Day 38 – When a piece of you goes missing, slow down!

Well, it’s been a hell of a week. However, I was able to find some perspective to put it all into that makes things not so terrible.

Saturday, I had a kitchen accident and sliced off a good chunk of my finger clean off while trying to slice potatoes with a mandolin. 

This is where I make sure to add a PSA about mandolins. Those suckers are sharp, and unforgiving. Don’t forget to use the guard that comes with it. Your fingers will thank you! 

You haven’t lived until you have had to dig a part of yourself out of a pile of sliced potatoes. Ugh!

Anyway, after the ER visit, and another visit to a clinic for an initial dressing change, I’m changing the dressing on my now shorter finger. The good news is there isn’t a lot of pain, and the Dr said it would mostly grow back.

There are a few take-aways I’ve obtained from this whole experience:

First, losing the end of a finger is not as painful as giving birth. Not even close.

Second, there are all kinds of ways to persevere in the face of adversity. If it looks like it might be too hard, try it anyway.

Third, If you don’t slow down, the Universe will do it for you. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I’d have paid better attention to what I was doing and part of me wouldn’t have gone missing. 

Having the index finger of your dominant hand messed up is a good way to throw a big wrench in your machine. I can type close to 70 WPM, when not somewhat incapacitated. So now I type a little slower. I do everything a little slower.

I decided to go out for sushi tonight, and

Yummy Dragon Roll!
then I realized that eating it was going to be tough going. But. It seems to have turned out ok. I like to eat my sushi slower anyway. 

Here’s hoping you are all well and whole. Don’t be like me and go too fast. Blessings all! 

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