Blessings just hanging around the yard

This last couple of weeks has been full of all kinds of small back yard blessings.

Last post you saw a picture of the plum cake I made, but I didn’t talk too much about the tree and how much I had to baby it along so the plums would grow. Most fell off but I got a good bowlful, which was enough as I don’t have time for canning this year. I wish I’d taken the picture before I started chopping them up!

I also seem to be having good luck with my petunias. They are the small variety, but just right for the front porch.

This going to sound dumb maybe, but I like mushrooms, and I was tickled to find some growing in my yard today.

Small things matter, Faithful Readers. All kinds of small blessings are just out there hanging around waiting to be noticed. Here’s hoping you all have an abundance of them wherever you are. Blessings all!

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