And then, there was one…

Today Older Son, his lovely girlfriend, and her daughter, came over for supper. I’d been pestering him to come sort through the stuff he still has stored here. He did just that, took everything home that he wanted and said the rest I can donate or chuck at will.

Fair enough. My quest to downsize continues, but more on that later.

I kind of thought Older Son and Lovely Girlfriend might just get married, but it’s not my business and I didn’t want to pry or sound pushy. However, I did want to offer him the choice of one of those rings if that would be something he might be interested in. So, one day I took him to lunch and let him know that he could pick one if he chose.

Much to my surprise, he very nonchalantly popped out with the fact that they’ve been talking about getting married for some time, and that he would talk the ring thing over with Lovely Girlfriend and let me know. Later that night, I sent him pictures of the rings so they could see them.

One is my Grandmother’s wedding ring and the other is a ring of her sister’s, who is the fabulous Aunty B you’ve heard me talk about.

I should interject here that I wore my Grandmother’s wedding ring from the time she died in 1996 until I was divorced in 2009. I didn’t feel like I deserved to wear it at that point, and it went into a ring box and stayed there for the last 10 years. I’ve never worn Aunty B’s ring because it needs repair, and I’ve just never gotten around to fixing it. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to turn it into a mother’s ring.

On the way out tonight, he asked if they could have a look and go ahead and pick one. I brought the rings out and she looked at them and tried them on. ultimately, she picked Grandma’s wedding ring.

Ok, so that sounds pretty mundane on the face of things, but I think it was more than meant to be.

As it turns out, today is Grandma’s birthday. One could say it was just dumb luck that they came over with a day’s notice and this all took place on what happened to what would have been Grandma’s 104th birthday.

I’m not a big believer in coincidences. Even if it were a coincidence, it’s one hell of a way to celebrate her birthday and I know she would have loved it.

So, they packed up Grandma’s ring in its box and went home, and then there was one…

I do believe I will fix this up and make it into a mother’s ring. It will be given to Younger Son when he approaches getting married, or when I pass away. Hopefully the former!

I’m more than a little blown back that my family is about to expand by two (Lovely Girlfriend has a daughter) and I’m so happy. ❤️

Here’s wishing you all those happy, heart-swelling moments that give you goosebumps and make you cry happy tears. Blessings all!

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