When the $&@/ hits the fan…

Faithful Readers, the stuff has hit the fan. At least, partially.

Yesterday, we were notified that my whole team has been partially furloughed. This means I will be working only two days a week going forward. I think the business I work for hoped that would be at least enough to cover our benefits, while we collect unemployment.

I’m not sure I we will qualify for unemployment, but I will apply anyway. I don’t want to, because there’s a weird stigma in my family about that. I was taught that you get up, go to work every day, you pay your bills like every other responsible citizen, and hope you have enough left over for savings. If there’s not enough money at one job, then you get another one.

Thank goodness I have a little put away in savings. It’s not much, but it will help.

I know I am not alone in this, and the weird shame I feel about applying for unemployment is irrational, but that’s the tape playing in my head. I feel pretty certain that I will feel compelled to look for another job, even though I know there are none to be had in my small community, that pay me what I make now.

I hope this crisis won’t last that long. I love my job, and my team, and I don’t want to leave it. Fingers crossed.

Something struck me today when I looked at my little herb garden. I know for a fact that it accidentally got salted this winter. I told The Flirt not to shovel the salted snow on the back step that direction, but I’m fairly sure he did it anyway, forgetting that you can’t put salt on earth you want to grow things in. I’ve been watching it to see if anything comes up, or if the salt did everything in, and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I see my chives are popping up nicely, but nothing else is growing except some grass and a little weed I spied in the back. It gives me hope that we will also spring up after our earth has been salted and a whole bunch of our friends and family have died. We are losing jobs, and will lose a lot more in the coming days.

It won’t last forever, but we are going to feel the hurt, and carry the scars from this, for a very long time. Life will look a lot different after this is done, but we will survive and get through this.

Here’s hoping this note finds you all well, and surviving nicely. Blessings all!

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