Suggestions for 9/11 remembrance

It’s the question that I’ve been asked repeatedly this week, “What were you doing on 9/11 when you heard?”

I was at work, and was busy that day. I had been making deliveries in the very large building where I still work. Something struck me as odd the way people were huddling around odd desks here and there in large groups. There was a buzz in the air that is unusual for this normally quiet environment. I finally stopped one of the guys I’d known for a while and asked what was going on. At that point, the first plane had crashed into Tower 1, and most people around seemed to think it was just a freak accident. So, I hustled back to my desk and turned on the radio, and within a very few minutes, the 2nd plane hit…and then we knew there was no accident. I don’t remember much of  the rest of the day. Mundane work had to be done, so the day went by in a blur of regular tasks and horrifying news that became more unbelievable and outrageous by the minute.

Nine years later we watch the commemorative shows on tv and talk about what we were doing when we heard. Some people are still angry and want revenge. I don’t blame them, especially those who lost someone on that day. I have just taken a different approach to the remembrance of this event.

I’ve chosen not to focus on the people who did this horrible thing, or the ones who put them up to it.  As a topic,  I think that it has been, and continues to be, flogged to death in the media. I read a posting by a very interesting blogger by the name of Future Tom, and he gives as good a synopsis of how I feel about the most recent flap about this preacher who wanted to burn the Qurans, so I won’t go in depth about that.  I am glad to hear that this crazy preacher has now backed down, but he had way more than his fair share of time in the media because they just couldn’t let it go. It got to be such a huge media snowball event that the Pope even commented on it.  There is always something in the media having to do with some group hating/abusing/making war with  another which, in many cases, stems from this singular event. I wish they’d focus more on efforts people make to overcome, rather than highlighting those who tear apart.

What I’d like to know is how come the anniversary of this event is the only time we hear about the heroes? Why is it the only time we hear about how so many people pulled together and did everything they could to save each other? There are so many individual stories of success in the face of certain death, that I bet if one was featured every day of the year, we’d not hear them all from start to finish over the course of several years.

Here’s my suggestion. While terrorism is a very real threat, causing us as a country to need to be vigilant, I say live your life as thought it depends upon being kind and not hating someone.  Reach out your hands in friendship, assistance or charity to people regardless of their cultural roots. Be an example to your children on how to be a whole human being, and be nice to those who aggravate you, the best you can. Take the high road. Show a better way.

Focus on the acts of heroism and kindness, and not the acts of the terrorists. If you focus on them, they win. If you give in to hate, they win. If you act aggressively against people who are  unlucky enough to share religious or cultural heritage with these murderers, the terrorists win. Every time some hate monger gets on the tv and spews forth their personal invective, it just fuels the fire. Seek out the stories of those who helped save the lives of others, rather than the stories of those who continue to be divisive.

Am I just a Pollyanna-filled white-lighter? Could be, but I choose it, and it’s better than the alternative.


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