What ever happened to Linda Ronstadt?

My favorite Idiot reminded me today (again!) of a singer I used to just adore: Linda Ronstadt. She seems to have dropped out of the limelight in recent years…what the heck?

Here’s one of my personal favorites filmed in 1976 during a concert in Germany:

Apparently Ms. Ronstadt has not disappeared. Not only has she continued to produce albums, but she also writes songs for other singers, has sung duets with countless other singers and has been nominated for and/or won many music awards.

At one time, Linda Ronstadt was engaged to George Lucas but apparently has never married, and has adopted two children on her own. She is also passionate about sustainable agriculture and is outspoken in the political issues of her home state of Arizona.

I’ve tried like heck to find a video of a more recently recorded song, but You Tube is just plum full of all the oldies. The most recently dated song I can find is this recording of Walk Away Rene that Ms. Ronstadt sang with Ann Savoy. It can be found on their album Adieu False Heart, which was recorded in 2006 and was nominated for a Grammy.

11 thoughts on “What ever happened to Linda Ronstadt?

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  1. Years ago my wife (then fiancee) had her car broken into. The burglar stole all of her cassettes, but left Linda Ronstadt behind.

    “Different Drum” was one of the best breakup songs ever.

  2. It’s 2013, and the great Linda Ronstadt has still not been inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Neither has Stevie Nicks (solo work), Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Carly Simon, etc…

    1. Yes – finally, in 2014, Linda was inducted. She has so many physical difficulties with Parkinson’s Disease, so can no longer sing. She did not attend. One of my favorite singers, Stevie Nicks, & 4 or 5 other great ladies of song honored her with her music!!!! Log on to the web and you can find the performance! I am so happy that this wonderful & talented LADY has been included & appreciated.

  3. LINDA was/is an eternal favorite of mine as well.
    The picture of her on the album cover of ‘LOST’ sparked more than just musical favour.
    She also had great legs.
    The most incredible was the blessing of her fantastic range in voice.
    I usually did not agree with her politics, however I am fully supportive of many of her ecological views.
    I liked that she risked her marketability by being as public as she was about many issues. Though I did not always agree, I thought it was great that she took the risk to get the word out.
    I miss her dearly. A voice with more range, versatility, has yet to find its equal.
    I pray she finds happiness in her remaining years. I wish I could join her and share some of those memories, joys, satisfactions.

  4. I know she has recorded some Spanish Language albums in recent years but I think she is pretty much done performing live. She has always been one of my favorites as well. I got about 30 of her songs on my IPOD ripoff at the moment. What a voice!

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