The Great Road Trip 2019 – Grand Junction, CO to Fallon, NV

Day three found us waking up at The Flirt’s Sister’s house in Grand Junction.

It was so lovely to see Flirt’s Sister and her hubby. Their retirement home is just what I want when I get ready to retire. Everything is all on one level, with no basement at all. The back porch was a joy to sit in and visit, and that was the best thing.

We finally made it to Fallon, and what a drive it was to get here. We drove through Casper, WY, south into Utah, they all the way across Nevada to Fallon. They are all so beautiful in the starkness of their landscapes, but boy was it a long way to go to get there. We drove on Highway 50, also known as the Loneliest Road. Oh boy, was it ever lonely!

We finally rolled into Fallon’s Budget Inn around 8pm. We paid very little for these rooms, and you certainly get what you pay for. The rooms were clean, and the proprietors were nice people. It was a place to crash, and it served it’s purpose.

The next day we finally got to pick up Younger Son and we all had breakfast at a lovely diner in Fallon. The food was so good, I hope we get to go back.

Three days hard driving was worth it to get here!

Here’s hoping you all find that thing or person that took you so long to get to. Blessings all!

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