Day 36 – Slowing down after a crazy day

Sometimes I come to the end of the day and feel frantic because I have run out of time to get everything done. Generally my days are full of me being on the run, and getting handed things that are on fire which need to be fixed immediately. 

On days like today I have to really make myself slow down, especially when it comes to eating. Otherwise, I just inhale my food and don’t really taste it. My Mother is really good at enjoying her food. She is all about the preparation, and eats at her own pace. I’m trying to take a page out of her book because I’m tired of just eating to get it done. 

Right now, I’m eating out at one of my favorite restaurants, Sakura, and having sushi. The fun thing about eating here is that I get to use chopsticks. It is difficult to do, and makes me slow waaaaay down. I am particularly clumsy, and am more than likely to end up with sushi falling into my cleavage if I’m not careful, so I try to take it slow, chew it well, and just enjoy the time I am here.

Everything these days has to go so fast, and some days it really gets to me. It’s ok to slow down, if even just for a short time. 

Here’s hoping that everything is going just the right speed for you. If not, don’t feel bad about putting on the breaks. Blessings all!

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