In anticipation of Thanksgiving and it’s traditions

Everyone has a favorite holiday, and this little Sparrow is no exception. Thanksgiving is the one I love the best, and I’m always excited when this time of year comes around.

As a kid, I have very fond memories of Thanksgiving and, although I am a huge turkey fan, I think it was a house full of my family and friends having fun and eating together that was the best part. It never ceased to amaze me just how many people we could stuff into Aunty B’s little house. Some how there was always room for everyone, and more food than you can imagine. Most years we went to Aunty B’s, but we had Thanksgiving at our house or Grandma’s once in a while too.

Even though most of my older relatives have passed away, Thanksgiving still comes around every year, along with its associated traditions. One tradition that I never understood is that we always eat at 1pm, as opposed to 5 or 6 pm, and I think it’s because when supper time hits, everyone is looking forward to digging out the leftovers for round two! I know I sure am…

I love to cook, and I really enjoy having my house full of my favorite people. Not only do I love having the excuse to use my china, but I also love using the china I inherited from Aunty B, the pretty bowls I inherited from Grandma, and the serving dishes from their mother’s china. Using their dishes for Thanksgiving is a little like having them here with us, and that is a tradition I couldn’t do without. I love  to listen to my friends and family talking and laughing while eating the food we all made. I love to listen to all of the kids joking around and having a good time together. I love hanging out with the other ladies in the kitchen afterwards, putting things away and clearing up the dishes.

One tradition I miss terribly is playing cards all afternoon after everything has been cleared away from the meal. After all the older relatives passed away, nobody played cards or games anymore. A new tradition that the kids have started is having a Wii tournament. It’s not card playing, but it’s close enough! Forging new traditions is alright with me, and it’s amazing to me how they spring up out of nowhere, like a crocus blooming in what’s left of the snow in Spring time. What a lovely and unexpected surprise!

When my ex-husband left, one of the things I had to try to figure out was how to move forward with family traditions. Christmas was a tough one, especially given that it was more his favorite holiday than mine. I was worried that the lack of his presence would leave a hole that was a little obvious and loud, but what I discovered was that as long as everything else was kept the same, him being gone really didn’t matter so much. The routine of that day was what saved it and made it good.

Traditions aren’t always things we do, but the food as well. I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the rest of the trimmings. There’s something heavenly about the smell of cooking turkey, that makes my heart burst with joy.

In just a few minutes I’m going to get dressed and go over to my friend’s house, and we girls are going to make lefse while the men are out deer hunting. This will be the third year running for that activity, so I will count that as one of my new Thanksgiving traditions too. After that, I’m taking Older Son out to lunch and then we are going shopping for everything we need for Thanksgiving day…this also has potential for becoming a tradition.

I am thankful for so many things and you, my 32 faithful readers (Wow!) are most definitely included. I wish you all, and for all who stumble upon my little corner of the internet, a very Happy Thanksgiving. It’s my fondest wish for you that you have as much to be grateful for as I do, and that you find as much joy in your old holiday traditions, and in discovering new ones as I do. Blessings to you all…


About Sparrow
I am a 49 years young and the mother of two amazing young men, who've grown up and left me an Empty-Nester. I write about what's going on in my little corner of the High Plains, or what happens to be crawling across my brain on a given day. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make yourself at home...through the magic of the internet, the coffee's always free and the doughnuts are fresh!

3 Responses to In anticipation of Thanksgiving and it’s traditions

  1. Hel'wyse says:

    ….and yes Sparrow…..tradition and this time of year…I can remember times with your folks that I wish so hard I could relive again. Family will all be here except oldest girl and her family…time and distance and memories….oh please let me never forget, but if I do, let me live all the time in wonderful memories
    blessings to you and family

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Sparrow! I hope you have a great week.


  3. dragonfae says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sparrow! I’m into the traditions too. A lot of folks out here fry turkeys … blasphemy! I love baking pies and roasting a stuffed turkey. And smashed potatoes are the best! Pig out and have a great time cooking! *hugs*

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