The death knell of summer

Last week, I noticed someone’s tree on the north side of town had started to turn yellow. Today, I see my plum tree leaves are starting to turn.

Yes, it’s only one leaf, but it is the beginning of Autumn creeping in.

So, I feel like a bit of a whiner, but I’m not ready to be done with Summer yet. I have to keep reminding myself that we will still have a couple months of good weather, and there’s no reason to panic.

I also need to remember to be grateful that it’s been such a good Summer, where last year’s wasn’t.

I also need to be mindful to make hay while the sun shines. So many projects to do outside, and so many fun things I want to do before winter comes.

Here’s wishing you all a great finish to your Summer. Don’t forget to squeeze out every drop of fun you can before Winter comes. Blessings all!

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