Buying a car for a teenage boy

I imagined that when it came time to buy my sons a car, I would have saved up enough to get a really neat old car that any teenage boy would drool to own. The picture Younger Son

Dodge Charger - It would be tall dark and handsome, were it a man!

has as his desktop wallpaper, a 1969 Dodge Charger (see right), is a good example. Another fine example of a pretty car is a Chevelle. I got to drive one once, and once was enough to get me hooked.You see, I was as this party…ah, but I digress. I’ll save that story for another time.

I like old cars and trucks. I remember once there was a used car lot across the road from my grandparents’ house, and I used to go over and ogle the GTO that sat over there for quite a while. That it sat for so long tells me, now, that there was something wrong with it under the hood…ooooh, but was it ever pretty. Yum.

I grew up driving a 1979 Chevy Blazer – It was red with a white stripe down the middle. It was not the prettiest thing, but I liked driving it, and since then I can’t really swallow the idea of driving anything with less clearance under it than what the Blazer had. That thing could plow through snow drifts like nobody’s business. While I was driving the Blazer it made me feel a little invincible, and I liked it. One time a friend and I went driving and we went over to one of his dad’s fields and…oops… Digressing again. Back to the subject!

When I was in college, I drove a 1974 Chevy pickup. It was bright canary yellow and had a beat up old topper on it. It was a used truck my uncle bought and used for years. When my uncle passed away, my dad inherited the truck, and that’s what I drove in college. It might not have been the prettiest thing, but it started on a dime in the bitter cold, on fumes, when everyone else was having to get their vehicles jumped just to start. The engine was simple enough that I could crawl up into it, change the air filter, fix a stuck throttle, etc. I loved that truck, but it died…and that was that. Then my dad bought me an Izuzu P’up. That was a good little truck. Oh…those were the days.

My trusty van.

Currently I drive a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. I know some people cringe at the thought of driving a “family” vehicle, but it’s very practical, and drives like a pickup truck. I can take all the seats out and have plenty of room to haul stuff. When the seats are in, I can haul lots of family or kids. It even has a video player in it for those long trips. I can’t gush enough about the virtues of that video player enough for long trips. It saved my kids’ lives on more than one long drive, and my sanity to boot! Not only that, but I can plow through the snow drifts with it like nobody’s business. You can see the recurring theme here in the vehicles I like to drive.  As much as I love muscle cars, my true happiness lives in practicality and function.

I’ve been looking through the want ads for something cheap I can buy for Older Son to drive around. It’s become apparent that we aren’t going to survive with one vehicle very well, and I am hoping to stumble across something very cheap in the next few months. With Older Son working now, and Younger Son in school activities  and chomping at the bit to get a job himself, I need to get these boys their own ride. Hmm…how about a nice GTO? Or a Road Runner? I know…I bet they’d like a nice Firebird! What boy wouldn’t?

Unfortunately, with the current budget we’re working with, they are going to be lucky get their hands on a Volkswagon Rabbit. That’s ok…as long as I can get them something that gets them from p0int A to point B. Truthfully, I am looking at find them a good sturdy pickup. I would like something with hauling capacity, as well as something with a hitch on it. Let’s not forget that it needs to be something that’s easy to repair. Now days, everything has a computer “brain” in it. The problem with that is when the car’s brain has a fart, the whole thing goes to pot.

Anyway, I’m keeping my eyes open for that good buy to come along. If you had the chance to buy a vehicle just for yourself, your fantasy vehicle, what would you buy?

3 thoughts on “Buying a car for a teenage boy

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  1. Oh, don’t get me started! I would love one of those old muscle cars, GTO, Mustang (has to be ’64-’69, tho, none of that new-fangled stuff and a GT, not a Fastback ewww), Chevelle. But, my practical, eco-minded self wants an electric car. Something that leaves no carbon tire tread, ya know?

    Then, there’s the little pickups. They’re so cute, and practical, and last F.O.R.E.V.E.R! What to do, what to do?

  2. My first car was a 74 Pinto. Tell your son that there is nothing worse on the planet than driving a 74 Pinto. 🙂

  3. an old Ford pickup….windows rolled down….a cooler of Bud, a beautiful starry night, with Janis Joplin singing on the radio….and a good hubby or good friend beside me

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