Lazy Sunday thoughts from the High Plains.

We’ve had rain on and off for the last week, which is a good thing. Today, we had enough sunshine that it was a good time to get out and mow. I’m mostly mowing whatever weeds were strong enough to grow during our earlier drought, but at least the yard looks less like a jungle than it did after a week of rain.

Sometimes I find things I wasn’t expecting, and that’s all the reason to spend more time in my yard.

My Stella D’Oro lilies finally started to bloom. There aren’t a lot of blooms coming yet, but there were two, which I actually found last night. I’m going to be redoing my rock beds this fall, and this one is going to have to get moved. I might even split it up as it’s gotten so big.

In the back yard, I noticed that the rain has really helped my horse radish explode in size. This poor thing accidentally got weed whacked this spring, but really has made a great come back.

I’ve got so many things to do in the yard, but it’s hot now, so it will have to wait until after supper. I just can’t take prolonged direct sun exposure like I used to.

Time now to get the laundry folded, and swap some loads between the washer and dryer.

Hmmm… maybe some more tea before I do. After all, the laundry isn’t going to get up and run away if I don’t do it right this minute. I’m ok with a slow lazy Sunday. Sometimes that’s just what’s needed.

Here’s hoping you all make time to take a deep breath, and just take a few minutes for yourself between chores. Life’s too short not to. Blessings all!

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