Pay attention to small miracles…they happen every day

This is Easter weekend, which by most people is celebrated as the miracle of their savior rising from the dead. I and my family aren’t religious, so we don’t necessarily celebrate Easter weekend for that purpose, but it is a good excuse to get together with family and friends. We’re getting together early this year, as my ex decided he wanted to take the boys for Easter Sunday. So, today, I am cooking. We’re having homemade lasagna…yummy!

I was a bit of a slug today and slept in. It was a long week with extra hours of work at the Big Red Box Store, so I decided to be a little lazy. As I was making coffee, I was thinking about Easter and how miracles are categorized. From the earliest parts of my life, when I was still going to church, I had the impression that the miracles were kind of all used up, and they just don’t happen any more. It occurred to me today that we just don’t look for small miracles because a miracle is supposed to be something really big and magnificent. I got to digging around about miracles on the interwebs, and I found this interesting tidbit at

Word Origin & History
mid-12c., from O.Fr. miracle, from L. miraculum “object of wonder” (in Church L., “marvelous event caused by God”), from mirari “to wonder at,” from mirus “wonderful,” from *smeiros, from PIE *(s)mei- “to smile, be astonished” (cf. Skt. smerah “smiling,” Gk. meidan “to smile,” O.C.S. smejo “to laugh;”
see smile). Replaced O.E. wundortacen, wundorweorc. The Gk. words rendered as miracle in the English bibles were semeion “sign,” teras “wonder,” and dynamis “power,” in Vulgate translated respectively as signum, prodigium, and virtus.
The definition given for the word miracle is as follows:


   [mir-uh-kuhl]  noun

1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
3. a wonder; marvel.
4. a wonderful or surpassing example of some quality: a miracle of modern acoustics.
In mulling over all of this, it also occurred to me that anything we witness that doesn’t have an explanation would appear to be magical…until we come to understand how it works. That is not to say that I don’t believe in miracles or magic, because I do. I think that not everything needs to have a clear-cut explanation, though my curious mind is apt to keep looking for one…just because I am that nosy about how my universe operates.
Having  pondered all of that before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee this morning, I came to realize that miracles happen every single day, right in front of our noses. There are things that happen every single day to marvel at, and I think I am going to make a practice of paying closer attention. If I do, I bet I will get to witness even more amazing things, and they will be amazing just for having taken the time to stop and pay attention to them. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:
1. While at work a couple of nights ago, I ran into a couple with a baby. This little guy looked at me with his big open face, and it totally lit up with a smile that had enough wattage to power New York City for a full year. I couldn’t help but smile back, and it made my whole day. This, on its face, is not what one would normally call a miracle. It’s one of those things that most people would notice and then go about their day. In that moment I chose to just absorb that smile, and that one smile from that one little guy kept me feeling warm and fuzzy for the rest of the night. Why? I don’t know…therefore, it gets to be a little miracle in my book.
2. Younger Son has been having a tough time with school, and it’s really been stressing him out. Usually, he is the kind of guy who will keep his own counsel and not divulge his innermost thoughts and feelings. This last week, however, he actually opened up and started talking about things he’d been keeping to himself for a long time. Why? I don’t know, and I’m not going to try to pick it apart, but it gets to be a small miracle in my life, because this sort of thing  (where Younger Son is concerned) is kind of like spotting a living, breathing unicorn…it just doesn’t happen every day.
3. I woke up this morning. Yes, I know that people do it every single day, but I have started to be grateful upon waking. It’s the miracle that gets my day going, and if I can wake up that way and keep that going through each day, I think I’ll be a lot better off in the long run.
Well, I’ve blathered on for long enough, and if I don’t get going, it really will be a miracle for me to get everything done before it’s time to eat. Here’s hoping that you witness a lovely little miracle every single day, and that it helps nourish that part of you that revels in wonder. Happy Easter!

About Sparrow
I am a 49 years young and the mother of two amazing young men, who've grown up and left me an Empty-Nester. I write about what's going on in my little corner of the High Plains, or what happens to be crawling across my brain on a given day. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make yourself at home...through the magic of the internet, the coffee's always free and the doughnuts are fresh!

2 Responses to Pay attention to small miracles…they happen every day

  1. Hel'wyse says:

    you are right on my deare…..and let us add to this friendship…not the kind of “hi…how’s it goping?” that we do by remote control but the deep love of a friend for another, as I have for you and your Mother…….that is a small miracle that brings warmth to one’s soule.

  2. Atheist says:

    Oh my, good work on this info. I’m really impressed. great job, thanks a lot.

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