2021 4th of July Road Trip-Day 1

Because of COVID the Flirt and I haven’t been on a proper road trip for better than a year. That changes today. We are finally getting out of state and going away for the 4th of July weekend.

He has a buddy who called up and invited us to their cabin somewhere around Ely, MN. Now, the Flirt has been telling me about this cabin for the last ten years, but we’ve never been there. I’m super excited to visit this place, and it helps that I’ve met this buddy and his wife, and they are really nice.

From Minot, ND to Ely, MN is a little over an eight hour drive. Yesterday after work we put our luggage in the Flirt’s truck and headed out. We made it as far as East Grand Forks, MN and stayed for the night. Today we have a little over five hours on the road to go.

Grand Forks, ND (home of the University of North Dakota), is one of my favorite places because I went to school there (Go Sioux!) and my kids were both born at the Air Force Base there. However, we didn’t spend much time there other than to drive down University Ave. We crossed the Red River of the North, and stayed in East Grand Forks, right on Highway 2. All the better to get up and get right back up on the road early in the morning!

Today we got up early, stopped at a grocery store, gassed up, and got back in the road. The nice thing about the grocery store we stopped at is that it had a Caribou Coffee in it. I was so grateful to be able to have a good hot coffee to get my day started.


Of course we ended up in the middle of some road construction. It’s hasn’t been too bad so far, and hopefully this will be the end of it.

The interesting thing about Minnesota is the trees. We don’t have a whole lot of trees in North Dakota, unless you are close to water. Of course, that’s something else Minnesota has a lot of is lakes.

Just past Crookston, MN you can tell that we are still in the Red River Valley. It’s an extremely broad, flat valley. The joke is that the Red River Valley is so flat you can see your dog running away for two days. Now that we are just going through Erskine, MN you can see rolling plains again. What beautiful countryside! If you haven’t traveled in Minnesota, you should.

So begins the first day of Our 4th of July Road Trip!

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