Sweet sounds, and some not so sweet

So a little update from my little nest on the High Plains: I finished my meditation class, went back to my part-time job for the holiday season (and saw my fifth anniversary) at the Big Red Box Store, made it through all of the holidays, managed to make it through three big blizzards, had a nice visit from Younger Son over New Years, and am approaching my first anniversary at my new job.

Yes, there are a lot of small details left out, but suffice it to say that it was never a dull moment at the end of 2016. In fact, I have found myself running and breathless in trying to keep up with everything that goes on. I am really thinking about what it is I need to chop out of my life so I can have more life, if that makes any sense.  How do I not chop out anyone, in order to make room for everyone? How to I make more room for ME?

In the few quiet moments I have, I try to retreat to what the smallest common denominator in my life has been: What is the blessing here? Today that is sound.

There are so many sounds that are sweet to the ears. Today’s sweet sound is that of my neighbor clearing out my driveway. Mother Nature has gifted my little corner of the High Plains with close to 60 inches of snow. It’s so much that we just don’t have room to put it anywhere. Driving down some roads is much like driving through frozen canyons, with corners so high you can’t see the oncoming traffic. The blessing here is that Spring is coming. It always does. Until then, it helps to have awesome neighbors with some kick ass machinery that makes short work of tall mounds of snow. He gets $50 bucks, I get the snow cleared away from my house and driveway in about 20 minutes. Everyone is happy!

I love the sound of my heater kicking on, which means I don’t have to tinker with it to make it go.

I really enjoy the sound of my parents fussing over their new dog. They adopted an older dog with some health issues, She’s a real sweetie, and makes them really happy.

I enjoy the “ping” of my Facebook messenger, which opens the door to a lovely conversation with one of my very favorite people, asking me if I have given up blogging. Thanks for the kick in the butt, “H”… I think that blogging is the big thing I will chop something else out to make room for.

I like the sounds of laughter coming from my boss and me, because humor helps us float on bad days. There have been a bunch of those at work  lately, but working with good people makes all the difference.

I really like the sound of my Flirt texting me to ask if I have strung my fishing poles yet. We will be going ice fishing in our new ice house tomorrow, and the line on my poles is super old. I need to put the new line on tonight, and he has volunteered to help.

These are all genuine sounds that come from real sources. The sound I don’t find real or genuine is Trump’s inaugural speech. I listened to it today, and I felt like someone was saying all the right things to get me to buy into what he is selling. I don’t believe a word of it.  Used car anyone?

It’s my wish that he ends up being a better president than I could ever give him credit for. I’m not holding my breath, but there’s always hope. If nothing else, at the end of 4 years we get another crack at a voting in someone else.

Here’s hoping that your ears are filled with lovely sounds that give you much happiness. If the sounds you hear make you feel like someone is selling you a lemon, dig deep and grab on to hope for the future. Nothing is new under the sun, and this will pass too.



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  1. how wonderful to read your thoughts again….all the positivenesss so welcome to me (have been immersed in cabin fever and the grey…everything is grey……need a flash of laughter in my life….ice fishing…..oh my, have a really nice time!

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