Travel Blog – Las Vegas, The Arrival

I am not an experienced or confident traveler, so flying to Las Vegas nearly sent me right over the edge into Panic Land. Luckily, we were able to book a flight on Allegiant Air, which is quick and painless. No layovers, just one straight flight for less than three hours. 

Landing in Las Vegas

Going through TSA wasn’t bad, and the flight was turbulent, but felt no worse than driving a pick up through fields during hunting season. The Flirt slept the whole way down, and I read a Kindle book on my phone. 

Not being experienced travelers, neighther of us had ever taken a taxi, so we got hosed on the ride from the air port to our hotel, and had to pay $54. We didn’t know it until much later that this was too much for that distance.

Mystic Park at Sam’s Town, Las Vegas

The hotel/casino we stayed at was decent, ​if a little outdated and worn. The beds and pillows were comfortable, and there were many places to eat, gambling, a theater, a bowling alley, a park/atrium in the middle of the building with a waterfall and laser light show, free shuttle to two places on the Strip, and an outdoor pool. Given that this hotel was way off the Strip, we really wouldn’t have had to leave, there was so much there to do right in that one building. The only thing it didn’t have was a shuttle to and from the air port, which would have been nice. 

We arrived late and went right to bed. About 4 hours after we finally laid down for the night, I was awakened by what sounded like someone unlocking our door. Being that I was groggy it didn’t register that someone WAS trying to break into our room. 

In the morning, The Flirt noticed that the door was pushed in a little, but that the night latch had prevented the perp from actually coming in. He had heard something too, and thought he heard it at another door in the hall. 

We made a report to the security desk right away. They took our statements and agreed to send someone up to tighten the nightlatch which was now sitting with loose screws. They were going to have a look at the cameras in the hall and see if they could figure out who it was. Luckily, it didn’t occur again. 

Well, that was more excitement than we bargained for!

Thus ends the beginning of what turned out to be a really fun trip. Stay tuned!


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