Perverts – I just can’t get away from them

I’ve become aware of a guy that has been hanging around the toy department lately. I’ve seen this guy around town, here and there, for the last couple of years. It’s significant that I’ve noticed him, out of a population of 38,000, and have never formally met him.  He sets off my perv-dar, and now he’s been showing up in the Toy Department. No, wait…he’s showing up in MY Toy Department.

In all fairness, I don’t know for sure that this guy is an actual pervert, or a kid- toucher. I do know that there is something about this guy that causes all the pervert radar receptors I own to flash bright lights and run around in circles shouting “Danger, Danger!” I can’t even tell you what exactly it is about this guy who that sets me off, but he gives me the same feeling I’ve gotten from other suspicious individuals I’ve run into over the years. I hope he decides that my Toy Department isn’t the place to hang out any more. I’ve noticed the last couple of times he’s been around that he’s left the department as soon as he locked eyes with me. I do try hard to school my features, but perhaps he knows I’m onto him.  I’m guessing that his Mother Bear/Toy Department Guardian radar lights up when I come near. Grrrrr…

On the home front, I have pervert problems of a different nature. As my 18 (Yes, that’s right…I’ve gained 7!) Faithful Readers will recall, we have gained a new family member here at our little house on The High Plains. Harley has become instant family and fits in well. That is, until it’s time to sleep.

Harley is a real lover. He loves to cuddle and craves attention. He makes the rounds at night and sleeps with all of us, with the exception of Older Son. He keeps his door closed because Harley likes to pounce on his feet. The 2nd night Harley lived with us, he hopped into bed with me, cuddled up to my neck and purred loudly. I drifted off to sleep thinking how lucky we are to have chosen such an affectionate cat, but then everything went south in a hurry.

The next thing I know Harley is licking my chin and has his feet planted in my chest, kneading my flesh with his toes. Ok…that’s not so bad. What really floored me was when he got up and tried to have his way with my arm.  That’s right…he got up, straddled my arm and went to town. This, of course, caused him to be instantly ejected from my room.

The next night, no problem. I’m thinking that he’s got the idea that he’s got to behave or else, and life is good. Nope. That was just a ruse to lull me into a false sense of security, because the next night after that he did it again. Yes, ladies and gentleman, my cat is a pervert. Sigh…It appears that I am surrounded!

14 thoughts on “Perverts – I just can’t get away from them

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    1. I’m sorry about your nose Amiee! Tonight I bought Harley his very own stuffed animal and some cat nip. Hopefully I can keep him stoned and distracted enough that he will forget all about my arm!

  1. Pervs in the toy department… *shudder* Well, I guess OnlySon won’t be allowed to wander back there alone, unless Mama Bear is around!

    Pervy kitty… LOL, Sorry, but that’s just kind of funny!

  2. Don’t underestimate the perv-dar! (Especially when it involves children.) I had a similar feeling with a former co-worker. He was busted a few years ago for distributing child porn.

  3. LMAO! That must be one hell of a sexy arm you got there Sparrow! Pics! We need pics of this sex-magnet arm of yours!! 🙂

  4. ooohhhh…that is just too much…ooohhhh, thanxs for the belly laff… he neutered honey?…Our Doosie is a Maine Coon Cat…all 26 lbs of him, affectionate and nice about his…giving affection. never saw him, or felt him do that other thing!

    1. lol…yes, he’s been neutered. For some reason he just has a thing for people’s arms. Younger Son did tell me that Harley tried it on his arm too. Very strange, but he’s good otherwise, thank goodness!

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