Rereading old posts

I got a comment yesterday on a posting I did way back in April. While April is only four months ago, it seems like an eternity. It happened so long ago that I had to go back and reread the post to fully understand the comment. Wow…lots of posts between here and there, and wouldn’t you know it…I actually passed my 100th posting a few posts back. When I began this blog, I never knew that I would have so much to say!

I think it’s a good idea to go back and read what you’ve written from time to time. I think I gained some perspective on things that have happened; certainly about my ex husband. I was pleased to find out that I’m generally less angry than I used to be. Is that healing? I don’t think so…I think being angry for too long just wears a person out and you have to let it go or let it suck you into the darkness. I’m glad I chose to try to focus on more positive things since that upset post in April.

Life isn’t always goodness and light, and I think that to leave out the dark stuff would be dishonest. However, there is probably always a better way to communicate something than just lashing out. Writing here has made me a little more thoughtful about how I communicate things, which has helped not only here, but in other areas of my life. I have read many posts from women who are angry with their ex husbands, and in most I see a lessening of the anger over time. I do know of one blogger who is still ranting and raving, and I wonder, when I’ve seen all those angry words, is that couldn’t there be somewhere or someone else that energy be better spent on? Who knows…I don’t have the answers, just the perspective from my little place on the High Plains.

What I do know is that blogging has been a fun exercise in thought – what I think about,  how I think about things, and how I communicate those thoughts with others. I hope that six months from now I’ll feel even more enlightened!

Blogging as communication therapy…who knew?

4 thoughts on “Rereading old posts

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  1. *raising hands* I ahm heah to TESTIFAH! I have seen the light of yo way!
    *giggle* I actually have done the re-reading thing. Most often when I see it pop up as something that someone’s found an interest in. Especially if I can’t really remember from the headline what the post was about, I’ll go back and “refresh”.

    It’s really amazing the changes in the style and content of what we post from the beginning to now, isn’t it? Just this morning, I stood looking in the mirror and said “EVOLVE, DAMMIT!” And now, looking back, I can say, “Hey, I have!”

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