Simple things are good things

I found a nice patch of cat mint growing wild in my compost heap this last week, and I thought I would bring a snippet of it in for my lovely cat, Harley. This is cat mint:

I brought a goodly sized piece into the house, wondering if Harley would pay any attention to it or not. I got my answer quickly, as he fairly climbed up my leg trying to get to it.  This is Harley after having grabbed his prize:

I bet Harley spent a good 45 minutes in the back entryway, rolling around on the floor mangling that piece of cat mint to death. In the pictures you can see little bits of it laying all over the floor from where he shredded it. Afterwards, he had a VERY nice nap.

It got me to thinking about how simple things are good things. Harley doesn’t require anything special on top of normal care and affection. It sure does make his day when I bring him a big piece of cat mint, though.

Today I finally got out of the house and went for a walk this morning. It was so beautiful out, and I enjoyed it so much. It was the simplest thing in the world to get out and walk up the street and back, and it got my day off to a good start. I sure have missed walking in the morning, and now that I’m back at it, I feel much better. It’s the simplest thing, but it makes a big difference. Perhaps this ought to be the summer of simple pleasures. I bet if I look hard enough I will have no problems finding multitudes of things that will surprise and delight me in what joy they can bring, with not too much cost or effort.

What about you? What are some simple pleasures you enjoy?

6 thoughts on “Simple things are good things

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  1. well, and you discover the best way to find peace within.! ..Having coffee in my pj’s out on the deck in the morning and smelling just fresh fresh air…bringing in flowers from the yard…a friend stopping for coffee….sitting down and taking the time to draw…seeing my kids smile at me…yeppers honey…simple things…..

  2. I was just telling my husband this the other day, when I changed the sheets on the bed. New, clean sheets are such a simple pleasure, I told him.

    I love the smell 🙂

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