The image of myself in my minds eye…

I’ll be 42 on my next birthday, but the image I have of myself in my head appears as though I’m 18. To this day, sometimes I look in the mirror and am surprised by what I see, because I sure don’t look 18 anymore. Being 18 was amazing. I could stay up all night and just keep on trucking the next day. I ran on over drive the whole time I was in college, and lived on ramen noodles and naps. It’s amazing the punishment an 18-year-old body can take and still keep going. Why is it that my head still indicates to me that I can live now just like I did then?

This phenomenon leads to my head writing checks my body has a hard time cashing.  Recently I took on a 2nd job. When contemplating whether to take on a 2nd job, I thought long and hard about whether it would be too much or not. My head said, “No problem… Bring it on! This won’t be the first time you’ve had to work extra…no sweat!”  My body didn’t have much to say about it…it’s pretty passive aggressive. You never know that the body disagrees until it’s really unhappy, and then look out.

So, last night was my second time at the new job. Part of start-up at any corporation is all of the computer training you have to take, and this Big Box Store has a LOT of it. Last night, and my next night at work, involve sitting for 5 hours at a stretch in front of a computer taking these classes.  I don’t know where this employer got the chairs it puts its new hires in, but I think the manufacturers needs to be drug out into the street and have moldy pies thrown at them. I’ll be grateful when I can actually get up and do my job, and just sit anymore.

Now that my mind talked me into this, my body has decided to engage in the conversation, and all I hear is, “What were you thinking?! You can’t sit in these terrible chairs for 5 hours and expect to feel like a human being. And just when do you think you are going to sleep? I can’t believe that you think you can operate like you’re 18…etc.”’

Nag, nag, nag…

And now, I’m going to go continue my day just like I did when I was 18. I’m just going to have to turn the music up a little louder to tune out my crabby body!


About Sparrow
I am a 49 years young and the mother of two amazing young men, who've grown up and left me an Empty-Nester. I write about what's going on in my little corner of the High Plains, or what happens to be crawling across my brain on a given day. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make yourself at home...through the magic of the internet, the coffee's always free and the doughnuts are fresh!

8 Responses to The image of myself in my minds eye…

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Sparrow – I got one word to suggest to you that may help your body struggle through these tough times. A word that has served my aging body pretty well over the years. The one word that can instantly transport me back to the happy and carefree days of my youth, and into the body that was then half of its current size. Can you guess what the one word is? That’s right! You got it! The magic word is DISCO! If you don’t already, I want you to go out and download all the Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Bee Gees, etc. that you can find and put them on your IPOD, or in my case, your IPOD knockoff. Disco WILL help you my friend, guaranteed! Just don’t play it aloud around your teenagers, they will ridicule you to death if they hear it. Good Luck! 🙂

    • sparrow1969 says:


      I think you left out a few important ones, like KC & The Sunshine Band, and then there’s other great 70’s musicians like Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Dr. Hook, and Leo Sayer.

      Whooo…i feel better already! 😀

  2. Sparrow! I hear you about the ol’ body not enduring what I know it has once put up with… just promise me that you will not resort to Top Ramen! That stuff may kill you now! There should be a warning on the packaging for the consumption purposes for only the ages of 5-23!

    • sparrow1969 says:


      After I left college, I didn’t eat Ramen Noodles for years. I ate some with my kids the other day, and was surprised that I actually can eat them again without wanting to run away screaming!

  3. Brea says:

    Sparrow, my friend, do not go the way of the disco! Don’t go into that flashing, strobing light! That way lies slinky, low v-neck cut dresses, and polyester wide-collar button up shirts. Bell bottoms and velour lounge-wear. Kung-Fu fighting and Hi-Karate cologne. Phooey.

    The answer is simple. We simply have to spin in a counter-clockwise motion, all of us together, all at once, and start the Earth on a negative rotation, moving time in reverse, so we can all go back a few years. Of course, paradox will not play any part in this, and we can be teenagers at the same time as our kids, proving to them conclusively just how COOL we really were at that age, and not geeky at all!

  4. sparrow1969 says:


    Who me? I would never mock Hai Karate, but It’s been so long since it’s been around that I don’t think I remember what it smells like! Hmm…I feel a blog post coming on!

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