Reinventing yourself when your purpose vanishes

Today I watched a very interesting video about a man who is struggling with ALS. It’s all about how it changed the way he thinks about things, and how he had to reinvent himself and find new purpose when the disease progressed so far that he had to quit his job as a pastor.  Ed Dobson has led an interesting life, and I think this video is worth taking a peek at.

Please let me make it clear that I don’t share Mr. Dobson’s religious beliefs, but I find this video compelling and wanted to share it. The thing I find interesting about his story is that even though he is dealing with a disease that is killing him, he found new purpose and carries on one day at a time. When your purpose, or what you think is your purpose, vanishes into thin air in a heart beat  you wonder how you will carry on, and what to do next.  He did an amazing thing, and continues to do amazing things. The interesting part of doing amazing things is that they don’t have to be big, or loud, or blatant to still be amazing. Sometimes just having a positive effect on those around you is the greatest thing of all, especially when you show people that they, too, can get up and keep going no matter what.

The best part of the message this video conveys is that everyone has a purpose, even if you can’t see it right away. You just have to be open to opportunities and ideas as they come, and then one day you realize your purpose is looking you right in the hairy eyeball.

I’ll quit jabbering on about this guy, and let you watch the video and see for yourself. Editor’s Note: I’m having a hard time trying to embed this video, so you will have to click the link below:


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