Day 30 – Victory gardens in the 21st Century

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought over the years, and have come to the conclusion that the average American has no survival skills.

What would happen if the electricity were to go out? That’s something I have more than a little stress about, living on the High Planes where the temperatures swing from less than -30 to 100+ throughout the year. There’s not much I can do about that at the moment, but I can grow things.

As a culture, we don’t know how to grow, or hunt for, our own food any more. And if we did, may not know how to preserve it.  I saw a meme on-line several times that declares something along the lines of people survived when things got back in the old days, because Grandma knew how to garden and her supply chain was local.

I have worked at both the Big Red and Big Blue box stores here in town, and I can tell you that their freezers and stock shelves in the back only hold so much. If the supply trucks aren’t able to get through, that food will only last about three days. I would imagine it’s the same for the grocery stores too.

When I got divorced, the first thing I did was make a list of all of the necessities, dry goods, etc. I thought the boys and I would use for a year. I filled three pages of college ruled paper, front and back. It was one of the things I did that made me feel like I had hard ground to stand on. Making a plan is a first step to making a person feel like they have some control of their environment a bad situation. Over time, I stocked a pretty good pantry, and it was a good thing.

Fast forward several years later, and my pantry is full of all kinds of crap that I don’t use. As things have gotten better, and Younger Son is gone with the Navy, we don’t have as much need for a well stocked pantry. Or do we?

I have a suspicion that things are going to get really rough coming up. Things in our country aren’t stable. Things where I live aren’t stable, and jobs are an issue. I think mine should be ok, but I have been surprised before.

Anyway, I’ll bet talking some more about my gardening plans, and how I plan on clearing out my pantry and bringing it back to life.

Here’s hoping that all is well and stable where you are, and that you have a plan just in case things go south. Blessings all!



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  1. My friend Brenda, at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me blogs a lot about preparedness (in a gently, not scary way like some blogs!) and a well-stocked panty. I agree most Americans do not have many skills, but some of us do. We’ve been without electricity for 9 days during an ice storm and managed well with out any power source other than our barbeque grill to cook on and lots of candles. It was an adventure. We could eat for at least 6 months from my cupboards, although the menu would get a bit strange….longer if it were during the growing season! Always good to have a plan, so keep those notebook pages handy…the computer might not work and you may need them!

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