Have you ever met a Pro from Dover?

My friend Mark from The Idiot Speaketh has written many interesting posts about all sorts of people and groups, and his post today reminded me of a show that I haven’t seen in a very long time: M.A.S.H. – The Movie.

MASH the movie, was the beginning of an entertainment icon. While MASH the tv series was fantastic, MASH the movie is a seriously funny stand alone movie. One of the threads running through this movie all about The Pros From Dover, who are the surgeons Hawkeye and Trapper John. They’ve been called to Tokyo to operate on some high mucky-muck’s relative, but they don’t just show up and do the surgery…they show up and make waves.  They bust up the general normal routine, turning heads and getting people out of their day-to-day rut, as well as offending a few stuck up sticky beaks while they are at it.  These two characters are obnoxious, pushy and fabulously funny. They give a new meaning to bluffing your way through a situation by turning people on their ears. These two guys definitely take teasing way too far, but they are only characters.

Once in a while we run into real people who  just make life more interesting, who make it their business to break any and all molds for hum drum living. My friend Mark is one of these amazing people, and I strongly urge you to give his blog a read. You’ll find yourself rolling on the floor laughing before you can get past the first paragraph. His most recent post, about how a bored nurse keeps himself entertained will definitely keep you in stitches.

So The Pros From Dover are characters in a movie, but I think they can be a concept as well.  Sometimes I run into people at The Big Box Store who make my day this way…they just bring with them a freshness of thinking and comedy that make my day.  It’s my fondest wish that sometimes I make someone’s day like that too.

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