The Great Road Trip 2019 – Fallon to Salt Lake

After returning to Fallon from Sacramento, we found a better hotel, and stayed two more nights. The first night we just crashed, but the next morning we got up and went to the Running Iron Cafe for breakfast. Really great place to eat, but some random guy stopped by our table and started talking to me about my boys, and telling us about issues with his kids.

Faithful Readers, I was raised to go just along to get along, and I have zero skills in conversation extrication. It took freaking 15 minutes for this guy to quit jabbering and be on his way. Not that I mind talking to folks, because I really do like to have interesting conversations with people while traveling, but this guy was just a little too personal for polite conversation. He finally left when our food arrived. The food was really good, and I’d recommend anyone to stop in for a bite.

Younger Son took us to Fallon Naval Air Station and showed us around. It was a lovely tour of where he worked, and they also had a really cool static airplane display, so we walked around that for awhile.

That night, we had a really great supper at Sand Winds in Fallon. It’s off the beaten path, but the food is well worth it.

After supper, it was goodbye to Younger Son since we were leaving in the morning. Goodbyes for us are more than a little awkward, so it was blissfully quick. That’s a good thing since any prolonged goodbyes may end up with me blubbering, and that’s never optimal.

One more night at Fallon, and the next morning we were off to Salt Lake City. We purposefully chose not to go home the way we came because The Loneliest Road, aka Highway 50, is just too freaking lonely and mountainous for my taste. It was quicker and kinder on my nerves to take I-80 to Salt Lake City.

Talk about a smooth drive! It was so much better than taking two lane black top roads through the mountains!! It was just a little over 6 hours, so that was nice too. We got to our hotel in just enough time to stop at the local Harley-Davidson shop so The Flirt could pick up a t-shirt. We spent a nice night at the hotel just off of the interstate. Tomorrow it’s off to Spearfish for the night.

Here’s hoping you all have a smooth trip in return from wherever you have been. Being in the road can be tough, but an easy road to drive makes a difference. Blessings all!

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