Homework at age 47

So, my latest adventure is taking a course in meditation and mindfulness. The guided meditation is what lured me in, as that is one of the activities I miss greatly. I used to belong to a study group, and we did guided meditations all the time, and I loved it.

This class goes every Monday for 4 weeks. Simple enough, right? Well, as it turns out, I have homework.


What a whiner I am. I know plenty of people my age going to real school, who have real loads of homework to take care of every night. Taking a quick quiz, and spending 10 minutes meditating is nothing, and yet I still dig my heels in. So, enough of that. Let’s dive in!

I am supposed to start a journal, which is pretty well taken care of with this blog. I just have to get into a better habit of getting out here and writing on a regular basis again. Then, we have to participate in this quiz every day, and meditate.

And, there’s the goal setting. I need to set a few goals, weekly to start with. I think my first goal is just to train myself to get out of bed in the morning as soon as my alarm goes off and not keep hitting the snooze. The struggle is real…I’m not getting up until the last possible minute. There’s my first goal.

Goal number 2 is to eat better. I’ve been eating a lot of junk, as my expanding waistline will attest to, so I need to cultivate some better eating habits.

Goal 3, and probably the most important, I need to make more quiet time for myself. I think if I do that, all of the rest of my goals will probably fall into place. If I were to get up early enough in the morning, I would have time to meditate, or exercise, and eat breakfast in the morning. I would probably feel better and function more efficiently during each day.

So, having said all that, here’s hoping you all find quiet time in your day to meditate, read a book, or do whatever feeds your soul. Blessings, all!

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