It’s not too late to plant a garden on the High Plains

Today it was nice to wake up to the sounds of thunder and big drops of rain hitting the house.

It’s about time!

We are in such a state of drought here that the rain is absorbing into the ground pretty quickly. I’m so grateful, because we needed the moisture so badly.

Yesterday, I finally got around to planting the flowers I bought last weekend, and have been trying to find time to deal with. It’s been hard on them because it’s been so terribly hot and dry, but I managed to keep them alive.

These flowers look like they are on their last leg, but I promise you they will perk up nicely now that they are in some good dirt and will get watered consistently.

Now it’s time to talk about the next item on the list for my 2021 Summer Projectpalooza. Project #3 is to plant some vegetables. Specifically tomatoes and peppers.

Now that the shed is in, I can start putting a garden together. My yard is so small that it didn’t make any sense for me to try to put a garden in until the shed was in place.

As it is already June 6th, you might be asking yourself, why would I bother? It seems awful late in the year to plant a garden that will be productive before snowfall in North Dakota.

Not so. Most tomatoes and peppers will bear plenty of fruit if you plant by the middle of June. That is, so long as you keep the deer from eating them. Therein lies the real challenge! More to come on how that progresses.

Here’s wishing you a lovely Sunday, whether you are busy with work, family, or slurping coffee contemplating all of the gardening possibilities. Blessings all!

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