What is THAT on my chin?!

Let me preface what I’m about to tell you by saying that I’m not big into primping. I don’t wear makeup, and I am all about the wash-and-wear hair. As it happens I’m allergic to most of the goop many women use to try to make themselves look “their best”. I’m ok with that. It actually saves a lot of time and money. Even though I don’t go in for the whole female beauty/vanity thing, there is one thing that I just can’t deal with when it comes to my face.

One particular day about six months ago, I was taking a hard look at the skin on my face and noticed that there was something on my chin.


I squinted hard to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Is that a black HAIR on my chin?!

Yes, yes it was. And then it died. I immediately pulled out my tweezers and eradicated it with extreme prejudice. And then I saw another one. Well, after several minutes of plucking, I felt like a new woman. How it is that I didn’t notice this before?! I’m not prone to spending a lot of time in front of a mirror, so I guess I just didn’t look hard enough before that.

Based on family history, I knew this was coming. All of the women in my Dad’s family have large moles on

This shows a hairy mole on a lip, but you get the idea. Horrifying... absolutely horrifying!

their necks/chins with gargantuan black hairs growing out of them. (Oh, I think I threw up in my mouth a little just now) I am over 40, I kind of thought that I had a few years before I needed to worry about buying a super-plucker to keep my chin free of menace that is hairy chin moles, but no. My Grandma and her sisters must have had these things hanging off their faces in their early forties. No wonder they were so pronounced by the time I noticed it.

Well, no more.  I refuse to stand by and let my innocent chin be taken over without a fight. I bought an industrial strength pair of tweezers, and I’m not afraid to use them!

9 thoughts on “What is THAT on my chin?!

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  1. Thanks! This post had me madly sprinting into the bathroom mirror to do a check on myself…. I think I set a new speed record between here and the bathroom….pant pant pant…..

    1. LOL…Mark, aren’t you supposed to have hairs on your chin?!

      I just don’t know how men put up with that…I think it would drive me into an insane asylum to have to shave my face.

  2. Honestly, my friend, I never saw them, so they must not be noticeable unless you’ve got your face right up all in your personal space bubble.

    I’ve had one of these nasty little buggers come in on my jawline for years now, and every time I see the dang thing, POP goes the tweezers! When I tell myself “Oh, it’s just one little hair, no one’s going to see it”, I sudddenly have John Candy pop into my head. He tosses me a quarter and tells me to go “Find a rat!” I miss Uncle Buck….

  3. Um Hm.. yup I’m there, I gotcha.. Same thing going on on my ears. Gross as hell.. long ear hairs waving at people while I talk to them. And NO ONE TOLD ME>

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