish we had time to stay and bum around in Deadwood, as it is a really great little town, and there is a lot to do in the area. This place is going in my Return Bucket List for sure.

We stayed the night in Deadwood at the Springhill Suites, which is a really great hotel that shares a casino with another hotel right on Main Street. We had a lovely supper, and an early night to bed.

Now we are just outside of Gillette, WY, and it has been a great drive so far. Tonight we will be in Grand Junction, CO, and will stay with the Flirt’s Sister, her husband, and their three Chihuahuas.

Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous day. Blessings all!

The Great Road Trip of 2019 Begins

Today will be jam packed, Faithful Readers.

I finally made it to my two week vacation. I didn’t talk about it previous posts much because it always seemed so far away. Well, all of a sudden here it is!

All day will be about laundry, final house work, packing, and shopping for last minute things. Right now I’m sitting at Broadway Bean and Bagel having a lovely breakfast sandwich and coffee, and getting my mind organized for the day’s activities. This is a comfortable place to hang out and have breakfast. The food is good, and they play good music. Unfortunately, it’s become a little too peopley. Time to slurp up the last of my coffee and get on with what needs doing.

Tomorrow The Flirt, Older Son, and I head out for Deadwood, SD. The next day we push on to Grand Junction, CO. The third day will be the last leg of our main destination, Younger Son’s new home town in NV.

You guys, I’m so excited I can just barely stand it. I’m also a nervous wreck. Older Son and The Flirt haven’t been crammed into a small space together for a prolonged period of time before. They get along just fine, but I imagine by the time we get home the two of them will be glad to go their separate ways for awhile.

We will be meeting friends and family along the way, and checking all kinds items off of bucket lists. If we are lucky we will make it all the way to the Pacific. If not, that’s ok.

This trip is primarily about visiting Younger Son, and everything we see and do on top of that is just delicious gravy. Things are going to spontaneously appear on my bucket list, and I’m going to love taking pictures of all of it. More to come on that.

So begins The Great Road Trip of 2019. Here’s hoping you all have a lovely day, resting, packing for a road trip, reading a book, or whatever makes you the happiest. Blessings all!

When a drunken Sparrow gets the hiccups…

Oh for the love of Pete… this little Sparrow drank two glasses of wine, while watching an awesome show on Amazon Prime, and is now good and intoxicated.

“Hmm, what a light weight”, you might say, and you’d be right. It doesn’t take much, and there’s no shame in being a cheap date. Well, at least, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So, now that I’m inebriated to the point my knee doesn’t hurt, (which is awesome because it has really been hollering at me today), I now have a super awful case of the hiccups.

Good grief… it’s like a scene out of Aliens, and some gruesome little alien is trying to burst out of my chest, but doesn’t quite make it. Argh…this is not awesome. 👎

So, I didn’t get the shawl I was working on done. That’s ok. I watched #IMOMSOHARD and laughed until I couldn’t breathe. I needed to relax a little bit because tomorrow is my last day at work for two weeks.

What?! I’m leaving work for two whole weeks? Yes, I’m going on vacation to visit Younger Son, and I’m taking Older Son and The Flirt with me.

It’s going to be quite a trip, and I will document it all here. I’m looking forward to it but, Faithful Readers, I have to confess that I don’t do vacation very well. At 5 days in I’m going feel like I to want to call in to work to make sure everything is going ok. This is my opportunity to resist work and enjoy time for myself and my family, so I’m going to try really hard to focus on that. Ugh… I need to learn how to take time off better, and stop hoarding my PTO so I am forced to take time off.

Here’s hoping you do vacation better than I do, and run headlong into its joyous embrace rather than wrestle it to the ground like a pesky octopus. Good times matter, and road trips are the best. At least that’s what I have been repeating to myself this week. Blessings all!

Be kind to the new person

Today’s PSA:

I went through the drive though at one of my favorite coffee shops today, and it took a long time to get through the line. When I got to the window, the lady saw that I was the wrong customer, and muttered, “they drove off”, then popped back in the window.

I could see inside that there people piled up inside, and I suspect she was working alone.

This poor gal had quite a time, but she got the job done eventually.

Who of us hasn’t been stuck in this position at one time or another? It really sucks being the new person, which is why we need to be patient.

You know what I mean… you’ve been there. Everyone has been the person at one time or another who is the new person on the job, and someone gives you some cursory training, then runs out the door and leaves you to the wolves.

Gee whiz, folks. Let’s be kind to our new people, shall we? It takes a little time, and a little patience, but we all have to go through it. Be nice.

PS… kindness matter even more than good coffee. Blessings all! ☕️

Blessings just hanging around the yard

This last couple of weeks has been full of all kinds of small back yard blessings.

Last post you saw a picture of the plum cake I made, but I didn’t talk too much about the tree and how much I had to baby it along so the plums would grow. Most fell off but I got a good bowlful, which was enough as I don’t have time for canning this year. I wish I’d taken the picture before I started chopping them up!

I also seem to be having good luck with my petunias. They are the small variety, but just right for the front porch.

This going to sound dumb maybe, but I like mushrooms, and I was tickled to find some growing in my yard today.

Small things matter, Faithful Readers. All kinds of small blessings are just out there hanging around waiting to be noticed. Here’s hoping you all have an abundance of them wherever you are. Blessings all!

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