Dinner and a drive through a dry landscape

Tonight The Flirt came home after work and declared that we should go get supper at Five Guys.

Well, who am I to argue with a good idea like that?! I didn’t feel like cooking tonight anyway.

So, Five Guys didn’t fail us. I always order a small burger “all ways” for the toppings. So good! We always order a small fry and share it, because there are just too many for each of us to order our own.

After supper we went for a drive in the country, and it was lovely and sad all at the same time. How does that work? Well, the North Dakota countryside is always beautiful, no matter the season, and always makes for a lovely drive.

It was sad because we are experiencing drought, and where there should be ponds and ditches full of snowmelt there’s nothing but dried up vegetation.

Everyone else in the country, especially Texas, got our weather this year. We got hardly any snow, so there wasn’t any moisture to soak into the ground right away. We’ve had a little bit of rain, but not enough to matter. So, it was a little sad to see the countryside so completely dried out.

The good news is that there was quite a bit of wildlife to see. Not only did we see a lot of Canada geese, but there were lots of pheasants, and quite a few turkeys.

A couple of hen turkeys

With any luck the next time we go for a drive it will be after a good rain, and everything will be much greener.

Here’s wishing you all a good supper and hoping you can take a nice drive in the country. Blessings all!

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