I’ve lost my geekiness

I was listening to last week’s edition of Lost in the Static in the archives at Jackalope FM 105, and came to the stark realization that I’ve lost some of my geekiness. It’s something I never believed I would miss.

I looked up geek in the dictionary, and this is what I found this:

  1. n. a disgusting and repellent person; a creep. (Rude and derogatory.) : The convention was a seething morass of pushy sales geeks and glad-handers.
  2. n. an earnest student; a hardworking student. (Usually objectionable.) : It looks like the geeks are taking over this campus. How gross!
  3. n. a person, soldier, or civilian of an East Asian country, especially in wartime. (Rude and derogatory.) : Willy is tired of geeks and the way they talk.

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying only one of these definitions fits within the realm of my understanding of the word geek, and even that is way more negative than is necessary.  Or, perhaps I don’t see the word as being negative as I’ve just always kind of associated myself with the geeky people. They always seemed to be way more funny, smart and interesting. I’m guessing this particular dictionary was written by jocks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But, I digress…

Way back in the day, I was one of the more nerdy kids in my age group. Had I studied, I probably would have pulled off straight A’s. I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to study too hard to get decent grades, and that left me a lot of time to do other stuff. We had a Commodore 64, and then upgraded to a 128, and I learned a little bit about code and how some of the stuff worked with computers. I never went whole hog with it, and now I wish that I had. Back then, I had so many different interests that I never just stayed with one thing…I learned a little about a lot of different stuff. To this day, I still can’t focus on one subject long enough to learn it completely. For some reason I want to learn it all about everything. I have such varied interests that I don’t ever get one thing down pat, but I can fake it pretty well in a lot of cases.

Let’s take Excel for example…I love working with spreadsheets. I live for trending, charting and reporting at work, and I’ve gotten a bit of a good reputation for it.   However, I have hit a wall with my knowledge and am stuck a with this new report I’m building. There’s a guy at work who can help kick-start me to the next level of understanding, and I won’t hesitate to call him for help. However, some part of me is not pleased that I won’t make time to learn this stuff on my own at home, that I won’t delve into it body, mind and soul until I’ve conquered that mountain. The truth is, there’s just not enough of me to go around to spend the time on it out of work.

I love movies, and all forms of entertainment, and I can speak with someone intelligently about most entertainment subjects, with the exception of gaming,  I’ve never been a big gamer. I love the internet, and podcast shows. I’ve become very familiar with that form of entertainment/information retrieval, but I couldn’t put one together to save my life. I’m kind of an armchair participant in that arena. But that’s ok…I can still hold my own in conversation. However, I will say that my kids have surpassed me in my knowledge of all things Star Wars. I used to be a complete Star Wars geek. All of a sudden, it’s like I know nothing about it at all. They know way more than I ever did, but perhaps it’s because George Lucas has perpetuated the stories into modern times, and I just haven’t kept up. Guaranteed, it makes me feel a little old and out of touch.

Just once, I’d like to know a LOT about one thing, and not a little about everything. When I started this blog post, I was feeling as though I’d been a geek at one time and lost my geekiness, but now I wonder if I was ever a geek at all? Perhaps, perhaps not…but somehow, I feel like I’ve lost something just spending so much time keeping up with every day life. There’s not a lot of time for exploration and chasing interesting things all the way to the end…or at least to catch up so I can stay current. I keep saying to myself that someday…someday…I will have time to pursue everything I’m interested in and come to thoroughly understand it all. At this point, I’m more of a geek wannabee…but I guess that will have to be good enough for now.

Some day…

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  1. I’m with you, those definitions sound harsh. I always was a geek and hung out with the geeks and thought they were way more fun and interesting. It sounds like you are a geek of all trades – you know, kind of like a jack of all trades? You know a little bit about lots of things…. 🙂

  2. .a word of advice from an olde friend. Pursue now. Slow down your life, choose your interest and go. You might not be here next Wednesday….you never know. As soon as you can focus start…time waits for nothing and noone. When I slowed it down, and got rid of the “but I have to do…”…on who’s schedule?…I became a happiner more content woman.

    1. I hear that Hel’wyse. I actually got rid of a lot of the extra activities I was doing several years ago, and it helped a great deal. There’s only so much one person can do in a day. I think the majority of the problem is I want to do too much all at once. I just need to start with one thing and stick with it, as opposed to having three or four things going on at once. And, when my schedule isn’t so dependent on what the kids need, then time to pursue more opportunities will open up a great deal, and that’s not too far off in the distance. Where does time go?!

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