Thank goodness Spring has arrived!

Happy Spring, Faithful Readers!

I’m so happy we made it to this point in the year. Here in North Dakota it will be just a few short months until flowers and trees start blooming, and I am always excited for that. I can’t wait for the lilacs and the dandelions!

This year we will have a whole lot going on in the back yard before I can even think of planting flowers. We are getting a new shed!

The current shed is a 10×12 cheap flimsy put-together model my ex-husband put together when we first moved in almost 21 years ago. It got the job done on a super small budget.

All these years later, it’s showing it’s wear, and falling apart. Not only that, but the door is so low we keep banging our heads on the top of the door jam even though we are bending over trying to miss it. The Flirt and I are not winning any height contests, so you can imagine how squat of a building this is.

The new shed is going to be at least 10×16, and it will have a tall roof with a people-sized door, rather than a hobbit-sized door. There will be plenty of storage in the rafters, and a place to put a workbench in the back.

The Flirt doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to put up a sort of green house lean to on one side so I can have a place to start seeds and putter with whatever garden thing I have going.

I’m so excited! It’s going to be a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it. With any luck we will be able to get the new shed in by May and then get the rest of the yard situated for a garden before June. More to come as things progress!

Here’s hoping you are as excited about the change of seasons as I am. What Spring projects do you have planned? Blessings all!

2 thoughts on “Thank goodness Spring has arrived!

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  1. My fall project was to build berry boxes to use as coldframes over the winter for spinach, kale, lettuce, carrots and leeks. That’s worked out great and now that spring is here, they will soon be used for covering some early planted crops before they get moved to their summer job of protecting strawberries from the raccoons. My spring project is to build two kinda decorative but funtional “towers” to put in the center of two large beds for cucumbers. So far, I have the lumber…..

    1. I love the idea of growing cucumbers vertically. I tried it last year, and had some small success with it, but was in direct competition with the local deer. This year I’m fencing off everything they find tasty!

      I saw an interesting arbor-like trellis put between two raised boxes, and that might be good for small pickling cucumbers. First the new shed, then the new garden!

      Wishing you well with your Spring projects!

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