Counting my blessings, even with bad news.

As you have seen me post before, I turned 50 last year, and I will soon be 51. I finally broke down and got a physical two weeks ago, and I got two mitt-fulls of referral appointments to attend to as a result.

Unfortunately, I got some bad news. Apparently I went diabetic… just tipped over the edge. And, I also have high cholesterol. I’ve also been told to take a vitamin.

My new meds and a vitamin. I wish the vitamin weren’t so big!

Well, darn it.

So, now every morning I have to take three pills. The two medical ones are tiny, but the vitamin is huge.

I’m not a pill taker. Quite the opposite actually. I normally will go to great lengths to avoid taking any medication at all, even for a headache. It takes some really annoying pain to cause me to get up and go take something for it. I’m still struggling with the pinched nerve, but it is better and I’ll leave the pain meds alone as much as I can.

Given this bad medical news, I’ll still count my blessings. I don’t have anything to complain about, as I have no doubt I will get good care and live much longer.

My younger cousin, however, was not so lucky. This spring he found out that he had cancer in four spots. Without going into too many details, all the chemo and radiation they threw at it shrank some tumors, but seemed to feed one that ultimately killed him this month. He was given full fireman’s ceremonial honors at his funeral. He was well loved by many friends and family, and an important part of his community. He leaves behind a wife and young son, and immediate and extended grieving family. He was a good person and did not deserve to die so young, and so painfully.

My mom looked at me and said she didn’t understand why a good guy like my cousin would have to die when there are so many terrible people in the world who live long and wealthy lives. I don’t get it either.

It’s probably not for us to understand, just to survive it and go forward as positively as we can.

So, I will not whine or begrudge having to take these new medications daily. I get another chance to continue, when my younger cousin did not.

Wishing you all long and happy lives. Take care of yourselves. Blessings, all.

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