Decluttering, minimizing, and projects…oh my!

Recently, I joined a decluttering and minimizing group. They have been a tremendous help to me in that not only is it nice to feel not alone in my efforts to simplify my life, but people share some really great tips and tricks. I have also been able to share some ideas that have worked for me.

It’s astonishing how quickly I’ve been able to find a sense of community in a group I just joined last week. In fact, I’ve been inspired to get back on the decluttering horse, and have been successful in clearing out a few packed corners in my house.

Yesterday it was a book shelf. Today it will be some cube organizers that have been sitting in my living room, waiting for my spare room to get renovated. They have been a convenient place to put crap I haven’t had the time or will to deal with. Most especially pictures that need hanging up.

For those of you Faithful Readers who’ve been keeping up with my blog for awhile, you’ll recall that I painted my living room a couple of years ago. I still have not hung up the pictures yet. I have this strange fear that I will screw something up if I try to hang them myself.

Well, I just need to bite the bullet and get it done, damn the consequences!

Boy do I know how to live like a rebel, eh? LOL

Redoing the spare room is one of the many projects on the slate for this Spring. On the list are:

👉Repaint, reorganize, and declutter the spare room.

👉My china cupboard needs to be cleaned out and reorganized.

👉Repaint the bathroom, add new shelves and new decor, and recaulk the tub.

👉Paint and reorganize the pantry.

👉Prep the back yard for a new, bigger shed. We will then need to get rid of the old, small, crappy shed once the new one is delivered.

👉Once the old shed is gone, new compost bins will be built, and the ground will be prepared for a vegetable garden. The fence will also be repaired.

That’s quite a lot to get done this Spring, but I have some PTO to burn, so I will take time off from work to get the painting done. I can paint both rooms at the same time, so that will be fairly easy to knock out.

I feel fairly convinced this is all doable in the next couple of months, now I just need to keep a head of steam underneath me.

Now to go finish the laundry, and get started on the house work for the day. At some point, later on, the cube shelves will get cleared out and the pictures hung up. it’s going to be a good day!

Blessings all!

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