Spring blessings shine through the bad stuff

Well, life certainly has been eventful and full of blessings here at Sparrow’s Nest…I hardly know where to start. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

My ex husband doesn’t know when to quit, and is hurling careless and ridiculous motions and subpoenas at me, asking for information that isn’t  relevant to the case at hand. Quite frankly, my lawyer is dumfounded at the idiocy he and his lawyer are perpetrating. I’m so grateful that my lawyer is thorough and meticulous. I feel like I’ve really got someone good in my corner where this awful matter is concerned.

Last night I took a harried trip to the ER. I’ve been sick for a while, but thought I was on the mend. About midnight I woke up coughing hard and then had a very hard time getting any air back into my lungs. Poor Younger Son woke up to the sound of his mother making strident noises, fighting for air.  Oddly enough when he came out and found me, I was standing in the kitchen with my head stuck in the freezer. I’d had a friend whose daughter had really bad asthma, and when she would have a bad  breathing episode taking her out into the cold dry winter air helped to unlock her lungs. Doesn’t work so well with a freezer, but you never know until you try.

I tell you what, I will never take breathing for granted again.

Long story short, Older Son drove me to the ER and it turns out that I have the beginnings of pneumonia. So, Older and Younger sat with me all night while the good folks at the ER pumped me full of steroids and antibiotics. I’m feeling much better today, and have another week’s worth of medicine to take and the whole week off of work next week. Not that I didn’t know it already, but it was made even more clear to me how lucky I am to have such good boys. I’d be lost without them.

I’ve been spending some time in my back yard recently and am gratified to see how well the trees and shrubs we put in last year have done. We have had a really unseasonably early Spring here in North Dakota, and everything is blooming early. One of my plum trees has already started to produce fruit and it’s only a year old.

Not only are my trees doing well, but by the time I was able to get into my strawberry bed and weed it, I discovered that I have volunteer chives and onions going to seed, and my strawberries are flowering to beat the band. The thyme came back too. It’s amazing how good it feels to know that the plants I chose to put in my garden like where they live, and appear to be happy and healthy.

My two blueberry shrubs are slower to grow back this year, especially the one. I think the local rabbit chewed it pretty well this winter, but it’s sprouting from the bottom, and looks like it’s making a valiant effort to come back. I’ll get some special blueberry fertilizer and see if we can’t give them a boost this summer. I don’t expect to get any fruit from them within the next few years, but I’ll be working to get some growth on them so they can get well established.

The weather has been phenomenal, and it’s been so lovely to walk in the sunshine. It rained last night and today, and we are expecting more tonight. It’s so very nice to have everything washed off, and to see all the trees leafing out and the yards greening up. Spring is a lovely, lovely time of year.

Older Son will be graduating next weekend, and I find I am all emotional about it. I guess I should expect to be that way…it’s an emotional time. Everything for him is in upheaval as his old life is ending, and he gets to start over and begin to write the chapters of his own new book. Some of this I get to participate in, and some of it I will have to stand back and watch as he makes his own way…and boy is that excruciating. The good news and blessing here is that Older Son is a responsible young man…or as I like to say it, he’s a good kid. He’ll do just fine. I need to keep reminding myself that I survived all the different transitions I’ve made in my life, and he will too.

Right at this very moment, I have a nice pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove. The best part about this soup is that I was able to add in fresh thyme and green onions from my garden. Now that’s good medicine, right there!

Here’s wishing you all many Spring blessings. It’s my fondest hope that you are all as richly blessed as I am.

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  1. Wow! Glad you’re on the mend – again. I used to have asthma, and know how you felt with your head in the freezer.

    Beautiful tulips on your site, makes me smile 🙂

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